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Lincoln offer new deals to just three players as mass exodus begins

By This is Lincolnshire  |  Posted: May 11, 2011

Lincoln City captain Delroy Facey has been released.

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​LINCOLN CITY have offered new deals to Danny Hone, Luke Howell and Andy Hutchison but will allow every other member of their first-team squad to leave Sincil Bank. 

Following the Imps' relegation from League Two last weekend, manager Steve Tilson has begun a huge cull of players.

Joe Anyon, Josh O'Keefe and Adam Watts - all contracted at Sincil Bank for next season - have been told they can leave on free transfers.

The other two contracted players, wingers Mustapha Carayol and Gavin McCallum and midfielder Ali Fuseini, can leave if a club makes an acceptable offer to City.

Those out of contract who have been allowed to leave are Joe Anderson, Drewe Broughton, Jamie Clapham, Delroy Facey, Paul Green, Cian Hughton, Patrick Kanyuka, Clark Keltie and Scott Spencer.

More to follow.

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    Jerry Golding, Heighington  |  May 12 2011, 8:23PM

    I've read most of these posts, but feel the whole story isn't there . I'm as stunned as anyone for City being relegated . Everyone is calling fault at each other ,but getting nowhere , Now there has been a clear out of the team I believe the board should look at another way of running the club. From what I can see is that a community club doesn't really work. there should be a major shareholder not 5or6 equal members, keep the community shareholders as an extra income or something like that . We've got to remember there are still money teams in the BSP and professional teams not like the last time .

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    Isambard, Brunel  |  May 12 2011, 8:23AM

    On twitter last night Cian Hughton said that he had something else on that the club knew about which was why he didn't turn up. Found out his situation from the website. Questions: How does this work? For most people finding out who is being offered another year's contract would be just about the highest priority in their life other than family illness. Other than that I can only assume that he already knew what was coming. Up the Imps

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    Rodney, Lincoln  |  May 12 2011, 8:23AM

    Good to see you Andy Hutchinson get a new contract, hopefully he will get a chance in the 1st team and show what he can do, hes a Lincoln Lad and will probably have more heart and passion than most of the team, Up the Imps

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    Rob, Birchwood,Lincoln  |  May 12 2011, 2:05AM


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    Rob, Birchwood,Lincoln  |  May 12 2011, 2:03AM

    Can't wait to see who we sign in the summer, really can't make any guesses, don't know the BSP that well tbh. Agree with 99% of released list but would have kept Anyon and Josh or Clark. I'm sldo quite surprised we kept Howell, wasn't that impressive in L2. Agree with most of you, Patulea, Gowling etc but let's think realistically of the wages side, neither is going to drop down a league and take a heck of a paycut. Imagine if u were a managing director and the boss came in and went want to be Sales Assistant again, wouldn't work. we need to be looking BSP and lower really, however Tilly knows the non-league circle well. Dorrian i really am split with, he's so moody and not ambitious at all!!! Interesting that not alot of players came in to find out their future, Could be the way of Tilly's management. All i can say is clever Scott Kerr, moved closer to home but maybe.... saw it coming?!!!! UTI and hopefully we can jump back straight from this, much love

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    Gary, Lincoln  |  May 12 2011, 12:24AM

    Its hard to understand the attack on steff wright and other board members, there maybe 1 or 2 board members that have other interests at heart but im here to deal with the real issue as to why we are in the BSP. At 3 o'clock on a saturday bob dorrian, steff wright and others are sat in the directors box. Not on the pitch. We employed these players to do a job and they failed miserably !!! JOE ANDERSON has the footballing ability of a headless chicken, ADAM WATTS makes more mistakes than your average MP on his expenses sheet, JOE ANYON has his hands replaced with flumps before a game. GAVIN McCALLUM runs untill he hits the advertising boards, ALBERT JARRETT has the attitude of a sulky teenage girl who has had her mobile phone taken off of her. ALI FUSEINI resembles a sloth whoose been on the pop all day. JOSH OKEEFE means well but is actually only interested in the full time whislte so he can get the hell out of there. MOSES SWAIBU'S legs werent attached to his spine. PATRICK KANYUKA makes JOE ANDERSON look good ( and hes the worst player ever seen in a LCFC shirt ), MUSTAPHA CARAYOL has talent but musthava ambition to match. I thought DELROY FACEY and ASHLEY GRIMES gave us something but ultimatley the other players attitutdes rubbed off on DELROY and he decided that the club captain should turn his back and walk away from the club and its fans. So yes the board and managment team employed theese so called professionals but why when they took there wages and commited to play for LCFC as professional footballers did they TREAT THIS FOOTBALL CLUB and its history with nothing but contempt and a total lack of respect ? Some of the above players just lacked tallant but had it at some point ( i would hope). But the likes of MOSES SWAIBU. BEN HUTCHINSON, ALBERT JARRETT, MUSTAPHA CARAYOL ect are all sanoymimous with young modern footballers who have no grip of what it means to be a decent human being or a sense of responsibility. Watch out you lot what comes around goes around !!!!!

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    James, Wilts  |  May 12 2011, 12:16AM

    Hereford have released Patulea. Tilson should seriously consider trying to bring him back the bank. Not many players could generate enthusiasm and sell season tickets as well as him. Get him here, make sure everyone knows he's here and see what happens.

  • Profile image for This is Lincolnshire
    rob, welton  |  May 11 2011, 11:57PM

    i have a different view to most. i personally would have kept more players. history tends to show that when a team is relegated, provided that a good part of a team remains, they offer a better challenge in the lower league. not always, i admit. for me, green should stay as captain. we need passion. pity kerr left. i think anyon is fine in conference and really should have played on his return. i agree with others about clapham. carayol as well. i might have kept o'keefe or keltie, only because they could do well in the conference. UTI

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    Bored, Of Ranters  |  May 11 2011, 11:06PM

    Interesting. Hykeham taking over the debate and all against the board and all in favour of that French bloke taking over. Very confident.

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    Lincoln Codhead, Lincoln  |  May 11 2011, 10:40PM

    I'm a season ticket holder and a shareholder (minor holding) at Grimsby Town FC. I live in Lincoln and have done for 20 years.I was at the match on Saturday with my son and nephew (both Mariners supporters). The Imps lack of progress over the last 2-3 years mirrors that what happened at Grimsby. The match on Saturday confirmed that too many players (if not all) had no desire to play for Lincoln City. There was no leadership on the field and no commitment whatsoever and generally it was a very poor show indeed. This group of players would not survive the Blue Square Premier. Make no mistake there are no easy games in the BSP as the Mariners found out this last season. The Manager and the Board have a difficult job to do and a complete rebuild is certainly required. On a brighter note, I look forward to the derby games with Lincoln next season and what a pity Boston were unable to join us both. Good luck for the coming season - you're going to need it!! Up the Mariners Lincoln Codhead