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Lincoln City 1 Luton Town 2 - full-time

By LeighCurtis  |  Posted: October 06, 2012

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Two defensive errors proved costly for Lincoln City as they crashed to defeat against promotion hopefuls Luton Town at Sincil Bank.

The Imps nearly broke the deadlock midway through the first half when Mark Tyler saved brilliantly from Adam Smith.

But Paul Farman fumbled Andre Gray's cross over the line in the 28th minute to gift Luton the lead.

Jon Shaw was then left totally unmarked to put Luton further ahead just after the break.

But a stunning effort from Jamie Taylor reduced the deficit to give Lincoln hope of a draw.

However, they could not find a way through as Luton maintained the pressure on the leading pack at the summit of the Blue Square Bet Premier.

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  • eatmygoal  |  October 10 2012, 9:55AM

    Oop, still stuck on the PR thing are we? I don't always disagree with you and I believe last week we were reading from the same sheet. With the GB matter, you have supposed something and made it fact. I was offering an alternative view, and you threw your toys out because you can't deal with someone holding a different opinion. As or why you are now not posting as George, probably because you got confused with the accounts. At first Chicken Bob was meant to be a parody of Bob Dorrian but you slipped and posted under the wrong name and have now carried on with Chicken Bob, leaving GeorgeGordon and GeorgeGordon1 redundant for now. I know it is a big if but given that a) you have the same writing style and b) one started as the other faded, it is about there. Like Superman, you never see him and Clarke in the same room. It doesn't really matter what you post under, but does add an irony when you accuse me of being a multiple account PR man when I haven't the time or the inclination.

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  • ChickenBob  |  October 09 2012, 8:34PM

    Eatmy-PR-person-posing-as-a-supporter - don't know why you have to attack everything I say, regardless of what I say. As I've explained many times, I actually think we should give DH a chance. I prefer him to the two previous incumbents of the position and I think he needs a little longer yet (...but am open-minded enough to change that position if things haven't improved by Xmas). I personally don't think it's fair to force GB's influence onto DH (which IS what happened on Saturday, trust me) and DH needs to be left to make his own decisions on his own terms. He will live or die by those decisions. As a Chairman you have to choose to either trust your manager 100 per cent, or sack them altogether - not interfere with the way they choose to do things. Having said all the above, I have a suspicion that Bob (and this is meant as a complement) might have been more astute than we gave him credit for by this move. If he does have to leave, then surely better for DH to get fed-up and resign rather than pay yet more compensation to ex-managers. Final point, you keep calling me George. IF (big IF) I really was the person you refer to, then you need to ask the question why I am not now posting on this site under that name.

  • nigelsparky  |  October 09 2012, 7:37PM

    Maybe you're right, maybe you're not, time will tell eatmygoal. Paranoia in football management is rife though.

  • eatmygoal  |  October 09 2012, 4:17PM

    So DH is worried about being replaced by the man who has not interest in the job, has turned it down before and didn't apply? Paranoid or what. I am going to take the view, crazy as this is. I sometimes wonder whether football fans are the sole people who populate the recent trainline.co.uk ad where someone says something fairly benign and everyone goes into a total frenzy and panic about it. From learning that GB is working with DH we have got to the stage where DH is scared for his job and they don't get on, all by guess work.

  • nigelsparky  |  October 09 2012, 3:39PM

    Hecky Imp that is the way football is, and I'm pretty sure you would be uncomfortable working alongside someone that you felt was a threat to your position, and ultimately, could replace you. I don't think that is at all childish.

  • MITCHIMP  |  October 09 2012, 3:37PM

    I haven't been to a game since the home match against Macclesfield, I'm not purposefully running a personal stay away campaign and should be up the bank in the next week or so but can someone please tell me, are we still using that garbage long ball tactic as plan A and from what I saw plan B too??? Now don't get me wrong, you can have success with the long ball game. Look at the messiah Big Keef (rest his soul), he wasn't against a bit of hump and lump to the big men. The difference was he knew when and where to use it. Secondly, Keef got the best out of what he had, by god he did!! I don't think anyone will disagree that he was one of the best man managers/ motivators going, damn right he was! I cannot possibly comment on DH and his man management skills.... Now this is not a Holdsworth bashing exercise and credit where it's due, he has come in at a very difficult time for reasons well documented. He kept us up last year, has done a fire-fighting job for the board and cleared the squad of what was needed to be, on the boards behalf etc. I think it needed a DH type character to come in, get his head down and do this but this is as far as I think he can take us. No shame in that, a platform is now there to a greater degree for someone to take us on to the next level, promotion contenders in this league. I know managers the like of big Keef don't grow on trees, in fact us Imps were down right spoiled with him. I don't have the answer to who a new manager should be but someone a bit more modern thinking in every sense, tactically sharper and the ability to draw the best from those he works with are qualities that need to be in the mix.

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  • Hecky_imp  |  October 09 2012, 3:00PM

    Nigelsparky, while I do not disagree with your comments that Holdsworth may not be over the moon with GB being involved, if this is the case both men need to grow up and act like adults and not schoolboys. The Board need to bang their heads together and tell them to do the job they are paid to do and that is produce a successful City team!

    |   2
  • nigelsparky  |  October 09 2012, 2:46PM

    Having seen mansfield in action a couple of times this season, I think there is every chance that we could win. In the games I saw, their back line on show in both games, were dreadful. However that said they were impressive going forward. On the GB, DH front, I happen to think that Holdsworth may not be over the moon with GB being involved. Remember GB has been caretaker manager, and for me Holdsworth won't like his involvement one bit, as he will see him as a threat to his own position. Cast your minds back to Sutton's appointment? The caretaker manager was one Simon Clarke, and what happened to him? Clarke was sacked pretty much straight away.

  • danny_imp  |  October 09 2012, 11:44AM

    I hope i am wrong but i predict 0 points from the next 3 games starting tonight, if that turns out to be the case then we will be bottom of the league in 2 weeks time. When the players step onto the pitch both they and the management team have my full support but something seriously has to change. If we fin ourselves rooted at the bottom then Holdsworth has to go!

    |   1
  • Hecky_imp  |  October 09 2012, 10:40AM

    Well said Franky 68! As for ChickenBob I did not say DH and GB are a "Dream Management Team" I said I thought they could be a successful team if they worked together!!! I personally do not think GB is the answer to take over from DH but he is doing a great job with the Youth Team, and well done to him but for me we must use what knowledge and experience we have in DH and GB to get what is best for LCFC and that is for both of them to work TOGETHER!!

    |   6