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Cyclist seriously injured in crash on A15 in Lincolnshire

By Barnaby_B  |  Posted: September 01, 2012

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A cyclist has been seriously injured after a collision with a car in Lincolnshire.

Emergency services were called to the Bishops Norton turn-off on the A15, near Caenby Corner, at 4.10pm on Friday.

The cyclist, a 45-year-old man from Corringham, suffered a head injury and he is currently in a serious but stable condition at Hull Royal Infirmary.

An 88-year-old London man, driving the blue Vauxhall Corsa, was uninjured.

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Police are appealing for witnesses to contact them on 101, or the Collision Witness Hotline 01522 558855.

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  • Yer_Nemesis  |  September 03 2012, 10:05PM

    Bingo Bob! Thanks for feeding the Troll! If you care, I used to cycle to work for about 20 years. It was great fun in the rain and the snow. Later, I moved out of town; I now travel by car. I don't mind cyclists, so long as they stay on the cycle paths that have been put in just for their own use. And no, I'm not going to type 'I wish the injured cyclist recovers'. That is so blatantly ingenuous, isn't it?

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  • Yer_Nemesis  |  September 03 2012, 9:54PM

    mmm, you're right. Except that lorry and tractor drivers are at least working for a living. The lycra-clad are doing it for their own reasons, which I have to say mostly escape me. steveullyatt below mentions that all older cyclists must have passed a driving test and therefore must just be cycling for pleasure. Perhaps he or someone else could explain that?

    |   -6
  • Bob_Ovett  |  September 03 2012, 9:51PM

    I've tried to resist yer trolling Yer_Nemesis but can't. First off, I hope the injured chap is better, shame you couldn't have mentioned that. As for cyclists being on the road, frankly matey - tough doo doo. Cyclists have every right to be there, don't like? Walk and get off the road yourself. What people like you forget is that the road isn't exclusively for motorists (check out the Highway Code my friend). Cars get p'd off with people driving in front of them at 30 or 40mph less than them on the A46 & A1, problem is they're doing 100mph - who's in the wrong? But a cyclist isn't a car is it? It's a vehicle that's about a foot and a half wide going about 15mph - it shouldn't be a problem to overtake if you're in control of your faculties. If you're in that much of a rush then you've set off too late. Leave enough time for your journey and don't endanger other's lives. As for get on a cycle path, I take it you've never actually cycled on some of them in the county. Lets debunk some issues here "Cyclists should take tests" - so once this silver bullet has been administered all trouble on the road will vanish? Of course not, if cycle tests mimic driving tests a cyclist would be tested once, probably in their early teens and then not tested again. As we all know once a motorist has passed his test he's safe for life and cars never get into accidents? Test cyclists more often? Sure, but then let's test all motorists at the same rate. Are you sure you would pass? How would the police enforce this anyway? They'd have to physically stop cyclists and prosecute them. But I bet you're one of these people who get miffed when stopped by the police and demand they 'catch some real criminals instead'. Serious question - is this a good use of police time? What age limit would be imposed on a cycle test? 17 like motorists? If not, why not? If we're having a test that a 10 year old can pass it would be pretty simple and therefore irrelevant. Anyway, let's hope the kids/grandkids never come over on a nice summer day and want to get the bikes out Yer_Nemesis - you've not passed your test, and they are maybe too young to even sit their test so keep 'em locked in the garage or you're breaking the law. (I know it's not been mentioned but......) 'Cyclists should pay road tax'. 'Road Tax' today is based on the emissions on your car. Cars that produce minimal emissions pay nothing, bikes produce minimal emissions and would therefore (whirrr,clunk) pay nothing. Yer_Nemesis - tough, tough luck. Unfortunately for you what you've said is just your ignorant opinion and has no basis in law. Cyclists, horses, pedestrians all have a right to be there. You could always try writing to your MP if you don't like it but until then the law is clear. Finally, I hope the cyclist makes a speedy recovery and is back spinning the wheels soon.

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  • Gnome_Chomsky  |  September 03 2012, 9:37PM

    Wigeon - If the bad drivers and near misses you see are 'invariably' down to older people, I suggest you are not looking properly or you are deceiving yourself. Yer_Nemesis - Articulated lorries regularly drive well below the speed limit for legal reasons. Tractors do for performance and safety reasons. Both take up considerably more space than a cyclist and, except on the narrowest and twistiest roads, cause more delay. And cyclists agree that they should go elsewhere. That is actually what they are doing.

    |   -4
  • Yer_Nemesis  |  September 03 2012, 9:13PM

    If I drove my car 30 or 40 mph below the speed limit, I expect people behind me would be annoyed. Cyclists should either ride at the speed limit or ride on the cycle path. If there is no cycle path, it's a sign that they should go elsewhere.

    |   -6
  • Wigeon  |  September 03 2012, 8:42PM

    I'm afraid that I have noticed many near misses or bad driving on Lincolnshire's roads & invariably, it is an elderly person at the wheel. I agree that more careful assessment of older drivers ability to drive safely & confidently should be considered. If that means that they have to re-take their test every few years then so be it.

    |   2
  • Steve_Lincoln  |  September 02 2012, 10:18PM

    Freedom it was intended as a sarcastic parallel, but clearly too subtle for you.

    |   -1
  • FreedomSpeech  |  September 02 2012, 5:18PM

    "Assumptions are a (sic) wonderful tools aren't they " It would seem that assumptions aren't alone in that respect.

  • steveullyatt  |  September 02 2012, 10:27AM

    The Linconite has a picture of the junction in question- http://tinyurl.com/8wrhqjo No cycle path or lane sadly, in my experience the A15 and A17 are the 2 most scary roads i've ever ridden on. ps - i dont know of any 40 something cyclists who haven't passed a test to be on the road or who don't pay road tax either.

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  • steveullyatt  |  September 02 2012, 10:26AM

    The Linconite has a picture of the junction in question- http://tinyurl.com/8wrhqjo No cycle path or lane sadly, in my experience the A15 and A17 are the 2 most scary roads i've ever ridden on. ps - i dont know of any 40 something cyclists who haven't passed a test to be on the road or who don't pay road tax either.

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