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Decision due on plans for second cattle market in Louth

By Louth Target  |  Posted: July 18, 2012

A decision is due on an amended planning application for a second cattle market in Louth

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A SECOND cattle market – which has prompted fears over the future of Louth's present livestock market – is to be determined tomorrow.

East Lindsey District Council's planning committee will decide whether or not to grant outline planning permission to Simon Dennis for a new cattle market facility on land next to Windsor House on Fairfield Industrial Estate.

The application also includes plans for a cattle slaughter auction and an auction house to hold other types of sales including farm machinery, woodworking equipment, light commercial vehicles and much more.

The application has been recommended for approval by East Lindsey planning officers.

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Louth Town Council objected to the plans as have businesses Luxus and Fenland Laundry who raised concerns about the impact it will have on the infrastructure of the industrial estate and the highway.

Other objections received include concerns on the effect it will have on the present livestock market on Newmarket, and it would be an agricultural use on a site reserved for industry.

The applicant has said the intention of the new cattle market facility is not to replace the Newmarket site but as a new alternative facility.

There are also concerns that if the application is approved, it could open the doors for an out-of-town supermarket on the present Newmarket site.

In the report to the committee, planning officer Michelle Walker has said the proposed facility would not have a harmful impact on the viability of Louth town centre.

The report states: "A cattle market requires a large site to provide all the facilities and separation of functions needed to comply with animal welfare requirements. Such sites only really exist in the open countryside on the edge of towns or on industrial estates.

"A site within the industrial estate would be in a more sustainable location than that in the countryside and so is sequentially a better choice."

Some objections had raised concerns about smells and noise from the cattle to nearby businesses.

The officer states in the report that because the Newmarket site operates from a mixed use area including residential properties without problems, it is difficult to argue that a cattle market on an industrial estate would lead to problems of odour, noise and disturbance.

The meeting is at 1pm tomorrow (Thursday) at Tedder Hall, Manby.

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  • SX200_rider  |  July 18 2012, 10:06AM

    The cattle market at Louth these days is far too small an amount of space used in comparison to being on such a large site. It is an industry and needs to be moved to the industrial estate. Where the cattle market presently stands should then be developed into a supermarket. Now, I can already hear these keep Louth special cronies sharpening their pitchforks but it should not be about what these few people (many of them that arent actually Louth people) want; it is what is good for the town as a whole for everybody and as an entire population. We cannot merely rely on quaint little sole trader shops that charge extortionate price for everyday commodies such as food. We need another supermarket such as Tesco or Asda. Anyone with any real memory of Louth will remember that on a Friday cattle trucks would park anywhere and everywhere, quite often cattle would escape and run amok along Newmarket. Aswell Street was once a vibrant shopping area with a good selection of shops. Sadly it is a pale shadow of it's former glory and in short; know as the street of a thousand takeaways. Things change, but not always for the better. There is an insular attitude in Louth, maybe it was compounded when the railway ceased to run through the town. Louth is also ruled by an iron fist that it is vehemently worn by the town council. Each election the same old cronies are wheeled out to become councillors and to take a turn being mayor. The whole attitude is that of the town council on Dads Army. In short; they are 60 or 70 years too late and out of touch with what the every day Louth working person wants and needs. In any event, if they knew what we want they would still ignore us Whilst a certain minority block a supermarket being built we drive off to Grimsby and Cleethorpes to spend ourt money shopping out of town. If you are spending £100-£150 then the savings far outweigh the fuel costs. We dont want another supermarket a hear a certain minority say. In actual fact we have less real supermarkets in the town that we did 30 or 40 years ago. At one point we had Grandways, Liptons, International Stores and FineFare all trading at the same time. It did the town no harm in fact, it brought shoppers and their money into town. Now they bypass us and go over to Grimsby and Cleethorpes for their bulk shop. I am not saying that we should be inundated with national based companies and oversubscribed with supermarkets; no sane company would want to trade in the town unless they saw a potential customer base. What I am saying is that we need to create a good balance so that we can all fulfill our shopping needs without being forced into a 30 mile round trip. One very important thing we need to do without delay is to reinstate the old market hall. Convert it back to it's intended use because the new market hall is dominated by that cafe who has just about taken over nearly every stall. Something needs to change or all we will have is gift shops, chariity shops and fast food takeaways dominating the town.

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