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554 sign petition against mosque and supermarket plans in Lincoln

By Lincolnshire Echo  |  Posted: August 20, 2011

HANDOVER: Jean Flannery with a petition comprising 554 signatures outside City Hall. Picture: Chris Vaughan.

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A PETITION against plans to build a mosque and supermarket on a former dairy site in Lincoln has been signed by more than 500 people.

As reported in the Echo, Lincolnshire Co-operative is seeking planning permission for a Lidl store at the old Boultham Park Dairy.

Outline planning permission is also being sought for a mosque, likely to cost £500,000, and housing.

The site would include about 140 car parking spaces.

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But members of Boultham Park Residents' Association say they are concerned about problems with traffic congestion.

Copies of a 554-signature petition were handed in to City Hall and Lincolnshire Co-operative's headquarters yesterday.

Jean Flannery, 66, chairman of the residents' group who lives in Church Drive, off Boultham Park Road, said: "I'm not surprised that so many signed our petition.

"There is a strong sense of people wishing to protect their neighbourhood as much as possible and also with a real sense of wanting to see justice done.

"The traffic situation would become dreadful here if the development went ahead.

"It's bad now, on Dixon Street especially, and isn't going to improve.

"We can't see the parking provided being adequate, either, not for both a supermarket and a mosque."

Mrs Flannery added that the scheme would also go against local and national planning policies.

The project is set to be put before city planners next month.

Lincoln Islamic Association had wanted to create a purpose-built mosque on the site of the old tin church in Church Drive, off Boultham Park Road, which burned down in 2008.

Planners rejected the scheme in October 2009 after residents raised concerns about traffic problems and parking.

But, as reported in the Echo, the association has handed in a 451-signature petition urging planners to approve the latest proposals.

City resident Hany Al-Sawy told the Echo: "Personally I believe that the Boultham Park Dairy is located in an ideal site as it is off a main road. I don't think that parking will be a problem because the mosque plan will have more than 70 car parking spaces and there will be an overspill car park, which may be used by either the supermarket or the mosque attendees."

Muslims currently worship at the Grandstand, in Carholme Road.

Trustee of the Islamic Association Dr Tanweer Ahmed has previously told the Echo that he anticipates less impact and noise at the site than when it was a dairy.

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  • Yokel55  |  October 30 2011, 6:01PM

    Who would be up for a peaceful and lawful demonstration against this travesty?

  • Yokel55  |  October 30 2011, 5:48PM

    The fact that the Islamic Association Of Lincoln have pushed and pushed for a mosque to be built in the Boultham area gives an indication of their true intentions. It was made clear to them from the initial application made some years ago that the majority of the residents of Boultham do not want a local mosque - the Islamic Association have been left in no doubt about that. So why then, did they not find a suitable plot elsewhere? Possibly on the outskirts of the city or the surrounding areas? But no, they have pushed and pushed to have a mosque built in the Boultham area. For all their fine talk about wanting to integrate and build a positive relationship with the people of Lincoln, they are knowingly planning to build a mosque in an area where the residents are opposing it. That tells us all we need to know about the Islamic Association Of Lincoln.

  • Yokel55  |  October 30 2011, 5:43PM

    Surely no-one is so gullible as to believe that this mosque is not a precursor to a larger Islamic presence in Lincolnshire? Take a look at the website of the Islamic Association Of Lincoln if you want to know more: http://tinyurl.com/44svd5a That's why the new planning application was made for the whole site - there was no doubt that approval would be given as a supermarket is also to be built (and backhanders all round, no doubt). Lincoln has been sold down the river by the councillors who are meant to serve us.

  • Charles1952  |  October 21 2011, 3:31PM

    It seems amazing that people have forgotten about how much traffic used to go in and out of the dairy at all times of the day and night. The site will be used sensibly. if this fails the locals may end up with loads of flats and what parking congestion will that cause?

  • eatmygoal  |  October 19 2011, 9:54AM

    The question: " Why not turn it into a childrens play area or community gardens? " because "the former church (actually the land it was on. Ed) was sold to them for a fraction of the true value as long as it was used as a place of worship " and "Sheer economics have steered their decision to go for the two sites". They don't have much money as you state so even less to develop a playground of no use to them. Well done on answering your own question though.

  • Darth_Lincoln  |  October 19 2011, 9:10AM

    Looks like we're having a mosque in Lincoln after all: http://tinyurl.com/66zxovq Excellent news. I hope the muslim community are happy in their new place of worship. Have a nice day Drew! :-))

    |   -1
  • Thomassina  |  October 18 2011, 4:10PM

    Question; why were the sites of the old tin church and the former dairy chosen by the Lincoln Islamic Association. Answer; because the former church was sold to them for a fraction of the true value as long as it was used as a place of worship and because the CoOp offered them the land where the former dairy was much below true market value. Sheer economics have steered their decision to go for the two sites. Since a mosque is not permitted on the site of the former tin church what are the Lincoln Islamic Association going to do with it? Leave it derelict? Why not turn it into a childrens play area or community gardens? They would earn them a lot of brownie points..Demolishing the grandstand is maybe not such a bad idea. The building was designed as what it says on the tin; a grandstand. It is expensive to maintain, not even attractive to look at and is totally useless for anything else....

  • tommo007  |  October 14 2011, 3:33PM

    Please knock down the grandstand, build a mosque and let the muslim population have somewhere out of town to practice their faith. That location should have no legitimate objections.

    |   -1
  • Mr_Sneer  |  October 13 2011, 11:40PM

    You could always Ask Rhod Gilbert...

  • FreedomSpeech  |  October 13 2011, 10:39PM

    "Why has this story been on the site for so long ,20th Aug, no other story has lasted this long still at the top of the news." Duh. Just duh.