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Mosque and supermarket breach city planning rules

By Lincolnshire Echo  |  Posted: July 27, 2011

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THE proposed Boultham Dairy site development in Lincoln would be totally contrary to the city's own planning policies.

The site falls within an area that Policy 67A of the City of Lincoln Local Plan (CLLP), the definitive development plan for the city, has designated for B1 use only.

A business use is defined as "an office other than as an office where services are provided principally to visiting members of the public; for research and development of products or processes; or for any industrial process which can be carried out in a residential area without detriment to the amenity of that area".

Nowhere do I see that the Lincolnshire Co-operative Society Ltd, or any other body, is exempt from the provisions of the CLLP.

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Certainly not a supermarket, mosque or even housing constitutes B1 use.

CLLP Page 163 8.30 says: "Separate and adequate central and non-central locations for shopping developments have been identified by this Plan (see Chapter 9 "Shops"). Retail uses on the allocations made by this policy will be resisted because, once established, they downgrade the quality of that location in the eyes of business, industrial, etc, concerns, because of the number of people and amount of traffic they attract".

It is obvious that both supermarket and mosque would attract large numbers of people and large amounts of traffic and that, given parking for 140 cars is planned, neither of these is proposed for the benefit of the local community.

We also seriously doubt that even this parking would be adequate, certainly longer term, for the numbers visiting the site.

Traffic is bad enough now, without adding to it.

The supermarket would be visited throughout the day.

At the mosque, at major worship services we could also expect up to 100 cars coming and going all at the same time.

What would happen when Dixon Street and/or Boultham Park Road and/or Boultham Avenue were closed for roadworks or an RTA – as is inevitable at some time?

Boultham Avenue would also again become more of a "rat-run".

The Town and Country Planning Act 1990 states that there should be: "a presumption in favour of development proposals which are in accordance with the development plan. An applicant who proposes development which is clearly in conflict with the development plan would need to produce convincing reasons why the plan should not prevail".

Lincolnshire Co-operative wants to sell the land. Lidl wants to build a supermarket on the site. The Muslim community wants a new mosque, a wish with which I sympathise. The developer wants to build housing.

But none of these is a "convincing reason" why the development plan should not prevail.

Otherwise, anyone could build whatever they wanted, wherever they wanted, regardless of local or national planning policy.

And the proposed development is also contrary to national policy, including Planning Policy Statement PPS4.

Further, the supermarket would look completely out of place and nor would the mosque architecture sit easily within this largely residential area.

This development would, undoubtedly, irrevocably change the character of the neighbourhood.

I return to Policy 67A, also 65A (CLLP). The development would be greatly to the detriment of the amenity of the area and local residents.

How can the council possibly consider approval of this planning application, which so clearly contravenes its own and national planning policy?

JEAN FLANNERY Chairman, Boultham Residents Association.

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  • wotnotme  |  July 27 2011, 11:09PM

    I'm not denying anyone's right to a place of worship. I'm not denying anyone's right to shop in a supermarket or live in a house. All of those are planned for this site. Of course things change - but change should be in line with planning policies and I AM against anyone driving a coach and horses through those and riding roughshod over people's rights. If you want to believe that is just an excuse to stop a mosque being built, that is YOUR right. It certainly isn't the truth. I'm sorry your neighbouring housing was turned into student bedsits. We too have local housing turned into bedsits, some of course let to students. But that hasn't contravened planning policy. This development would.

  • saddletramp2  |  July 27 2011, 8:11PM

    Please give it a rest ,they have as much right to a place of worship as anyone else just because it is on your doorstep you are making any excuse to stop it happening.Your neighbourhood is no different to anyone else's and things change . If you don't like what is happening around you do as i did when neighbouring residential housing was turned into student bedsits MOVE house.Problem solved