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Lincoln Premier of 'Into The Wind'

By YJAcademy  |  Posted: June 06, 2012

Film Director Steven Hatton of Electric Egg

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The Drill Hall in Lincoln played host to the premier of a local filmmaker's latest award-winning films and I was privileged to be invited by the Director, Steven Hatton. Both films gave the viewer an informative and emotional insight into the feelings and memories of firstly a Kindertransport survivor and airmen from Bomber Command, both about the Second World War. Yet both of these documentaries were done in a different and fresh style, both without a narrator and letting the interviewee tell the story.

The first film named Heilig told the story of a Jewish child from Austria when the Nazis took control of the country, the story as both interesting and moving as the man explained his story and what happened to those closest to him. It also gave a remarkable look into the Kindertransport, which saved the lives of many Jewish children in Nazi controlled countries.

The second film is named Into the Wind, yet unlike most film and documentaries about the airmen of World War Two it is not a tale of bravery, courage and patriotism, instead it focuses on the feelings and emotions of the men who fought in the air. Seeing the events from Bomber Command from the perspective of the men who actually were involved changes your views completely and you learn about completely different outlooks of the events, which took place in the Second World War.

Though thoroughly enjoyable the films convey the clear untainted feelings and emotions of men who may not have opened up to anyone about the events of the war, making these films very powerful and moving to watch.

I was also lucky enough to catch an interview with Steven Hatton and a veteran of Bomber Command, Alan McDonald, who served as a Flight Sergeant in the war.

For more information visit the Into the Wind website  and click here to see a YouTube video of the interview.

Cai, Year 9

Carre's Grammar Newsroom


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