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Enjoy the Little Things

By Little Joy Designs  |  Posted: September 05, 2012

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Hello Lincolnshire. Little Joy Designs here.

Sometimes we forget to appreciate the little things. 

You've heard it before 'the best things in life are free' but hey a little reminder never hurt anyone did it? 

And so here is a list of small, almost insignificant and simple things that'll have you spiralling up into a cloud of warm, fuzzy and happy.

  1. Bubble baths
  2. Classic Disney films
  3. The sound of a perfect high-five
  4. Running though Autumn leaves
  5. The crunchy sound of those Autumn leaves
  6. Taking your bra off at the end of the day
  7. Popping bubble wrap
  8. Making people smile (even better making people snort with laughter)
  9. Finding the edge of the cellotape roll
  10. Poking your foot into the cold bit of the bed
  11. Feeling warm sun on your face
  12. Freckles
  13. Wearing wellies
  14. Jumping in puddles wearing those wellies
  15. The sport of 'people watching' 
  16. Being snuggly warm while it rains outside
  17. Playing with a sparkler
  18. A nice back rub
  19. Finding money in your pocket (a gift to you, from you)
  20. Curly fries
  21. Strangers overhearing your joke/conversation and laughing too
  22. Logging onto Facebook on your birthday
  23. Making footsteps in fresh snow
  24. Afternoon naps
  25. Hearing the first Christmas songs of the season
  26. Pretending to be a dragon breathing smoke on cold days
  27. When the clocks go back
  28. Singing out loud
  29. Pretending to be on a catwalk while listening to your ipod in the street
  30. Hugging warm clothes fresh out the dryer
  31. Wearing pajamas
  32. Sticking matchsticks to vegetables to make vegetable aliens
  33. When the scissors start to slide whilst cutting paper
  34. Seeing bus drivers wave to each other
  35. Wearing new pants
  36. Flying a kite
  37. Spooning
  38. Standing back and thinking 'I did that'
  39. Piggy back rides
  40. Watching a happy content baby
  41. Climbing trees
  42. Using ad breaks as 'break time play times'
  43. Building forts
  44. Making people proud of you
  45. Kisses on your forehead
  46. Playing on swings
  47. Shouting 'attack hug' and jumping at someone for a hug
  48. Onesies
  49. Friendly people at the till
  50. Perfectly pealing off a sticker

There you have it, hopefully your feeling happiness in your tummy and looking for more little joys. To quote the great Ronald Dahl...'if you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sun beams' - which is a pretty good mantra to spread around this here Shire, no?

Little Joy Designs specialise in happy things, we like to think of ourselves as the purveyor of all things happy. Come and say hello, click here. We've even built a free printable section to spread some joy, click here.

If you've enjoyed reading this article, then its intention has been served. 

Over and out.

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