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The Big Debate - where do Lincoln City need to strengthen?

By MWhiley_LE  |  Posted: August 11, 2012

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Lincoln City got their Blue Square Bet Premier campaign under way with an impressive 1-0 victory over Kidderminster Harriers.

Jamie Taylor scored the only goal of the game six minutes before half-time at The 12th Imp Sincil Bank Stadium.

Despite the victory, manager David Holdsworth admitted his squad are two or three players short of where he wants it to be.

"We are two, maybe three, players short. If we had two injures we'd be depleted," said the Imps boss.

So put yourself in Holdsworth's shoes. Having seen the summer signings in action, in what positions do you think the City chief should strengthen his side?

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  • georgegordon1  |  August 18 2012, 3:43PM

    eatmygoal - no it was meant as a genuine apology. I was genuinely wrong. I really didn't like the idea of selling the name of the ground, but on reflection it's obvious everyone is just going to say "Sincil Bank" anyway. However it's very lucky for the club that is was the 12th Imp that won the raffle. If it had been a local business that had won, I think they would have pushed the Club much harder to promote the name of their company and insist everyone use it. My big worry was the ground would end up being called the "Ronald McDonut Big Burger Stadium", but in the end it's all turned out OK. The only question now is how much of the money will be made available to DH.

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  • franky68  |  August 17 2012, 4:07PM

    Whoops I meant Lincs supporter wise

  • franky68  |  August 17 2012, 3:48PM

    In answer to a lot of the above comments which relate in the main around fitness and he Olympics, if half the Lincolnshire people who really got behind our Olympians were to support City, we would have no problems. Really get behind your team and be patient and positive, give DH the chance he is asking for. Don't shoot him down for what he did, or didn't do at his previous clubs. From what I know, he did well at the likes of Ilkeston and Mansfield. Building a team from scratch, revolving door method or not, must have been difficult with the squad he inherited. In my opinion, he made the right decisions with the players he retained. And now, having built on that with the new players he has brought into the club on a small budget, things seem to be going well. So let's just get behind them.

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  • Kaftanimp  |  August 16 2012, 6:41PM

    We can agree to differ of course Nigel, I like the fact we can be civilised and not degenerate to the depths some would do. It is a very fair point you make about watching a player for the whole game, but I did do just that with McCallum and on more than one occasion during that fateful season he did not come up to the mark ! I was a big fan of Richard Butcher on the grounds of his workrate and his impeccable behaviour, a nicer man you could not wish to meet. We both want Lincoln City to succeed obviously, that is plain to see. However, having just witnessed some truly remarkable achievements by unpaid sportsmen and women it does bring into question why the football supporter should still have to dig deep for little value (in my opinion) although I do have a theory which will not be popular for sure so i'll be ready fro the red arrows !! As a set of supporters at home (SINCIL BANK) the crowd are historically very poor and quick to get on the backs of players - something I and my set of friends do not do - and i'm a firm believer in positivity breeding positivity. It's up to everyone to play there part if they want the team to succeed. For my part, I hope that success isn't long in returning to SINCIL BANK but it'll take a little more for me to part with what spare cash I have to make a commitment again. I wish David Holdsworth every bit of luck in his quest to take the Club forward.

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  • nigelsparky  |  August 16 2012, 5:17PM

    Kaftanimp, I agree with you when you say about differing opinions and freedom of speech, of course. However, I do question where the facts that some of the posts regarding footballers hours, training, and pay come from. Having played the game my self at a semi-professional level, and with my son being a current professional, I am stating facts from first hand experience, and not from the old "some bloke down the pub" has said scenario. Yes the very top players are earning vast sums of money, as are plenty of other sportsmen and women, including Olympians like Usain Bolt, but lower down the leagues, they don't earn any more than your average plumber or electrician, like it or not, it's a fact. On the subject of performing for 90 mins, yes there will be periods in a game when a player is standing still, however, next time you are at a game, may I suggest that you pick an outfield player, and just watch him and not follow the ball, then you will get an idea of what a player does in a game. Your average midfield player will run anything between 4-6 miles per game, get kicked god knows how many times, bundled over etc. will do sprints and jogs. It's so easy to say they have not tried, just because you don't remember them doing much with the ball.

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  • nigelsparky  |  August 16 2012, 4:05PM

    Old Linconia what complete drivel you have come out with yet again. I have to ask, where on earth do you get your facts from? It appears to be the same as alltheseyears, identical just about! As I previously stated, my son is a professional footballer. He has to report most days for 8:30 am Monday to Friday, finishing at 4:30pm. He like the other pros either use the gym at the ground, or in my son's case, go to a gym elsewhere, and then comes home. Once home he gives his kit to his mother to put in the washing machine, ready for the following day. Whilst the top clubs' may well get their kit washed and food for free, in the lower reaches of professional football, players my son, pay for their meals. "On top of all this is the way these Olympians carry themselves, their behaviour, attitude, manners, sportsmanship and their absolute desire to win". What you mean like cyclists crashing bikes deliberately to get the race restarted after a bad start , badminton players deliberately trying to lose a game, athletes smashing up kebab shop's in the small hours whilst being under the influence, taking performance enhancing drugs in pursuit of their absolute desire to win, the way the sprinters of both sexes swagger around before and after they have given their all for the full 10 or 11 seconds, putting pressure on judges, by their coaches and officials surrounding them, in order to change a result that has gone against them, and succeeding too in some cases, yes you never see anything like that in the Olympics do you!

  • redIMPoster  |  August 15 2012, 12:19PM

    Lots of interesting banter on this thread but not totally sure of its relevance re: the title of the thread. Most seem to have gone off on a half cocked rant about how our players aren't Olympic athletes etc... which is quite true. However, I have noticed that we do now seem to have a bunch of players who actually care about the results and performances and if anyone follows them on Twitter you will soon realise what a win, lose or draw means to them. I believe we do now need to focus on getting in another striker - i wasn't a huge fan of Sam Smith and I am glad we got some reasonable cash for him but we do need to replace him asap. I don't rate Duffy and neither do any Mansfield or Grimsby fans I know - he will end up as no more use than Perry. I am surprised that Baraclough is not being used as much yet but perhaps his time will come. Holdsworth will need to consider his options carefully and spend wisely if and when required. There are still plenty of players out there looking for work - and like Daley would welcome an opportunity to play. I must congratulate the players so far on their effort and I just hope they can all keep it up for the whole season and give us fans something to be excited about. Lets face it - we can't be feeling any worse than the Mansfield fans are at the moment - what a disastorous start for them and their fans are going mental over it. Thats what happens when you bring in a bunch of big time charlies who think they only have to turn up to win - not true by the looks of it! Grimsby struggling too - gives us a chance to take advantage during the early stages of the season and take some bragging rights. UTI

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  • eatmygoal  |  August 15 2012, 11:48AM

    Sweepclean,I would read a bit deeper into the language used by George, he is doing nothing of the sort when it comes to apologising. He was sticking into the board about the naming, now he is doing it again with reference to "way to fleece supporters of another 50 quid while getting nothing in return". However it was nice to see a good post by him on the match and a fair evaluation. Last night was looking good but the pressure of last night told and a simple switch off in defending cost us the goal. I would have taken 3 points from the opening games of the season though and we could easily have had 4.

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  • OldLincolnia  |  August 15 2012, 10:04AM

    I have not suddenly seen the light and decided that football is no longer a priority. Over years the levels of racism, crude chants, swearing, ridiculous wages, shirt pulling, faking injury, cheating etc and a perpetually failing national side has made me withdraw. Going to the Olympics taught me there is an alternative, and it reminded me of Bill Shankly who famously said if all his players were as fit as Alan Pascoe (UK athlete at the time) then he would win everything. Those who have tried to compare the fitness of footballers with Olympic athletes are living in cloud cuckoo land. Are Lincoln City or Man City players at training by 8am each day. Are they sometimes still there at 10pm? Mo Farah runs 120 miles a week. I guess that's more than 12 hours - on top there is all his gym work, his sprint endurance etc etc. City players don't even train 12 hours a week, but they get free meals the Olympic winners don't, and BSP players even have their kit washed for them. Mo Farah's wife washes his kit! On top of all this is the way these Olympians carry themselves, their behaviour, attitude, manners, sportsmanship and their absolute desire to win. I guarantee this weekend we will see cheating, vile abuse, ignorance, arrogance all across the football leagues on our TV screens. This really is a wake up call for football, but will they take it on board....I very much doubt it.

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  • Kaftanimp  |  August 15 2012, 9:00AM

    Quote NIGELSPARKY - I'm very puzzled by the likes of you and "Alltheseyears", who seem to take every opportunity to criticise footballers and their sport, yet appear to attend matches regularly. Very puzzling. - Un quote I think if you were to research my posts over the years Nigel you would find I have been most supportive of the players at Lincoln City, however when the milk turns sour you don't tend to drink it ! I have been a season ticket holder and a Gold Member supporting the Club for many years and I have formulated my opinions in that time on what I have seen. Just because my opinion is different to yours does not mean either of us is right or wrong but in this Country freedom of speech allows both of us to voice our opinions. I stand by my criticism of a 'sportsman' who can't perform to the best of his ability for just 90 minutes in a game as important as League survival depends on it even if he has a personality clash or isn't 'fancied' by his manager ! He is paid to perform and to treat fare paying supporters with such disregard and disrespect just highlights that Alltheseyears is spot on about the moral compass being non existent in football. But lets face it, the whole World is going this way, it's no longer a case of all for one and one for all is it. It's just all for me and sod the rest ! Give me the Olympics any day, Kath Grainger, Helen Glover, Jessica Ennis, Mo Farrah, Ben Ainslie, Charlotte Dujardin, Luke Campbell, Nicola Adams, Nick Skelton - the list is endless - sports people who have dedicated themselves to giving their all in true Olympian spirit for the good of the Country and not their pockets ! (i'm sure they will be rewarded now of course but then they've earned the right to be rewarded don't you think) ! Oh and don't worry Numb_Chumpy I can run fast enough so as not to let the door hit me !! Byeeee ;-)

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