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Fillingham Residents to Petition County Council over Road Closures.

By Midenglander  |  Posted: February 18, 2012

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Here is a copy of the covering letter which will be delivered to Lincolshire County Council:

DearMr Wills,

Weenclose a petition signed by residents of Fillingham. As you may be aware roadworks in Fillingham High Street recentlyresulted in its closure during three days and we understand that the work wasscheduled to take 2 weeks and will resume shortly. It involves the installationof some kerbing to one side of the road only. Anyone who does not live inFillingham may not be aware that there are no 'short cuts'. There is one roadonly through the village and on to Willingham, 5 miles away, with no turningsoff open to the public. Fillingham and Ingham are effectively a singlecommunity and residents of Fillingham rely heavily on facilities in Inghamwhich are used throughout the day and include the school, the doctor's, nurseryfacilities, a shop, a garage, a salon, the church and 3 pubs. Not only that,but we are also cut off from the shop/PO and petrol station at HemswellCliff/Caenby Corner and the return journey to Lincoln is doubled from 20 to 40miles. Some individuals make 3 or 4 such return journeys each day, traveling upto 96 miles instead of 16. Additionally, services coming in to the village suchas Royal Mail, Curtis' butchery van, mobile library, couriers, Tesco bus, andtradespeople are disrupted.

 The road closure is, we believe, unnecessary,highly disruptive, expensive, hazardous to residents and others due to thesingle track diversionary route, and was implemented without consultation oradequate warning. It has proved very difficult to find out from the countycouncil when the work will be completed and during the 3 days when the work wasin progress, before snow halted it, 'Road Closed' signs were left in place formiles around when the road was in fact open. If there is a legal reason whysingle lane working, perhaps with a convoy system (which could be operated by 1man, see attached plan) or stop/go boards, could not be used, then the workshould have been carried out much more rapidly and preferably at night. Thoseplanning the work clearly had no understanding of how badly it would affect usand never bothered to ask. Responses to complaints made to the HighwaysDepartment have been casual at best and insulting at worst. There are nofacilities in our village and almost every normal activity outside it incurs anadditional 20 miles of round trip, even filling up with expensive petrol!

Ifanyone had taken the trouble to do a proper impact assessment, which would haverequired consultation with the residents of Fillingham, we feel reasonablyconfident that it would have been appreciated that, due to the unusualcircumstances of the village, lengthy road closure during the day would beintolerable, especially for a period of 2 weeks, and a different plan couldhave been determined. We understand that resurfacing work is scheduled for thesummer. If this has been planned in the same casual way, then think again. Wedo not accept that we must endure lengthy road closures either for thecompletion of the present work or for any future work, and if we do not receivea satisfactory response from your department we will not rest in our efforts topublicise this matter, and will explore the possibility of legal action. It issimply not acceptable for the Highways Department to impose gross disruptionand expense on our community and those interacting with it, just because iteasier for them.

                                                                          With regards,

                                                             Fillingham Residents Group.

Sorry if that's a little lengthy but I think you'll agree it says it all.

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  • esso01  |  February 19 2012, 12:50PM

    I think you will find out under the road and streetworks act ii is Illegal to leave signs out for something that is not actually happening. This may help http://tinyurl.com/7hquwwc

  • Chas24  |  February 19 2012, 11:25AM

    Be humble you don't have cart tracks and get on with it.

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