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Football violence: Lincoln City hooligans locked up

By Lincolnshire Echo  |  Posted: December 15, 2013

Football violence: Lincoln City hooligans locked up

Football violence: Lincoln City hooligans locked up

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A gang of 11 hooligans were today locked up for their part in some of the worst football violence ever seen in Lincoln.

Seven men were jailed and four were sent to a young offenders’ institution following trouble in and around the Ritz pub in Lincoln High Street.

A twelfth man was given a Detention and Training Order.

All twelve were given 10-year football banning orders, which start on their release.

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The sentences were handed out during a crown court hearing, taking place at the city’s magistrates’ courthouse today.

It follows an attack by Lincoln City fans on Luton Town fans on October 6 last year.

The defendants and their sentences are:

- Jake Sinclair, 26, of Vernon Street, Lincoln: Jailed for two years and eight months.

- Andrew Deans, 27, of Belvedere House, Lincoln: Jailed for three years.

- Phillip Adams, 36, of Prior Street, Lincoln: Jailed for three years.

- Callum Busby, 19, of De Wint Avenue, Lincoln: Two years and eight months youth custody.

- Nathan Ashmore, 33, of St Catherine’s Grove, Lincoln: Jailed for three years.

- Lee Swain, 26, of Walnut Place, Lincoln: Jailed for three years.

- Marcus Greatorex, 22, of Geneva Avenue, Lincoln: Jailed for two years and eight months.

- Thomas Samways, 20, of Jensen Road, Bracebridge Heath: Two years and four months youth custody.

- Daniel White, 20, of St John’s Road, Bracebridge Heath: Two years and four months youth custody.

- Ashley Evans, 22, of Clinton House, Lincoln: Jailed for three years.

- Liam Wiggins, 18, of Old Chester Road, Birkenhead: Two years and one month youth custody.

- Josh Atter, 18, of Matlock Drive, North Hykeham: Given an 18-month Detention and Training Order.

This morning, prosecutor Jonathan Dee said the men had all admitted a charge of violent disorder at previous hearings.

He also said that in the year leading up to the fixture, there had been 12 incidents of football related violence involving Lincoln City supporters.

The court heard how a group of Luton Town supporters were drinking in the Ritz and at around 1pm, most of the 12 defendants entered the pub. Only Thomas Samways, Daniel White and Lee Swain were not involved inside the pub.

"There was some eyeballing between the groups and at that point, Adams and Evans moved across and went to where the Luton fans were," said Mr Dee.

"They stood off for approximately 20 seconds during which Adams has his arms out as if issuing a challenge.

"One of the Luton fans comes towards him and Adams strikes the first blow. Evans is then knocked down.

"There are a large number of missiles thrown between the two groups which were described as smashing against the low ceilings."

A group of Lincoln fans are seen to be goading the Luton Town supporters and a chair thrown by Marcus Greatorex hits one thrown by a Luton Town fan.

The court was then told how the group left the pub and crossed the road and congregated outside a convenience store.

At this point, all 12 defendants moved back towards the pub.

They see another group of Luton fans around the corner outside the pub and attack them. Punches and kicks were thrown and Phillip Adams is seen on CCTV footage throwing a chair at them before the group ran off.

"The whole incident inside and outside lasts less than four minutes," added Mr Dee.

"There are fortunately no reports of serious injuries."

Counsel for all 12 men asked for credit to be given to their clients for their guilty pleas and for the judge to take into account their individual roles in the violence.

Character references were also handed in on behalf of several of the defendants.

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  • bill2b  |  December 15 2013, 9:55PM

    Ashley Evans went to school with my son, he caused no end of trouble even then. Even the school said he would end up I prison, Good news imho

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  • craigwaites  |  December 15 2013, 8:48AM

    The police were busy harassing law abiding football supporters while this was going on. If they concentrated their efforts on hooligans rather than football fans then these incidents would not occur in the first place. Whatever happened to the short/sharp/shock of 28 days for the youngsters? That would've taught them their lesson without putting them on a criminal career path

    Rate   4
  • poker-face  |  December 14 2013, 2:36AM

    Luton match is high risk so where were the doorstaff insp.English demands & where the police? The group returned to the pub? so the police still weren't there? did the ritz"duty manager" not call the police? more questions than answers but i'm sure the Echo will investigate & let the public know the truth?

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  • Adrian1208  |  December 13 2013, 6:39PM

    3yrs is not 3yrs, they will serve less than half that. All act as tough man on the day, don't think they will today. The banning order should be for life. They don't support the sport at all

    Rate   -1
  • lteimp  |  December 13 2013, 4:41PM

    Sentences in Lincolnshire this week Man in 4 hour armed siege 3 years Man firebombed MP's ofice 15 months Conman robbed £140,000 2 years 4 months and a man attacks another with baseball bat 3 months suspended. 3 years sentence for these chaps 3 years!!!! reallly???? thats more than Stuart Hall for child abuse!! Whilst not condoning their actions it has the feeling of a Stalinist show trial where the Colonel Blimps of this world can go on about deterrents blah blah blah. Deterrent yes but justice NO.These sentences are not proportionate particularly as they all pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity .The justice system continues to ignore the defrauding bankers and rich tax avoiders and picks on easier targets I hope common sense prevails and they all appeal their sentences

    Rate   21
  • Bob_Ovett  |  December 13 2013, 3:33PM

    All remanded in custody? That's the East Anglian Patriots march off then.

    Rate   -5