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Bid to create 'ring of steel' around Gainsborough to keep out criminals

By Lincolnshire Echo  |  Posted: September 24, 2012

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A county councillor is leading the fight to build a "ring of steel" around Gainsborough to protect the town from known criminals.

If the plan goes ahead, two undisclosed spots on the edge of the town would have hi-tech cameras installed.

They would use automatic number plate recognition technology to identify criminals as they enter and leave.

This flags up an alert on the police's national computer system.

In extreme cases, officers would then act if the alert tells them the crooks are wanted for a particular offence.

But it would also allow Lincolnshire Police to be aware that criminals are on their patch, and monitor them.

Pat O'Connor, a representative for Gainsborough Trent on Lincolnshire County Council, is spearheading the project. The Liberal Democrat said: "It will be a 'ring of steel'.

"Not only is it ideal in terms of keeping the police up to speed with everything going on in the town but it is also one of the cheaper options.

"It will provide cheap, simple and long-term security to our town.

"It is something that has worked in other towns and I really feel Gainsborough will benefit greatly from this."

Police maps show Gainsborough has seen 1,731 recorded acts of crime so far in 2012.

Mr O'Connor hopes the new cameras will significantly reduce that rate.

John Horsley, manager at Horsleys of Gainsborough, a carpet, flooring and bed company, said: "This really is a very good idea indeed.

"Businesses will be able to rest a bit easier because the premises will be more secure.

"What we want in Gainsborough is a customer-friendly and safer environment for people to do their shopping in.

"I'm sure all businesses in the town will hope this goes ahead."

David Hawkins, town centre manager for Gainsborough, said: "I heard this had been mooted as a possibility.

"Any efforts to help businesses feel more safe and secure by eradicating potential shoplifting and antisocial behaviour in the town centre should be welcomed.

"It will see more shoppers visit and stay in Gainsborough."

Mike Tinker, a representative for Gainsborough Hill at the county council, said: "We welcome anything that will reduce crime or deter people from committing crime here."

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  • Roadscource  |  September 25 2012, 4:30PM

    "If the plan goes ahead, two undisclosed spots on the edge of the town would have hi-tech cameras installed." "Pat O'Connor, Liberal Democrat said: "It will be a 'ring of steel'" Now......correct me if im wrong.....but if i join up two points isnt that known as a line and not a ring? Oh, that reminds me i need to take that copy of "Lord of the Lines" back before 6-00.

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  • Gnome_Chomsky  |  September 24 2012, 10:05PM

    I agree with Lincoln_Biker about two sites being inadequate, but I'd guess that one would cover the approach to the Trent bridge. Lincolnshire is seen as a soft target by villains from elsewhere, and the bridge allows quick access to and egress from Lincolnshire police jurisdiction. Odd that cameras are being seen as a cost-saver, while other areas are switching them off to save cash. Maybe the jury's still out.

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  • Adrian1208  |  September 24 2012, 2:53PM

    The object of this exercise is to keep the criminals in Gainsbourgh and protect the rest of Lincolnshire from the crimnials

  • rascall1  |  September 24 2012, 2:23PM

    Well if they use this it will be fun, the traffic queue will be long for police waiting for GS $ to recruit more guards to put them into vans after arrest, then the traffic wardens can claim overtime to issue tickets that won't ever get paid, so all round a total waste of time and money, great like it, great numpties are they not, as said number plates are only number plates, the cameras do not detect the car it is on, i wonder if they will use Wise Owels to assist with the Twit N Loot!!!!!

    |   -2
  • baddadbill  |  September 24 2012, 12:52PM

    I think this ring of steel would be weighed in within the week

    |   13
  • Lincoln_Biker  |  September 24 2012, 10:47AM

    "They would use automatic number plate recognition technology to identify criminals as they enter and leave" I'm certainly no criminal, but I've thought up the following evasive actions in about 10 seconds... falsifying the numberplate, falsifying or changing the car ownership details, swapping cars regularly to confuse the ANPR, or by simply getting the bus or train into Gainsborough. "two undisclosed spots on the edge of the town would have hi-tech cameras installed." A quick look on Google maps and I've found 6 major routes in and out of Gainsborough and no end of back roads. Not so much a "ring of steel" as a "small picket fence".

    |   8
  • rick740508  |  September 24 2012, 10:26AM

    From what i see printed in the regular echo artcles "in the courts of Lincolnshire" you may see the odd one or two that are from Gainsborough (and usually for speeding or no TV Licence). The majority are from Lincoln. Says alot for this 'one horse town'.!!!!

    |   2
  • dickley  |  September 24 2012, 8:39AM

    Yes, couldn't agree more with Simonlincs. If this scheme is successful, the long suffering staff at Lincoln magistrates court will have at least 3 extra days off each week. It's a disgrace that a local villain struggles to get an appearance before the beak because the courts are cluttered up with riff-raff from one-horse towns on the Trent.

    |   -1
  • simonlincs  |  September 24 2012, 7:57AM

    I think that these camera's will be more useful for keeping the criminals 'IN' gainsborough,to protect the rest of us....

    |   2