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LIVE: Olympic Torch Relay in Lincolnshire

By Barnaby_B  |  Posted: July 04, 2012

Comments (0) The Olympic Torch Relay today returns to Lincolnshire for a fourth time.At 8.08am, it will arrive in Market Deeping before passing through Bourne, Spalding, Whaplode, Holbeach and Long Sutton.It will then make its way into Norfolk and continue towards the Olympic Stadium in London where it will mark the start of the Games on Friday, July 27.Keep up-to-date with the latest news and pictures with our live blog below...


11.36am That's it for Lincolnshire. The Torch is now on its way to King's Lynn. Catch up with all the links to related Olympic Torch Relay articles and galleries on This is Lincolnshire below. Thanks for joining us.

11.31am: Fiona Sheppard, 20, from Huntingdon, is next. She has spent the last two years volunteering at the Julian Trust Night Shelter in Bristol. She also volunteers for a project called Network that helps adults with Aspergers Syndrome.

11.31am: The Torch being carried through Long Sutton ...

Picture: Nigel Payne @nigelpayne

11.28am: The next torchbearer is Ian Groome, 54, from March.

11.25am: Alex Watson, 72, from Wells-next-the-Sea, is now carrying the Torch. Alex has recovered from prostate cancer, has chronic regional pain syndrome and last year recovered from a blocked artery in his leg. In 2011, he ran the London Marathon in a time of five hours, 24 minutes and 42 seconds to raise more than £3,000 for charity.

11.22am: First to carry the flame in Holbeach is Paulette Lewis.

11.12am: The Torch is now on the way to its final destination in Lincolnshire - Long Sutton - where the crowds are waiting.

11.07am: Ges Roulston, 56, from Bourne, is up next. He has dedicated much of his time to helping those with disabilities or who are less fortunate. He has also taken part in treks and marathons all over the world, including Kilimanjaro, London, New York and Berlin.

11.03am: Next to carry the flame is Jaqui Fairfax, 52, from Wimblington. She does two days voluntary work a week whilst running CUB - a rapidly expanding utility consultancy.

11.00am: Christian Dowen, 44, from Hunstanton, is next with the Torch. He has lived with Type 1 diabetes since he was four years old and his nomination says he is an inspiration to all kids with lifelong conditions.

10.58am: 18-year-old Thomas Evans, from Willoughby, takes over the Torch relay. Tom was born with a number of problems including ADHD, Aspergers syndrome, dyslexia and dyspraxia but, with the help of his adoptive parents and his four brothers and sisters, he is well-integrated into the local community and the grammar school which he attends.

10.56am: The Torch being carried through Holbeach ...

Picture: Jessica @jessM_s

10.55am: The first torchbearer in Holbeach is Mandy Woods, 49, from Spalding. She ran the 2011 London Marathon and raised £4,400 for Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance.

See below for earlier updates...


10:51am: Next stop for the Torch is Holbeach. Should be there in around five minutes.

10.45am: Chris Jones, 42, from Woodhall Spa takes over the flame from Jez.

10.42am The Torch now arrives in Whaplode and is carried by Jez Page, 51, from Grantham. He has run more than 100 marathons and many more half marathons and 10k's for charity.

10.36am: 12-year-old Kieron Green with the Torch in Moulton ...

10.35am Lots of chants of 'Kieron, Kieron, Kieron' from the crowds.

Picture: Alan Wilson @AlanWilson1970

10.34am: 12-year-old Kieron Green, from Wisbech, is the torchbearer in Moulton. He was diagnosed with diabetes when he was was four. He plays football for his local team and has learnt to cope with the dizziness and tiredness he suffers.

10:27am: The Torch is now on its way to Moulton.

10.24am: Spalding's own Thomas Giddings, 19, is the town's final torchbearer. He is a first responder of LIVES, runs a medical team which helps teach others first aid and trains with Air Ambulance in London when he can.

10.21am: David Asher, 30, from Great Gonerby, now gets his hand son the Torch. He has worked hard to achieve his dream of becoming a policeofficer, despite coming from a dysfunctional, deprived background. He also suffers from dysphyraxia.

10.18am: Amanda Scase, 29, is now carrying the Torch through her home town after a little dance with Shannon. She has been part of girlguiding for more than 20 years has recently taken guides to Russia. She was also Spalding's Citizen of the Year in 2009.

10:15am: The next torchbearer is Shannon Williams-Holland, 15, from Donington. She is a young carer who conducts awareness raising and partnership work with Action for Young Carers.

9.52am: The Olympic Torch Relay team takes a quick break in Spalding.

9.49am: Spalding torch bearer Charles Cattell with the flame...

Picture: Paul Hilliar ‏@PaulHilliar

9.48am: Charles Cattell, 67, from Wisbech, takes the flame. He has been a member, dedicated teacher and examiner of Wisbech and District Life Saving Club for 37 years.

9.43am: The next torchbearer is Danielle Smith, 21, from Grantham. She lost her leg below the knee in 2004, but has not let it stop her. She has even been swimming with the Team GB Olympic team in their training camp in Cyprus.

9.41am: Craig Sargent, 36, from Great Yarmouth, is next. He was discharged from the Royal Marines on the day he was due to 'pass out' due to medical issues. Deciding to prove them wrong, he regained his fitness and ran as a pastime, competing in the New York, Florida and London marathons. He also ran the gruelling Marathon Des Sables in 2011 for charity.

9.37am: Matt hands the flame over to 12-year-old Holly Sheffield from Suffolk.

9.35am: The Torch is now in Spalding and first up is Matt Newton, 16, from Peterborough. He has become an important asset to both Peterborough City Rowing Club and the City of Peterborough Swimming Club by providing his services at training as a coach and administrator for up to seven and a half hours a week for free.

9.20am: That's it for Bourne. The Torch is now on its way to Spalding.

9.17am: Bourne's final torchbearer is Daniel Dillon, 31, from Kent. He has taken on numerous charity fundraising events and recently cycled from London to Paris, raising more than £1,000 for Adecco's global charity cycling initiative, Win4Youth

9.15am: Nicholas Robinson, 19, is now carrying the Olympic Torch through Bourne.

9.13am: Richard Goodsell, 53, now carries the Torch. He runs circuit classes in Bourne, four times a week.

9.10am: Next to take the flame is 12-year-old Livii Warwood-Hart, a young middle distance runner who is determined to compete in the Olympics one day.

9.10am: The Torch being carried through Bourne...

Picture: Rebecca Wilshere @BeckaWil

9.08am: Oliver Mas, 15, from Cambridge, is the next torchbearer. He started volunteering on a local farm that was struggling to stay open when he was just eight years old and has done so for the last seven years.

9.04am: Lincoln's Victoria Ganley, 26, is the next torchbearer. She was diagnosed with Crohns disease when she was just 16. She has successfully completed the Great North Run but, in 2011, her large intestine was removed during a six-hour operation and is upset that she cannot run it this year.

8.59am: The first torchbearer in Bourne is 29-year-old Goldie Sayers. Goldie is one of Britain's leading field athletes and a sporting icon after achieving nine back-to-back national championships for javelin, making her British Number One for the past eight years.

8.56am: The Torch is back in the convoy and heading towards Bourne.

8.53am: The final torchbearer in Thurlby is Sarah O'Brien, 31, from Spalding. She runs for charity several times a year including the Great North Run this year and many Races for Life.

8.50am: Paul hands over the flame to Tracy Nicol, 48, from Spalding.

8.47am: The Torch is now passed to Paul Pester Hunter, 48, from Norwich.

8.45am: The Torch being carried through Thurlby ...

Picture: Zoë Parperis @zoeparp

8.41am: Willam's brother Robert, now takes over the relay. He has been chosen by his school to represent them with the Youth Sport Trust in Lincolnshire to attend Young People Leading the Way Conference 2011.

8.39am: William May, 14, from Brigg, now runs with the Torch. He's a twin and the younger of the two. There has always been healthy competition between them.

8.35am: Natalie Spires, 26, from Stamford is the first torchbearer in Thurlby. She co-founded a charity called Coopers for Cancer, set up after her sister dies from cancer at a young age.

8.29am: The Torch is now heading for Thurlby.

8.24am: Carl Garner, 41, from Peterborough, now has hold of the Torch. He runs a local boys football team and is always full of enthusiasm, energy, encouragment and passion. He is also chairman of Glinton United.

8.22am: Baston man Nick Rickett, 44, takes over the Torch relay. Nick is part of a group which raises funds to promote healthy activities.

8.19am: The next torchbearer in 14-year-old Sam Hills from Lowestoft. Sam missed months of school with glandular fever and ME and his absence left him isolated from his friends. The promising young sportsman battled back to health and broke the school record during a sponsored run to raise £50 for the school.

8.11am: The first torchbearer is Shirley Waller from Peterborough. Shirley is 78 years old and has been blind for 25 years. During this time she has been an active fundraiser for south Lincolnshire blind society and guide dogs.

8:10am: The Torch is greeted by a good crowd in Market Deeping, despite the rain.

8:00am: The Torch convoy is now leaving Peterborough and heading towards Market Deeping where the crowds are gathering.


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