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David Holdsworth: I would sooner work on a shoestring than bankrupt a club

By Lincolnshire Echo  |  Posted: August 10, 2012

Tough task: Imps boss David Holdsworth has had plenty to think over and deal with since he joined the club last October

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Hello, I would like to begin by saying a warm welcome to everyone in my first column for the Lincolnshire Echo.

I will be penning my thoughts on a number of issues and giving you an insight into life as Lincoln City manager.

In my first column it only seems right to reflect a little on last season.

I've had some tough jobs, but when I arrived at Lincoln last October I had to battle with one of the hardest challenges I have ever faced.

When I arrived, the situation was difficult and some of the attitudes of the players were disgusting and that was something that needed to change.

It has been a long summer of researching the players, but more crucially looking at the characters of these players. They need to be players that the fans deserve to have. Players who the fans know are going to be up there putting themselves on the line for the club. We have not got the resources that were once available and I think we all know that the position the club is in is because of poor investment over the last four years. The fans are well aware of that.

Promotion is not going to be simple. This division can take clubs through the mill. Look at the struggle Oxford had, look at Luton, look at York and look at Mansfield. A lot of clubs are pushing hard. Forest Green Rovers have got some huge investment coming in, the chairman has been willing to back the club and they have got some quality players. Newport County are another club that are moving forward. At Mansfield I was in a situation where I was working hard to help keep the club afloat, now the chairman is throwing money at it.

This season is going to be interesting with the number of clubs who are spending hard to try and chase the dream of promotion to the Football League. A lot of expectations are being raised by chairmen who are willing to open their wallets. Some of the stories I'm hearing are shocking and there are clubs out there in the Blue Square Bet Premier who have budgets which if not exceed very much rival those in League Two.

It is why I enjoy working with Lincoln City. The club is honest about its situation and the fans understand where we are. I want to win, I want to be successful, but we also know a lot of the other clubs out there are throwing cash at it.

This is going to create a very unstable division. I expect there will be a lot of managers who may find themselves out of a job early on because of the high level of pressure that is coming from the big budgets that are being spent. This instability in terms of managers moving also in time creates issues with cash flows. We've seen it time and time again. It does leave me wondering would I want to be in the situation where I have all this cash? No, I'd sooner know what I have, even if it is not much. I would not want to spending money a club did not have and leave it bankrupt.

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  • nigelsparky  |  August 13 2012, 3:24PM

    Gedlingtnpeck, I need to correct you on your statement that Lincoln City are not bringing young players through. 6 youth team players have been handed professional deals for this season alone, and my feeling is there will be more by the end of the season. They also allowed another youngster leave the club to sign for Aston Villa recently. Your club also benefits from Lincoln City's youth system, with many of your young players being released from City, having spent, in some cases, quite a number of years in their centre of excellence.

  • GedlingTnPeck  |  August 11 2012, 11:26AM

    smlincoln As a FA Charter Standard Club we aim to play at the highest level possible and to progress as a Club. We are bringing through a crop of young players (which Lincoln city are failing to do) from our Under 18 team and we have a really good policy of developing players right through from Under 9'sto the first team. We are a side in progress and going down to Lincs League would be a retrograde step. Nettleham is not a good example as they were two leagues below us so the "drop" might have been more understandable. We agree that relegation might have helped us but the League determned otherwise. Whether we are too high only time will tell. All I know is the young players we have are thoroughly thrilled and enjoying the experience playing at this level. That is why I assert again the publicofLincoln needs to get behind its teams, the press should do much more to generate interest in all our teams and let us get a resurgence of football in Lincoln and enjoy some success

  • smlincoln  |  August 11 2012, 10:57AM

    gedlig tn peck it would be nice to get a responce from the echo if what you are saying is true,however i'm not having a go at your football club,i know it is fifficult financially for your club but you are playing at a standard far to high for your young squade,you only stayed in the premier league because because of default to a team winning the league below you,you have struggled in this league for a few years now and should have appliedto have left and joined the lincs league which would suit your young squad,nettleham had difficulties a few years ago playing in the league they were,they went into the lincs league and did quite well and their players enjoyed it, good looke for the season and hope you can have a good cup run in the fa cup and fa vase

  • GedlingTnPeck  |  August 11 2012, 10:18AM

    smlincoln The answer to your questionis "yes we do" constantly but thewebsite and paper does not publish it.The last two weeks we have had 45 words in the Echo compared to over two pages for Lincoln City. It is frustrating but hardly surprising given the sponsorship of City by the Echo

  • Truyellabelly  |  August 10 2012, 7:27PM

    Josh on Twitter saying he has a game of squash. Perhaps not injured then. Holdsworth must have signed some cracking players if Gowling can't get a place in the team or on the bench. The youths being given an opportunity must also have some class. The future looks bright, assuming the manager is not foolish enough to have dropped Gowling just because he doesn't like him!

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  • eatmygoal  |  August 10 2012, 4:20PM

    Good to see this available electronically, super stuff.

    |   2
  • MacImp  |  August 10 2012, 1:58PM

    Gowling not playing tomorrow. I hope he is injured, if not, budget and squad can't be as much of a problem as we are told.

    |   -3
  • nigelsparky  |  August 10 2012, 11:03AM

    I wish you all the very best for the coming season David.

    |   10
  • smlincoln  |  August 10 2012, 10:43AM

    good luck mr holsworth, i think you were a brave man to take the city job in the first place,you knew what the situation was when you arrived, i think you have been honest,you took the job without a contract but you still faced up to the challenge,you could have walked away but you havn't,i can see it if the fickle city supporters can't , good luck for the coming season i hope you prove a lot of people wrong,by the way mr peck,does anyone at moorlands bother to contact the echo with results or send in a report,you used to when you were doing well,and don't class moorlands and lincoln united with lincoln city,yes they are non-league but still miles apart from both of them

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  • GedlingTnPeck  |  August 10 2012, 10:08AM

    If he happy to work on a shoestring then come to Lincoln Moorlandsas we have not even the shoestring. Seriously though whilst the Echo continue to ignore Moorlands and Lincoln United to help us smaller teams get a bit of publicity so we can keep the high standard of football in the City flag flying, football in Lincoln will always struggle I was always of the opinion that Newspaper journalism should be balanced yet I detect (sorry being cynical here) a slight bias towards Lincoln City who are also non-league like the other teams in Lincoln I would doubt any Echo reader or anyone on this website for that matter would know Lincoln Moorlands embark on their FA Cup journey tomorrow - still the best competition in the world and we will put everything we have into making the day a success even though we have the youngest and most inexperienced side we have ever had. (average age 20) That said good luck to City for the season. I sincerely hope that supporters will firmly get behind and support ALL the teams in Lincoln to lift the gloom from last season. Only the supporters turning up through the gates will achieve this. Lookat how the crowds hve inspired our Olympic success in the past week. This is is what we might call "Team Lincoln" for the season. The local press have their part to play

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