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Cold weather delays roadworks near mosque and supermarket site in Lincoln

By Lincolnshire Echo  |  Posted: February 15, 2013

No go: Ten weeks of roadworks have been delayed at Boultham Park Road, Lincoln. They will eventually pave the way for a former dairy site to become home to a new mosque and supermarket

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Cold weather has delayed the start of roadworks near the site earmarked for a supermarket and mosque for a second time.

The project was due to start earlier this week after being postponed from January.

Now, engineers are poised to resume as soon as possible, weather permitting.

The work will last 10 weeks and will create two lanes on the left of Boultham Park Road for northbound traffic.

There will also be a wider lane in Dixon Street to make it easier for buses to turn the corner into Boultham Park Road.

Better pedestrian crossing facilities are also included, to meet the planning conditions linked to the old dairy development.

The roadworks had been due to start a month ago but were postponed after heavy snow.

A total of £250,000 is being spent on the works, including £74,500 from developer Lincolnshire Co-operative.

Throughout the project, there will be no right turn from Dixon Street into Boultham Park Road South. Access north of the crossroads will be via Coulson Road and Boultham Avenue.

Paul Coathup, assistant director for highways and transportation, said: "Over the next few weeks, we will be widening Boultham Park Road and carrying out other maintenance work such as resurfacing, repainting road markings and upgrading the existing lighting. The work will reduce travel times and will make significant improvement to traffic flow within the city."

Meanwhile, the Islamic Association of Lincoln has been asking building firms for estimates.

Trustee Dr Tanweer Ahmed said: "The mosque project is moving forward. We are talking with the local authorities and we are getting estimates from building companies.

"The road improvements must be done before anything can happen on the site.

"The supermarket will come first and then our project.

"We are hoping to make a start within the next 12 months and it expected to take 6 months to build. The estimated cost is about £900,000.

"We have some funding, not the full funding at the moment, but we expect that in a year's time we will have enough to start work."

The two-storey mosque will be open to the community.

Planning officers at the City of Lincoln Council are working through various planning conditions with Lidl so that the supermarket chain can make a start in the "near future".

The supermarket scheme also has full planning permission and a housing scheme has been approved in principle.

The mosque and the supermarket will be accessed from Dixon Street and the housing from Boultham Park Road.

Overall, there will be about 140 car parking spaces on the site.

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  • eatmygoal  |  February 19 2013, 1:42PM

    Nothing like curling one out on your own argument by saying your comment will be removed and it being up there along with the other ones.

  • Bolshie  |  February 15 2013, 3:20PM

    Nolies & Englishman66 - having had several things removed myself for supposed defamatory remarks I agree the site operators are a little touchy and tend to fall over at the first click of the 'report' button without examining the motive of the plaintif in any way. M_C_Donald - as I've pointed out to the site operator directly, I respect their right to edit and remove comment as they see fit but consider that having that right doesn't mean they are always correct and don't exercise poor judgement. As one of the 'rules' is a a bit like talking about evictions on Big Brother and you are forbidden from discussing removed comments I expect I've just written my last under this nom-de-plume!

    |   3
  • nolies  |  February 15 2013, 1:33PM

    You're right there englishman66,to be honest I'd expected that my post would have been removed by the pc brigade by now.I only stated facts,maybe thats why its been left.

    |   5
  • M_C_Donald  |  February 15 2013, 12:42PM

    Englishman66 The same people who are paying for the access to the supermarket. BTW you do have the freedom of speech, but that is about your relationship with government and not a private/commercial website, which This Is Lincolnshire is.

    |   -2
  • Englishman66  |  February 15 2013, 12:19PM

    Hi nolies, as soon as anyone tells the truth on here it gets bad ratings, all I asked was who was paying for the roadwork for access to the mosque and it was taken off the site, can't an Englishman have freedom of speech anymore??

    |   11
  • rick29  |  February 15 2013, 9:18AM

    "Better pedestrian crossing facilities are also included, to meet the planning conditions linked to the old dairy development. The roadworks had been due to start a month ago but were postponed after heavy snow" haha i wouldnt call what we had heavy snow at all it didnt even last a week before it had melted but lets also hope that when they made the better pedestrian crossing they go straight instead of zigzagging like most other pedestrian crossings do.

    |   3
  • nolies  |  February 15 2013, 8:46AM

    I watched that planning show the other night and was amazed to hear that in rochdale there are now 13 mosques,then it showed the local asian council members quickly passing another mosque extension and totally ignoring strong planning objections about parking and the asthetics of the proposed building.

    |   2