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LIVE: Olympic Torch Relay in Lincoln - Day 2

By Barnaby_B  |  Posted: June 28, 2012

Comments (0) The Olympic Torch Relay continues in Lincoln today with a breakfast event at Lincoln Castle.More than 3,000 people will be attending the event which will host live cookery demonstrations as well as music and dance performances until 10am.The Torch begins its journey on Day 41 of the relay from Lincoln Cathedral at 7.52am before making its way through the grounds of Lincoln Castle.It then travels past the Grandstand in Carholme Road and out to Saxilby, before heading in Nottinghamshire.

Throughout the morning, we'll be following it live as it makes its way out of Lincoln.

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1,600 people watch Olympic Torch Relay pass through grounds of Lincoln Castle...

IN PICTURES: Olympic Torch Relay at Lincoln Castle...

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8.58am: That's it in Lincolnshire for now as the Torch is back in the convoy and heading for Darlton in Nottinghamshire. You can keep up with the live blog on This is Nottingham...

8.48am: Glen Keeble,42, from Sleaford in now carrying the Torch. He was knocked off his motorbike when he was 17 and lost his right arm, broke both legs, a rib and his neck in two places. When physically able, he did a sponsored run from Sleaford to Ruskington to raise money for Telby Hospital Ward in Lincoln and has since participated in many other charity events.

8.40am: The flame arrives in Saxilby and is being carried by Youth Parliament member Joseph Hayat, 19.

8.29am: The torch has now left Lincoln and is on its way to Saxilby.

8.25am: Jake Mason, 21, from Boston, now has the Torch. He qualified for The English Schools competition four times and the UK Games twice. In 2005, aged 14, Jake smashed the Under 15s Eastern Counties combined events record with five personal bests.

8.20am: The Torch enters its final stretch in Lincoln as it is carried along Carholme Road.

8.16am: 77-year-old Shirley Kay now takes hold of the flame. She has made a significant contribution to our local community by volunteering for the past twenty five years as a riding instructor for the Grimsby and Cleethorpes Riding for the Disabled Charity.

8.11am: Youth worker Dan Hargreaves, 35, from now picks up the Torch and continues down Yarborough Road. His passion for seeing young people grow and develop and to nurture youth in Lincoln is inspiring. Earlier this month he completed seven triathlons in one week to raise money for youth projects in the city. He is also a keen sportsman, having playing for Lincoln United for many seasons.

8.08am: Having made its way along Burton Road, the torch is now being carried down Yarborough Road in the hands of Team GB Olympic gymnast Sam Oldham.

8.00am: The flame passes to Deidre Miles, 59, from Retford. She is currently deputy chief commissioner for the Midlands area of Girl Guiding.

7.55am: Dot Fraser with the Torch in the Castle grounds

Picture: Suzy Maggie Aldridge @gingersuzal

7:52: Sprinter Dot Fraser, 75, from Wellington Athletic Club, begins the Torch relay today as she runs from Minster Yard to Lincoln Cathedral.

7.50: The Torch will begin its journey from Lincoln Cathedral shortly.

7.45: The convoy is making its way to the rear of Lincoln Castle.

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  • Adrian1208  |  June 28 2012, 6:32PM

    At last, "It's gone" what a load of rubbish that was! After all the excitement building up to the Olympic Flame, coming to Lincoln, I was expecting something spectacular, all we got was a load of road closures, a few fireworks, Band (that wasn't worth listening to) & of course the Red Arrows, that we can see most days of the week!!!! Why was there so many of the flame carriers, not from the Lincoln area? Not even from the County???? The best part of the two days was the reopening of all the roads.....

    |   -6
  • simonlincs  |  June 28 2012, 1:35PM

    Its about exciting as watching paint dry,I think most people just wanted to try and get on tv but look north let us down by hardly showing any footage from around the city centre !!!!!

    |   -6
  • TinnaT  |  June 28 2012, 12:32PM

    Barnaby b, Thank you, just felt he needed a bit more of a mention for all his good work past and present.

  • eatmygoal  |  June 28 2012, 11:15AM

    And he played for Lincoln United

    |   -1
  • Barnaby_B  |  June 28 2012, 11:01AM

    TinnaT, sorry, but this story is nothing to do with the Echo. I didn't have time to update everyone's achievements and stories as the Torch moves on so quickly, but I'll add Dan's details in now. Thanks.

  • TinnaT  |  June 28 2012, 10:25AM

    Tut Tut Lincolnshire Echo. Dan Hargreaves Youth worker, where were his achievements ?? No mention of his 7 triathlons last week for raising money for youth work. He was nominated for what he and the people he has worked with have achieved over the years he has been a youth worker. He brought children the chance to sing for their schools and to take part in lots of sports and dance activities. He is an inspiration for others to take up youth work.

    |   7
  • simonlincs  |  June 28 2012, 9:33AM

    I saw the 'look north' footage at the yarborough school and it looked pathetic,all they had was some crummy radio lincolnshire dj's and some local band,couldn't they have at least got a celebrity to compere the show,most of the people didn't seem to notice or care when the woman lit the flame and why wasn't this woman from lincoln but then they had some woman from scotland running the other day.Peter levy looked like he couldn't wait to get away but then how excited can you get about some nobody's running along with a torch,at least one celebrity would have made it slightlly interesting,basically its a huge waste of money !!!

    |   -16