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East Midlands Trains axes parking charges at village station in Lincolnshire

By Lincolnshire Echo  |  Posted: May 08, 2012

Hit the buffers: East Midlands Trains had introduced parking charges at Metheringham station

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Parking charges at a village train station will be scrapped for six months after complaints from residents.

East Midlands Trains introduced parking charges at Metheringham station.

But people who live there say it is causing drivers to abandon the car park and leave their vehicles in residential streets.

Now the train firm has agreed to scrap the charges for six months after pressure from Lincolnshire County Council.

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Julie Hill, 52, who lives in Pulman Close, Metheringham, said: "East Midlands Trains put in a meter at the station to charge people £2 a day, £8 a week or £24 a month.

"By midday on Monday, April 30, there were just 5 cars in the car park and a couple of them had tickets in the windscreen.

"There were four parked outside the houses in our close and three in the next close.

"One of my neighbours had their way out blocked. If parking was free at the station, this would not happen."

Head of transportation at Lincolnshire County Council, Chris Briggs, said the company had agreed a postponement before April 30.

"I expressed the county council's concerns over parking charges with EMT and they have suspended the introduction of car parking charges at Metheringham station for six months, while they re-evaluate the impact it will have," he said. "Free car parking was not a condition of the £200,000 contribution we made towards the improvements."

Lindsay Reid, a spokesman for East Midlands Trains, said: "We recently announced plans to introduce car parking charges at a number of local stations to support our ongoing multi-million pound station and fleet improvement on our local routes.

"Advance notices and posters at stations were put in place to advise passengers of the changes. However, following further discussion with Lincolnshire County Council, we have offered to postpone the introduction of car parking charges at Metheringham Station for a further six months.

"The new scheme at Ruskington was introduced on April 30. Charging is standard practice at the vast majority of railway station car parks.

"The new rates are competitively priced and they reflect the cost of alternative local car parking as well as our continuing investment to improve station facilities on these lines and our £5 million programme to refurbish the trains which serve them."

Customers who have paid for car parking at Metheringham Station and would like to claim a refund should contact EMT customer services team. E-mail at getintouch@eastmidlandstrains.co.uk or call

08457 125 678

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  • peak3  |  May 09 2012, 3:40PM

    typical, considering metheringham car park as it used to be (a total mess) & rubble for a roadway also that old brick building finally gone for good to what they have now a nice spacious rebuilt car park it beggers belief that the users moan about paying £2.00 a day or what ever to use it & i might add wasnt that long ago the people of metheringham got a brand new station, the railways seem to be damned if they do & damned if they dont, i drive in to lincoln many times early morning using canwick hill & its a nightmare, i would pay £2.00 to use metheringham stations car park (which is very cheap) & not moan about it. in a few months time the users of metheringham station will have another thing to moan about???????????

  • 917199  |  May 09 2012, 3:33PM

    I'm suppressed that there even charging people to use this tiny station. Two platforms in a small village between two towns, and it's hardly a car park. I wonder how much has been already generated towards the 5million target.

    |   1
  • rascall1  |  May 09 2012, 2:31PM

    Would be nice if Lincolnshire county council or LCC may be put the squeeze on Lincoln County Hospital as well for what will be a similar problem very soon, with staff parking charges looming

    |   2
  • FreedomSpeech  |  May 09 2012, 2:16PM

    "Those of us who walk, cycle or get a taxi to train stations should not have to subsidise those who drive." Presumably those of us who don't walk or cycle to train stations shouldn't have to 'subsidise' those who do by contributing to the upkeep of pavements and cycle paths then? Or does your high horse, sanctimonious preaching only extend to motorists?

    |   8
  • S_Morrissey  |  May 08 2012, 5:46PM

    I agree - do people think that tarmac lays itself? Or that land on which it stands doesn't have a value? Those of us who walk, cycle or get a taxi to train stations should not have to subsidise those who drive. You can't expect to store your private property for free...

    |   -14
  • Darrendoldrum  |  May 08 2012, 4:38PM

    I don't know why Lincolnian1 has been red-thumbed for this - she or he has a perfectly valid point. How else will car park maintenance be paid for? £2.00 for a full days' car parking? This is an absolute bargain compared to the £1.50 per hour in Lincoln City Centre.

    |   3
  • Lincolnian1  |  May 08 2012, 9:51AM

    £2 per day seems quite reasonable to me; Its very much cheaper than you'll find in most city centre carparks. In this case I think the complainants shoul make a case against the people who park irresponsibly and not the train company. At the end of the day if parking at stations like Metheringham remains free we'll all be hit with the bill in the form of higher ticket prices.

    |   5