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Lincoln City boss Gary Simpson not ready to 'gamble' on talented youngsters

By DMarshall__LE  |  Posted: December 13, 2013

Gary Simpson is not ready to throw in the club's talented youngsters

Gary Simpson is not ready to throw in the club's talented youngsters

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Gary Simpson has ruled out throwing any of Lincoln City’s talented youth team strikers into Skrill Premier action despite his senior side’s lack of goals.

The Imps boss, though, has admitted there are one or two young players who are in the thoughts of himself and assistant boss Grant Brown, but says he would not want to put them under too much pressure too soon.

The Youth team served up a 5-0 thrashing against Wigan in the Youth Alliance Cup with two goals each for Alex Simmons and Matt Cotton. But, while Simpson claims he has no problem in blooding young players if they are ready, he will not be doing that in the near future.

“It’s difficult with the youth team,” said Simpson. “I have had a meeting with Roger Bates who looks after them because they have got one or two players now and we are asking how we should bridge the gap for the youngsters who are not quite ready.

“We are trying to bridge that gap with one or two of them now. Simmo (Alex Simmons) has gone to Lincoln United and has done really well off the bench and then they have started him. We have one or two, I’m not saying they are ready now but they are certainly in our thoughts.

“I am a big believer in young players. I played a 15-year-old player against Bolton in the FA Cup and I played a 16-year-old, Elliot Hewit, who ended up going to Ipswich.

“If they are good enough it makes no difference to me how old they are and it is something we have looked at. When we have 11 v 11 in training we do pull some of them in to have a look at them. It gives us a gauge to where they are.

“I think it would be wrong to gamble on any of them at the moment. You can easily destroy a young kid and I am conscious of that, but if we were on a good run and the team were in a better place, if there were one or two ready we might consider giving them half an hour. I’m all for that.”

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  • nigelsparky  |  December 15 2013, 10:32PM

    I would actually argue that scouting is that good to be honest EMG.More about who you know in the game mate,which is why you see so many former player's sons getting a chance. How many more trials will Beckham's lad get? If you had ever tried to get a trial for your lad at one of the top sides, then you'll know It's nigh on impossible unless you know someone in the game. As for former youth products going on from a club like this one, it will always be difficult,especially when they never get played. How are they supposed to get on? How are they supposed to catch the eye? They are never given a chance. They may get loaned out to some Mickey Mouse level, which is absolutely pointless IMO, as the old saying goes, "the better players you play with and against, the better you become". A lot of the the time finances dictate whether a manager will keep them on or not, and with the limited budget such as ours, the manager will prefer to go with "tried and tested journeymen", which sometimes works, although more often than not, doesn't. I actually think that the FA need to act, and make it compulsory that every professional club that has a youth set up, must have an Under 21 team. No player is the finished article at 18, yet most end up on the scrap heap at that age.

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  • eatmygoal  |  December 14 2013, 12:47AM

    How much time did Hobbs get before his move? And Loach? The worry for me is scouting is so good now that the good youth products are hoovered up before they get to our first team. And we have had this argument before so I won't labour the point, but how many players have left us without playing, been released and made it big? Or even those who played, Hutchinson? Mettam? Clarke (who had games), Trout? There is Mayo, Freck, Huckerby, Carbon in my time that went big (ish). But no one that a manager ignored who has been pro, or very few at best. All very well saying have tezzers and do it sat behind your key board but lose a game or two with tactics that people don't like and there messages boards drip with bile. Don't play someone like Fofana instead of young Jordan and the message boards speak openly of your P45. It goes for all managers. You have are only ever 3 games from the words "clueless" "inept" "sack". Wind back to the start of the season and one of the greatest managers of the prem, Wenger, is under pressure because he lost a game and didn't sign people instantly. Now it had all gone quiet

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  • alltheseyears  |  December 14 2013, 12:09AM

    Living off memories. Deep work-related psychological difficiencies. Footballers and their managers believe they are under pressure! Have they tried holding down a boring 9 to 5 job or worked underground? I doubt it.

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  • tourism56  |  December 13 2013, 6:38PM

    I'm not a great one for regularly swapping managers, but GS's negativity is making me think he's not up to he task. After the Gateshead match he bemoaned 'we can only do what we can do with the people we have got'. Wrong Gary. You can get more out of the people you have got. And you can use your people in different, more positive formations and systems. You seem incapable of either. We have 7 or 8 forwards, who are your 'people' Gary (you signed them!) but you persist in one up front, even at home. I would rather get beat 3-2 having a go than lose 1-0 showing no attacking intent. When we were in the play off places we dared to believe our early season form might last and we hoped our fortunes were on the rise. But now there is a feeling of horrible inevitability that we are heading for yet another relegation battle. So please stop the drift Gary. Find your positive head, pep up the players and vary the system. UTI

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  • nigelsparky  |  December 13 2013, 1:47PM

    Not just young players that make mistakes EMG, plenty of so called "experienced" players make them too. I understand where you're coming from regarding managers reluctance to play youngsters, for fear of getting the sack, but that's when they need to grow a pair of b**** and just do it. Like all teams, you need that balance, however a club like this one, needs to be bringing through youngsters, not only for the first team, but for financial gain. You never know, we could just be sat on a real prospect, but until the manager plays them, they haven't got a hope in hell. As a footnote, how many other businesses do we know that train youngsters, and then once they've served their apprenticeship/training, keep them locked up and not let them out to do the job they've been trained for?

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  • eatmygoal  |  December 13 2013, 12:35PM

    Young players tend to need time and be allowed to make mistakes. Managers don't get time. Some fans only give a manager 3 games before calling for the sack

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  • nigelsparky  |  December 13 2013, 11:57AM

    Absolute drivel GS. If you are such a big protagonist of playing products of our youth system etc, then why did you release 2 at the end of last season, (one of which was and is showing great promise) without ever seeing them play competitive football, and only give another a paltry 6 month deal! You are like the majority of managers and coaches in this country GS, too scared to play young lads, treating them like "skivvy's" . That is why so many of them become disillusioned,and fall out of the game.

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  • Camboimp  |  December 13 2013, 10:59AM

    You just have to look at the youth that has come through the ranks at Cambridge . Simmo doesn't seem to have any ambition or gamble in him at all .

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  • franky68  |  December 13 2013, 9:36AM

    From what I saw at Gainsborough in the county cup, the youth used in that game are far far better than half of the players Simpson has signed.And look at Tony Simmon's lad, on loan at Lincoln Utd and scoring for fun, both he and young Cotton scored 2 a piece There is also a very good prospect in young Calum Ward to go in at left back, and free Newton up the left, and he can also play an interchanging role with the youngster.But apart from that there is a very good team at this club if only he mixed his better players along with the lads he retained from Holdsworths players. Come on wake up come on boys

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  • Whiley45  |  December 13 2013, 9:14AM

    Teenagers have played with huge success in the Premiership so why is the Conference so different?

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