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4G finally arrives in Lincoln and in time for Christmas

By CWilson_TG  |  Posted: December 04, 2013

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Mobile phone company EE has announced that superfast 4G mobile internet will be available in Lincoln by Christmas.

4G from EE is said to give an improved, faster experience when using the internet on mobile phones, laptops or tablets – with speeds five times faster than 3G technology.

Cheryl Barrass, Regional Manager for South Yorkshire and the Humber, EE, said: “The arrival of 4G mobile in Lincoln and Grimsby is great news for our customers. 4G from EE is like having fibre broadband to your mobile phone, and allows customers to access the content they care about without the frustration of pages being slow to load, or apps not connecting.”

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  • sadimp  |  December 04 2013, 11:01PM

    I guess I'm lucky and didn't know it. I live in Toronto now and have had 4G for a long time. Of course we have other problems, but that's another story.

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  • groomy88  |  December 04 2013, 1:41PM

    I signed up with EE in October and began getting 4G coverage in Lincoln during the first week of November; it is fantastic and does what it says on tin! However, when I return from my central Lincoln office to my home at Bunkers Hill im back to 3G so is it the whole city or just city centre being covered?

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  • Ian_Heighton  |  December 04 2013, 12:55PM

    I wonder if it will be blanket coverage of the greater Lincoln area or just a few plum sites in the City centre and maybe around the Uni. Couldn't help but notice that when the BBC were covering the Olympic torch relay by sending video over the 3G network, it worked all over the UK with the only big outage being in Lincoln.

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  • Phil1W  |  December 04 2013, 12:04PM

    I wonder if this bit of free advertising for EE will come to reality? The network that I am on is saying that they will not have 4G available until just before Christmas- 2014. Would one major network lag so far behind another with something as important as this? Of course my network might bring their release of 4G forward in order to keep up with EE and so would benefit their customers!

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  • Listener  |  December 04 2013, 11:43AM

    I think you will find that it has not been thought through enough. The frequencies it will use are destined to interfere with some Freeview reception, as the old analogue channels have / are being sold off to the phone companies who will use high power and wide bandwidth transmitters, I understand this to be the REAL reason behind the "organised" switch-over. By its very nature it will favour the highly populated revenue rich areas first. I do have comprehensive facts to back up the above statement/s.

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  • Dixie9  |  December 04 2013, 10:44AM

    Excellent - but we haven't got universal 3G yet, and some places still struggle to get 2G. The rural areas are being left behind again.

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