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East Anglian Patriots plan second Anti-Islam march in Lincoln

By MWilliams_LE  |  Posted: June 15, 2013

There was a heavy police presence last time the East Anglian Patriots protested in Lincoln on June 8

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The East Anglian Patriots have organised another Anti-Islam march in Lincoln, according to the group's Facebook page.

Around 200 people protested in the centre of Lincoln on Saturday, June 8.

One of the reasons for the march was to stop the building of a mosque on Boultham Park Road in the city.

But it would appear the group will return on Saturday, August 17. They will call it 'Lincoln Demo - The Return.'

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  • fifi74  |  June 20 2013, 10:36AM

    Are you muslim? No. Do you choose to submit yourself to sharia law? No. If you have read the 2nd article which was the only one written with any intelligence you would see that the poor women that are affected by the individual 'qadi' in question have had any ridiculous rulings over-ruled by the law of the land. Islam doesn't have the monopoly on the degradation of women. I could recommend to my neighbour that he shove pineapples up his wife's nostrils. It doesn't actually mean anything.

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  • Janice1974  |  June 19 2013, 6:14PM

    Deeclyro, "I wasn't aware having the Mosque in Lincoln meant we would be subject to a change in the parliamentary system. My bad!" No, there will be no change to our present system at the moment, however, :- http://tinyurl.com/m9kgfwe see also ;- http://tinyurl.com/mvu4ntl at this moment there are already Sharia Courts in major cities and we are getting close to having a two-tier legal system. IMO Sharia Law puts women at a disadvantage ;- http://tinyurl.com/c9cjru2 I hope that explains what you are supporting.

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  • Deeclyro  |  June 19 2013, 10:11AM

    For those that want to live by it, then yes I do. Sorry, I wasn't aware having the Mosque in Lincoln meant we would be subject to a change in the parliamentary system. My bad!

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  • Janice1974  |  June 19 2013, 7:38AM

    Deeclyro, We understand only too well the implications of Sharia Law, which is one of the reasons for the protest. Do I understand from your post that you support Sharia Law?

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  • Janice1974  |  June 19 2013, 7:36AM


  • Janice1974  |  June 18 2013, 1:47PM

    The Religion of Peace and Tolerance makes another contribution to diversity. I hope the French feel suitably culturally enriched, http://tinyurl.com/k96wjse

  • Deeclyro  |  June 18 2013, 8:41AM

    I'm not racist but...When people in their country...Whatever happened to... All sound like excuses to me. Lincoln is one of the most ignorantly racist areas I've lived in; meaning they are racist but ignorant to the fact that they are. The amount of times I have heard people use the terms 'coloured' or '******' and even '**** shop', and when I have tried to educate them, they were genuinely surprised that the term they used is offensive. Whilst I'm sure there are responsible and mature members of the community who have well informed arguments for or against the Mosque, unfortunately I fear the vast majority of the anti Mosque demonstrators were of the bigoted strain - 'We hate what we don't understand'. Then again, I guess I don't want 'them coming over here with their Iracki Law, you know, the Muslamic Law...' (Thanks, Russel Howard!)

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  • Janice1974  |  June 18 2013, 6:14AM

    I will accept mosques in this country when Islamic countries accept Christian churches in theirs, http://tinyurl.com/mexc295

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  • yorkiespur  |  June 17 2013, 6:49PM

    Come on Echo keep up with events!!! The march has been cancelled until a date that doesn't clash with a Lincoln fc home match can be arranged with the police.

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  • Riga_ghetto  |  June 17 2013, 11:10AM

    I was watching coverage of the G8 protests on sky news over the weekend. Millions has been spent on security to deal with the vicious protest groups. Businesses in Belfast must be facing the threat of closure due to this near return to the dark days of the troubles. And there they are. Unison, with spokesperson and banner in the thick of the anti capitalist G8 protestors. Weren't they the ones involved in the pathetic counter protest which threatened unwanted threats of violent conflict in lincoln. coupled with extra police resources needed to curb this potential threat. Lets hope the police give this rent a mob the short shrift that the Met Police used to deal with them last week in London. They are just out for trouble and we don't need them blocking access to the ice cream van on the corn hill.

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