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Lincoln 3 Hyde United 2 - full-time

By LeighCurtis  |  Posted: September 15, 2012

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A late goal from Vadaine Oliver snatched victory for Lincoln City this afternoon as they beat Hyde United in a five-goal thriller at Sincil Bank.

On an afternoon of high drama, Colin Larkin had given Lincoln a 1-0 lead at half-time with a goal from the penalty spot.

Hyde then hit back with a penalty of their own in the 64th minute when  Scott Spencer converted after Andrew Boyce had fouled David Poole.

But three minutes later Lincoln were back in front thanks to another penalty after Gary Mills was shoved in the box.

Phil Jevons then equalised with a clinical finish, but Oliver claimed all three points when he tapped in from close range.

Lincoln: Farman, Nutter, Boyce, Hutchison, Gray, Nicolau, Mills, Fofana, Sheridan, Larkin, Oliver.

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  • eatmygoal  |  September 20 2012, 9:38AM

    Bob, fear not, you never wind me up. You do more to defend the board than I ever could

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  • ChickenBob  |  September 19 2012, 9:32PM

    OK Nigel, you're right - I admit it - I am sad. After all, who else would post on here under numerous different names - even, on occasions in the past, posting totally contradictory opinions about the board, in order to spark controversy, or try to wind up eatmygoal just for the fun of it. Yep. You're right. I'm just an old, sad, frustrated chartered accountant.

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  • danny_imp  |  September 19 2012, 2:04AM

    Football is about opinions and peoples opinions on what they see is often very different. I for one believe we were good in the first half, some people agree and some don't but that is what football is about. 1 thing i think we will all agree on is that there is still plenty to be concerned about at OUR football club and the run of games we have coming up is daunting.

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  • Sweepclean  |  September 18 2012, 11:17PM

    On the right hand side of the pitch Gray at full back when he gets the ball he has no option but to either pass it square or lump it up to Oliver because Sheridan doesn't keep on the wing he moves into the centre alongside Oliver thus narrowing the width down and giving our full back no outlet to pass the ball to, or he runs 3 or 4 foot in front of his own full back also giving him no outlet to pass the ball into, when he should be galloping down the wing. When he did keep on the wing Sheridan put in two good centres into their box.

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  • nigelsparky  |  September 18 2012, 11:09PM

    Well chicken bob for someone who got bored and gave up with this thread days ago, I find it rather puzzling that you have decided not only read the posts, but make two further comments of your own! So who is "sad"? Anyway the debate was about the difference in opinions of how Lincoln played on Saturday,by people who attended the game, to which the stats of the game were bought up. These stats supported one side of the ensuing debate.Hence all the various posts by all us sad people, you included.

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  • ChickenBob  |  September 18 2012, 10:45PM

    PS ...and this isn't aimed at anyone in particular, but when people talk too much about statistics of a football game, I can't help getting the feeling that they weren't actually there on the day. When you attend a game you have an inherent inner 'feeling' whether things were good or not. Those people who rely on statistics too much raise my suspicions.

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  • ChickenBob  |  September 18 2012, 10:42PM

    I gave up reading these comments several days ago as it's just tooooo boring. There are only 4 statistics that matter (and the rest you can forget). 1) We won and therefore got 3 points 2) We also improved our goal difference by 1 goal 3) As a result of this, we moved up from 22nd position to 18th position 4) The club are still in a mess to the tune of zillions of pounds, but a win is better than a loss, so just be happy for at least one week Now please get a life you sad people.

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  • alltheseyears  |  September 18 2012, 6:20PM

    Lies , damned lies and statistics - who said that??? No more discussion about stats please - you'll sound like cricket supporters. I agree with Sparky that neither side dominated. I still like fact that we make more chances than last year but we still manage to miss em! I disagree a little in that Oliver I thought found another striped shirt more often than not. I defintely disagree thats its about possession at this level - most players simply aren't good enough and look for an outball. At this level runing into the channels is desperately needed to pressurise defenders into errors. I felt last season we didn't do that enough. I believe Hyde had 54% possession on Saturday (which suprised me) but only scored a farcical (but well taken ) goal and a penalty. Different from last year is that we have several potential goalscorers. Yes our players do need to "look after" the ball better than they did on Saturday as you say Sparky but if they look after it too well we seem to go backwards towards our own goal (and often as not lose it. So I do think theres a place for an educated "lump" forward with a willing AND QUICK forward like Connor Robinson. And I do think Nicolae (spelling) has made a difference because he balances the side even though regrettably he has no pace. He I believe gets more crosses in than Sheridan who always seems nervous about going forward. He certainly "reads" a game far better than most (and thank goodness means we have left footers on the left!) Bore was alot better than last year and actually loked quite spedy a couple of times (yes I was surprised at that too) and appears to have lost some weight but he doesn't read the game. Neil Warnock once referred to 4th Division footballers as they're not very good at remembering what they are s'posed to do on a Saturday. And we're in the fifth Divison so is it any wonder we despair at times when players don't seem to read the game. Last season many of them seemed to be athletes aho happen to play footie cos its an easy living.

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  • nigelsparky  |  September 18 2012, 3:41PM

    My sentiments exactly Eatmygoal. I'm not going to say anymore on the stats subject other than where we, the fans, sit in the stands, it would be impossible to judge if every shot was on target or not. On Saturday Lincoln did not boss or dominate the game, as has been suggested by some. The defence did not look particularly strong, as we conceded a penalty by panicking, when composure was needed, and the second goal was just, well, comical. Oliver did well winning the flick on, which more often than not, went straight to one of the defenders or through to the keeper, thus giving possession away. I saw too many balls being played aimlessly by the fullbacks, bypassing the midfield, into the "channels" again giving possession away. Possession is key. When you have possession, you control the game, that is when you can rest, and of course, the opposition cannot score. It is as simple as that! So our players need to "look after" the ball better than they did on Saturday, if they can do this, then our fortunes will change.

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  • danny_imp  |  September 18 2012, 3:20PM

    I also believe that we will struggle against the best sides in this league, we need to get at least 4 points from Saturday at tamworth and home to nuneaton as the following four fixtures are: Forest Green away Luton home Mansfield away Wrexham away I dont know about anybody else but if we dont' get anything from the next 2 i will be very worried looking at those fixtures. Nevertheless if we can somehow get 6 points and go into those games with confidence "who knows?"

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