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Lincoln drivers to suffer as £3.3m road work to last for nine months

By Lincolnshire Echo  |  Posted: December 08, 2013

Lincoln drivers to suffer as £3.3m road work to   last for nine months
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Lincoln's traffic bosses have pledged to keep delays to a minimum when a £3.3 million Canwick Road project gets under way next year.

Lincoln's drivers, already dogged by long-running works at Brant Road, will have to brace themselves for more agony from next October.

The scheme will see major changes to the Washingborough Road and South Park Avenue junctions and will be jointly fund by Lincolnshire County Council and the Department of Transport's Pinch Point fund.

The council is already aware of the potential disruption for drivers and visitors to next year's Christmas market, but claim the start time is not set in stone.

Les Davies, senior project leader, said: "The dates for this project are provisional and so could well change.

"If the work did coincide with the Christmas market period, we'd put measures in place to make sure it has little or no impact on traffic into the city."

The construction period for the scheme is expected to be nine months with Canwick Road seen as a key route for access to the centre and a route through the city.

It already suffers considerable congestion, especially at peak periods, and the council hopes that the new and improved road layout will help solve the problems.

To achieve their aim, the county council intends to compulsory purchase land from South Park Care Home and demolish the wall forming the front and side boundary of the building.

South Park Avenue will be widened for around 160 metres west of its junction with Canwick Road.

In total the road improvements will be more than 500 metres long and provide two lanes in each direction from Canwick Hill to the point where it forms Canwick Road north of South Park Avenue junction.

The current annual average daily traffic flows in Canwick Road between South Park Avenue and Washingborough Road are around 19,000 vehicles.

The figure is significantly higher north of South Park Avenue.

The scheme will also include a pedestrian crossing as part of the traffic-signal controlled junction as well as similar provisions for cyclists.

This follows on from a fatal accident four years ago when a pedestrian was killed crossing Canwick Hill near to the junction.

The scheme is due to be considered by the executive committee of the county council next month.

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  • Big_Tone  |  December 12 2013, 1:58AM

    JaneThompson wrote Oh, and they're building additional car parking at N Hykeham train station for people travelling out of Lincoln. The size of that carpark at Hykeham station is the same size. The proposed South bypass IMHO is wrong, the plan is 20 years out of date. Why should Branston and Waddington be outside the bypass and why should houses that are less than 15 years old be demolished? Remember, you can get from Pennals roundabout to Bardney without entering Lincoln. My own thoughts are a bypass loosely based on that route (Haddington, Aubourn, Harmston, Mere, Potterhanworth)

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  • LincsVRS  |  December 09 2013, 1:48PM

    I agree the public/we could do with getting more organised and do something about these issues, I would certainly do what I can regarding the eastern bypass being single carriageway for example. I suppose my only fear is delaying the whole thing (not I have much hope of it actually happening within my lifetime lol) Regarding Carl McCartney and this issues I'm not sure if he has too much influence, now I may well be wrong but most of the problems seem to be in the council which is a Labour majority. So I'm not sure if he could actually do anything, if he needs the local council he will probably get outvoted. However that's just my guess, like I say I may be wrong. I certainly don't see him doing anything to help (campaigning, publicly speaking on the issue, lobbying etc) prehaps its worth writing to him about the issue? In my experience its very hard to get people to take the leap to actually doing something about it, its surprising how silent people get when you mention actually doing something. I think on the bypass issue there would be a majority view on the issue, this is from a rough 90% of people having the same issue on public forums such as this and based on word of mouth discussions, again though I could be wrong. Upon self reflection I can see I'm really insenced by the issue but other than forum posts and the odd conversation I haven't actually done anything positive about it. I haven't written to my MP, I haven't looking into public consultation on the issue, I haven't approached local councillors, I haven't attended local council meetings, I haven't made a petition and I haven't set up a campaign website or even a Facebook page. Given the strength of my previous comments prehaps I could be criticised as being one of the many who say a lot but do nothing!

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  • theknowitall  |  December 09 2013, 10:43AM

    Perhaps it is about time the public got together to take more action. Admittedly, not every one has the same view but I for one will not be voting for Mr McCartney MP at the next election if these works go ahead.

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  • LincsVRS  |  December 09 2013, 6:29AM

    Totally agree with the eastern bypass comments. I used to live in Bracebridge Heath with family in Scunthorpe. The longest bit of the journey was often the through Lincoln Transit. I then moved to Cherry Willingham and now regularly sit in stationary traffic on the bypass between the A158 junction and the A15..... Why? Because its single carriageway. The rest of the bypass is a nightmare... Single... Dual... Single... Dual. I swear the "planners" think dual carriageway is twice the capacity of single, and vice versa. This is wrong as merging traffic reduces single carriageway capacity far bellow half, this breaking action then moves backwards creating congestion, its simple fluid dynamics (I don't expect everyone to know this but I do expect our planners to) These new improvements just seem to move or multiply problems. Often they are multiplied as they introduce more problems than their originally was. Look at the new bypass roundabouts, when you look at lane logic they look fine, but when you look at it through experience you realise most drivers don't understand, the turns are too tight for the potential road speed and its worse. The worst thing they are going to do is build a single carriageway road for the eastern bypass (if in fact it ever starts being built before we have flying cars) even if dual cost twice as much it would still be worth it and that is not even the case. They will be building into the road exactly what will cripple it. Forget the "improvements" in town, just stop forcing everyone travelling north to south or vice versa through the middle of the city! Build a proper dual carriageway bypass with the money and you will slash the overwhelming traffic numbers and find the current road layouts are fine. I can't believe you have to go through town or out to Bardney to cross that blooming river in this day in age. Also don't chop the cherry road to Lincoln and its accompanying cycle route in half like your planning to in order to save money. You invested in that not long ago and now your ruining that with your plans. (A bit like your Elizabeth Road fiasco in Hykeham a few years ago when you decided to block it with bollards but then removed them because you didn't realise the traffic wouldn't be able to use that road anymore if you blocked it and made more major routes even worse, even then you left your flipping ditch in the road after you took the bollards out so you could damage people's vehicles) Don't even get me started in Tentercroft street and how your "plans" are going to cripple the roads round Jackson's near Tesco which are already crippled at rush hour! I'm sick of being stuck in roadwork traffic in Lincoln to find out you have only gone and made it even worse, this is why people can't stand the pain, because they get NO gain! Every single plan I have seen for traffic in this city places a bottleneck on an area of heavy congestion and you never realise it until you have built it do you? You cause more problems (in fact you had two right hand turning lanes on one junction but forgot to make the road they turn onto two lanes a few years back which made me giggle, Wragby Road/Outer Circle traffic turning from north to west) It also seems like 95% of residents tell you exactly the same, look at the comments on this story for example. We are all saying the exact same thing, it's not like you have too many opinions, every Tom, Dick and Harry in Lincoln knows what you should be doing instead! Many thanks to the people that comment and I apologise for the length of my rant, you don't need to read it, the "planners" do! I would be quite happy to look at every roadwork plan of Lincoln and tell you the weaknesses for free if it puts and end to this rubbish! Listen and from your mistakes and stop breaking our lovely city!!! ........ Rant over!

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  • JaneThompson  |  December 08 2013, 10:17PM

    The LN6 project seems to have built bus stops every 100 yards so buses stop all the time where there are traffic islands and you can't overtake. That's if you can get past all the learner drivers since they moved the test centre. Oh, and they're building additional car parking at N Hykeham train station for people travelling out of Lincoln. Big help for Lincoln. Doh!

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  • Bobturkey  |  December 08 2013, 7:01PM

    Oh my, heaven forbid should the Christmas market be disrupted for 4 days!!! What about the rest of the 8 months and 26 days when those trying to get into work and back home again at night will have to suffer. For god's sake, of course Canwick road is seen as a key route into Lincoln.....THATS BECAUSE WE HAVE NO EASTERN BYPASS......DEEEEEERRR. All these years of dilly and dally by Lincolnshire C.C. has resulted in a complete c**k up of Lincolns road infrastructure. Not only are we held to ransom by the railways, our elected politicians are doing all they can to assist. I've said it before and repeat yet again Lincolnshire CC........Have you ever heard of the "Five P's". ......The whole of Lincoln...... THINK NOT!!!

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  • InsideStory  |  December 08 2013, 5:48PM

    The County Council have too much power over the road network and the responsibility and say over what should and should not be improved should be shared with all councils it concerns . And maybe a public consultation would be very nice so the powers that be could gauge public opinion on the way their money is being spent and possibly act on public opinion rather that dictating to the electorate what IS happening . The Council may have "experts" i say that very lightly but from what "Road improvements" that have been made they need to employ someone with a better understanding of how accidents happen when two lanes merge in to one .The drivers in Lincolnshire when confronted with such a road layout seem to become Michael Schumacher pushing others off the road to get in front .

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  • camelherder  |  December 08 2013, 5:47PM

    I drove down Newark Road from Brant Road for the first time in ages yesterday and what struck me was two potentials for accidents. 1. The pedestrian crossing on the slip road Brant Road/Newark road which is so close to the junction that the lights could be confused with the normal traffic lights. 2. The new right turn lane Newark Road/Rookery Lane it just felt so unsafe all you need is some idiot to come round the corner from Rookery Lane into Newark Road forgetting it is now one lane and not two. Hope I'm wrong but time will tell. What's the point in building an Eastern bypass unless the money is there for the southern bypass so all bypasses can be linked or else you are just wasting money, the underlying problem is still there but just in a different place

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  • Ian_Heighton  |  December 08 2013, 4:43PM

    Totally agree with the comments here, causing traffic mayhem and chaos for 9 Months just to move the pinch point a further 200 yards down South Park is a total waste. Come on Councillors, get rid of the hare brained scheme department, stop these ridiculous schemes and get the bypass completed first.

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  • rick29  |  December 08 2013, 3:20PM

    lets see nearly 3 million wasted on the newark road junction at brant road, the work down whisby road might work thats another few million, now canwick road, then the road at tentercroft street being built. IF they saved all the money on these road improvements to do the bypass they could have it dualled all the way instead of wasting 90million+ on a single carriageway when the dual was only going ot cost 15-20million more.

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