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Adam Watts: I'm too ashamed of Lincoln City's form to leave my own home

By Lincolnshire Echo  |  Posted: September 19, 2011

Adam Watts.

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ADAM WATTS has vowed to remain in hiding after confessing he is so embarrassed by Lincoln's form he refuses to show his face in the city.

The Imps defender says he is furious at the club's start to the season as their miserable form continued with a 1-0 defeat at 10-man Luton Town at the weekend.

An 85th-minute goal from Stuart Fleetwood sealed victory for the Hatters, who saw Dean Beckwith sent off in the first half for an off-the-ball incident with striker Kyle Perry.

To compound Lincoln's misery, Mitchell Nelson was sent off for a second bookable offence in stoppage time as they succumbed to a fourth successive defeat.

Watts says he is so disappointed by Lincoln, who sit third-from-bottom in the table, that he is virtually housebound other than reporting for training.

"I am so angry, I am passionate and I am a proud man," he said.

"It has been such a poor start and I feel so sorry for the fans because they deserve better. I just hope they can bear with us.

"Some have said they are going to stop coming and I am not surprised because the faith has gone a little bit.

"They have every right to feel like that and to be totally honest it's tough going into town and seeing them at the minute.

"It is just too embarrassing for me to go out full-stop, so I'm just going to Asda every so often or go night fishing to stay out the way.

"Sometimes the fans will want a reaction from us when they see us out and about, but it won't be me. I'm too ashamed to show my face."

Watts said he would also be seeking talks with manager Steve Tilson today after the Imps boss criticised his defence for their performance in the second half.

Tilson said they had "made Stuart Fleetwood look like a Premier League player" after going through one on one with Joe Anyon on several occasions.

Each time the Imps goalkeeper, who was man-of-the-match, was equal to the task until he was beaten by Fleetwood's tap-in that was set-up by John Paul Kissock.

Watts said he wants under pressure Tilson to show him just exactly where the defence is going wrong.

"Joe was class on Saturday and has been excellent for us considering everything that went on last year," he said.

"He kept us in the game and I know the gaffer said he was not happy with the back four.

"He has a point, but stuff was said in the heat of the moment after the game and I want to tell him my point of view today.

"I want to know what we can do better, how we go about it, and to coach us.

"The fact is we are still down near the bottom and I am not saying we are down there because of luck.

"It's all to do with basics and we are not doing them."

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  • MacImp  |  September 19 2011, 10:22PM

    MrGRH. I agree that the board has made a monumental mistake. Appointing Tilson was an abysmal decision and it doesn't take hindsight to work that out, a look at his CV should have given that away. The manager is an absolutely useless but would make a cracking politician. He knows very little but can always find an excuse and a way to lay the blame elsewhere. The board have the opportunity to redeem themselves. I'm sure that between them they could find the money to sack their mistake and his sidekick. The longer they have it the more I wonder if they have taken the decision to cut their losses and just run the club down. If they haven't I hope they wake up and smell the coffee tomorrow.

  • MrGRH  |  September 19 2011, 9:30PM

    All I can think of saying is R.I.P Lincoln City FC you been murdered by a bunch of useless chairman, board members and a useless manager.

  • snoddybag  |  September 19 2011, 7:30PM

    I saw a brief view of the goal from Saturdays goal on look north. I do not know who the player was that could have stop the ball going in the net. It looked like he took a swing at it and miss kicked. It was pathetic to say the least.

  • MacImp  |  September 19 2011, 7:13PM

    I think Adam is being completely unreasonable. Why should the manager be able to tell players where they are going wrong? Next, people will expect the manager to analyse performance and devise coaching methods to improve it. Then it is only a small step to analysing the opposition and employing tactics to beat them and managing players to build their confidence. A quite ridiculous proposition. In these circumstances, a manger would have to take some responsibility for a team's performance instead of just lodging near his team a few days a week and taking a wage.

  • GAZUKR  |  September 19 2011, 7:07PM

    "i think as its a community owned club ha ha bob should inform the fans how long the club can last with the money we have now and whats coming in so then maybe the fans could help at an early stage not just tell us when the receivers are sitting in the office"

  • lincolnsar  |  September 19 2011, 6:53PM

    keep forgetting bits , tilly should now take control . ban all players from the press , discipline watts and create a seige mentality amongst the players and only him speak for the team . take all the flack off them , take some responsibility . we probably cannot afford a coach any more . they had one for darlington . is this the start of cash flow problems .

  • lincolnsar  |  September 19 2011, 6:49PM

    tilly has lost the dreesing room judging by mr watts statement ,

  • lincolnsar  |  September 19 2011, 6:48PM

    leave julianthe cms alone. he probably watches both sides , i watch lincoln moorlands railway , lincoln united , nettleham, hykeham town . although city are my main one ,when i can afford it or not working . i am a lincoln man . we are footy fans and imps fans , this is exactly the sort of attitude i wrote about yesterday . its bad enough that 3000 plus fans have left us at the gate without bringing down people like julian and indirectly myself. keep going and you will drive them away too .then you will have a better chance of watching city on the cow paddle on your own . lets all stick together the few of us that are left .

  • SupervisorM_P  |  September 19 2011, 5:14PM

    We can't beat part-timers........ We can't beat a load of FAT LADS.............. We can't beat a 10 man team........... The only way is Southend, I will you give the taxi money GO NOW TILSON AND BRUSH.

  • MavisEnderby  |  September 19 2011, 2:11PM

    Resurrection: Pleased I'm not the only one that has noticed ! All this chap JulianCSM continues to do, is take cheap shots and make snide remarks about our current plight. The fact he supports (sorry watches from the sofa) another team is irrelevant. We all have opinions, but to constantly 'have a go' whilst looking down from the land of smugness without ever offering any constructive or rational comments, tells me Sincil Bank is better off without him (even though financially we desperately need his patronage). Go forbid if Chelsea or Man City win the league this year, he will have to shell out for a blue scarf for next season. Yes I am bitter