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Drink-driver jailed after 20-mile pursuit at 90mph through Lincolnshire

By Lincolnshire Echo  |  Posted: June 30, 2012

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A drink-driver who negotiated roundabouts on the wrong side of the road and drove at 90mph on his way home from a night out was jailed for eight months and banned from driving for a year.

Vaidas Bauba's driving was so bad that an off-duty police officer dialled 999 after spotting him travelling out of Peterborough along the A15.

Catherine Chasemore, prosecuting, told Lincoln Crown Court that the officer then followed Bauba for more than 20 miles.

Bauba drove on to the A47 where he straddled the white line in the centre of the road before joining the A16.

"At Newborough he took a roundabout correctly but was weaving across the road," she said. "He took another roundabout the wrong way. It was sheer good luck that the carriageway was clear.

"He continued along the A16 to Spalding. He hit the grass verge causing dirt to spray up and then travelled on to the opposite side of the road, narrowly avoiding collision with an oncoming car which had to take evasive action driving onto its own verge.

"At the next roundabout he nearly lost control again and as he left it he reached 90mph.

"An unmarked police car took up the pursuit at the Sutterton roundabout.

"The officer saw the defendant negotiate another roundabout the wrong way round. He then activated his sirens and blue lights and the defendant stopped.

"It is clear that the driver was showing all the signs of being drunk. He had red eyes and slurred speech."

Bauba failed a roadside breath test and was subsequently found to have 91mgs of alcohol per 100mls of breath putting him close to three times the legal limit of 35mgs.

Bauba, 25, of Langley Mews, Kirton, near Boston, admitted charges of dangerous driving and driving with excess alcohol as a result of the incident in the early hours of April 7.

Judge Sean Morris told him: "Lincolnshire roads are the most dangerous in England. A lot of that is to do with people who drink and drive.

"It is a miracle that you didn't kill anyone."

Andrew Coley, defending, said Bauba was a hard-working man who had never been in trouble with the law since arriving three years ago from Lithuania.

He said the only explanation Bauba could give for his driving was the amount he had to drink.

"It is perhaps fortuitous there was no accident or injury caused to anyone. He expresses his regret for this incident."

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  • FreedomSpeech  |  July 03 2012, 8:46PM

    That's the theory Nigel, but in practice it's far from the case, as anyone who uses the site regularly knows. So don't sweat it.

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  • nigelsparky  |  July 03 2012, 4:30PM

    no not at all important to me freedom, however gives you a little pointer into what peoples thoughts are don't you think? Otherwise why have them there at all?

  • FreedomSpeech  |  July 03 2012, 3:50PM

    Nigel, try not to get hung up on how many little green or red arrows your comments receive. Is validation from others really that important to you?

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  • gsx1100  |  July 03 2012, 2:53PM

    With reference to the article, Graham Trigg, there was one in september 2011. It stated that around 1% of the Lincolnshire workforce were foreign nationals and of all the drink drivers caught 32% were foreign nationals. The information was supplied by the Lincolnshire Road safety Partnership for the year 2010.

  • nigelsparky  |  July 02 2012, 10:42PM

    I am a little bemused by the amount of minus ratings I'm getting for the more recent of my comments which is in stark contrast to the amount of plus ratings I was getting for the post that has mysteriously disappeared, plus 20 I think it was when I last saw it. So to all the people who have given these minus ratings, on what basis have you made this judgement bearing in mind you don't know the content of the piece that has mysteriously disappeared.

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  • Graham Trigg  |  July 02 2012, 9:20PM

    Recently on the news lincs was reported as having an increase in drink drive incidents compared to the rest of the country,my local paper reports a high percentage of eastern europeans caught compared to British yet we all get tarred the same.

  • nigelsparky  |  July 02 2012, 6:42PM

    I was under the impression that this is a place where one can express their opinions, points of view, and enter into debates with other users regarding the various topics of news etc.as long as what you are posting is not abusive or offensive in anyway. Now if a post is withdrawn by the powers that be because they have a difference of opinion to that viewpoint then that surely brings into question ones freedom of speech, does it not? or am I missing something here?

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  • nigelsparky  |  July 02 2012, 5:21PM

    Well eatmygoal whilst I appreciate that they do reserve the right to allow or reject posts , it would in my view be polite to be informed as to the nature of why it has been removed after nearly three days. It was not abusive or offensive in anyway.

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  • eatmygoal  |  July 02 2012, 4:41PM

    "If so what has happened to the freedom of speech" Still very much alive, but that doesn't mean This Is Lincolnshire can't remove posts they don't wish to have on their message board.

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  • nigelsparky  |  July 02 2012, 4:04PM

    I notice that my post of Saturday on this subject has disappeared!!!!!!! does anyone know why that is?? I also notice that a post from whose name escapes me, has also disappeared. Do I detect some kind of censorship going on here from the powers that be? If so what has happened to the freedom of speech? of which is the very fabric this country is made of.I would like to know what has happened here.

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