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'Loathsome' Gainsborough man bragged of cooking friend's cat in microwave

By Lincolnshire Echo  |  Posted: January 12, 2012

Guilty: Paul Henry

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A "loathsome" man who cooked a friend's cat to death in a microwave has been jailed for six months.

Paul Henry, 45, from Gainsborough, then boasted about what he had done to his then girlfriend in a text message that read: "Claire, just cooking Andy's cat. En route."

The cat's owner Andrew Parsons, 38, had left friends Henry and Phillip Mathers at his apartment, also in Gainsborough, at 4.30pm on July 26, last year.

On his return from work four hours later Mr Parsons found his beloved black and white cat, Suzie, dead in his microwave.

Significant damage had been caused to the property, including the smashing of Mr Parsons' television, with the words "Menu. Fried cat. £1.20" written on the kitchen wall.

District Judge John Stobart described Henry's actions as "brutal", "sadistic" and "the worst case of animal cruelty".

Lincoln Magistrates' Court heard how Henry attempted to pin the crime on Mr Mathers.

While Mr Mathers admitted taking liquidised amphetamine in the bathroom and stealing Mr Parsons' electric razor, he claimed to have left the property before the cat was cooked. He was charged with cruelty to an animal and criminal damage but was later acquitted.

Passing sentence, Judge Stobart said: "Mr Henry actively pursued to shift the blame of this appalling act on to Mr Mathers who, I'm sure won't mind me saying, is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

"There is no credible evidence which places Mr Mathers in the flat at the time of this despicable act. However, the evidence that Mr Henry was there is overwhelming.

"He has shown a lack of consistency throughout this process and what is of crucial importance are the text messages he sent to his then girlfriend."

Passing the maximum sentence law would allow, Judge Stobart added: "I can't think of a worse case of animal cruelty. You have acted in a manner that is loathsome."

Within an hour of Mr Parsons leaving his flat to undertake a gardening job, Henry had sent two texts to his then girlfriend which suggested the ordeal was already under way.

Giving evidence during the trial, an emotional Mr Parsons explained: "I noticed my light fitting had been pulled down and that there was glass on the floor. I then walked into the kitchen and found my cat's remains in the microwave. I was sickened and distraught."

Mr Henry also received a life-long ban on keeping animals.

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  • MMAFighter  |  September 11 2014, 5:49PM

    He should've received between 144 - 240 weeks in prison. This is in extreme case of animal abuse and the maximum sentence of what the law allows, and this an extreme case. Also, a *10,000 fine due to it being the pet of a different owner. Yes, this really can be enforced.

  • Acdc13  |  January 19 2012, 10:56PM

    This man would love ppl to think he's is mentally unstable but he knows perfectly well what he is doing the list of disgusting voilent things this man has done is endless he's already on re Ann for attempted murder

  • Adrian1208  |  January 14 2012, 3:06PM

    Gnome_Chomsky, Yes I do know, probably far more than you!! I've put down what I think of this person along with 95% of what the population would think, 6mths in prison means out on a tag within 6 to 8 weeks, & yes I do think he may be deranged, mentally. I am afraid I am not no superhero, I think you've been watching to many children's cartoons??

    |   -1
  • Gnome_Chomsky  |  January 14 2012, 12:25AM

    Adrian 1208 - Do you know anything at all? He could go to Rampton, be deemed medically well, and released. Is that what you want? I'm sure you are a superhero and would go and sort him out (NOT). Grow up.

    |   1
  • Adrian1208  |  January 13 2012, 10:13PM

    Let's hope this despicable man gets what he quiet rightly deserves in prison. I find it very hard to believe that a grown man of 45yrs of age could even think of doing such a thing. Did the Judge have a look at his Mental Capacity as I think this man needs locking up in a mental institution, Rampton Hospital. This man is quiet clearly, Deranged & that's an understatement!!!!!!!! I am not an animal lover by the way...........

    |   -1
  • Stu1027  |  January 13 2012, 12:48AM

    For pity sake. Just when you think you've seen it all.

    |   1
  • Leaflet Distribution Lincolnshire  |  January 12 2012, 6:14PM

    People that deliberately hurt animals should get the same sentence as someone that does it to a human.

    |   2
  • vpire  |  January 12 2012, 2:24PM

    What they've missed on this article, is that he will be able to appeal the ban within a year.

  • Roadscource  |  January 12 2012, 1:31PM

    "Passing sentence, Judge Stobart said: "Mr Henry actively pursued to shift the blame of this appalling act on to Mr Mathers who, I'm sure won't mind me saying, is not the sharpest knife in the drawer." What an utterly stupid and irrelevant statement. Has the summing up statement become some part of an in house running joke like using song titles in giving evidence in court? What about a restraining order banning him from being in a house occupied by any animal, or a 100 yards curfew.

  • Lincolnshep  |  January 12 2012, 12:11PM

    Six months isn't enough. He's clearly dangerously deranged.