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Mosque and supermarket plans for Lincoln get go-ahead

By EchoNewsdesk  |  Posted: October 24, 2011

  • The old Boultham Park Dairy site in Lincoln

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A SCHEME to build a mosque and housing on the site of the old Boultham Park Dairy in Lincoln has won outline planning permission.

Lincolnshire Co-operative Society, which owns the land, has also been granted full planning permission so that Lidl supermarket can relocate there from St Mark’s, creating between 15 and 20 jobs.

About 140 car parking spaces are proposed for the site. The supermarket and mosque will be accessed via Dixon Street and the housing via Boultham Park Road.

The Islamic Association of Lincoln is now looking to submit a more detailed plan for its place of worship.

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Members of the City of Lincoln Council’s planning committee this evening voted eight-to-two in favour of the hybrid application.

A number of objections were received from members of the public in relation to the application. Many of these stated that any use other than light industry or business would be contrary to the Local Plan.

However, while the Local Plan supports the principle of using the site for business and industry, it does not restrict development of the site to those uses alone, therefore the application does not contradict with local planning policy.

Importantly, no harm to the amenity of local residents or highway safety was demonstrated from the development. The site will change in character from its current vacant state, but the impact of the proposed mix of uses did not in any way warrant refusing planning permission.

Councillor Peter West, chairman the City of Lincoln Council’s planning committee, said: "It is the opinion of the committee that the mixed use scheme proposed by Lincolnshire Co-op on this site is appropriate. Before coming to its conclusion, the committee considered the views of statutory consultees and professional advice that the impact in terms of traffic generation, impact on residential amenity and flood risk – especially when compared to the impact of the dairy that once stood on the site – would be acceptable.

"The committee carefully considered the views and concerns expressed by local residents, but did not consider that the development would cause harm that could warrant the refusal of planning permission.

"It’s important that we take the opportunity to develop sustainable brownfield sites like this. The development will provide much needed housing for the city and further the retail offer in the area, as well as potentially giving our Muslim community a permanent place of worship, for which they have been waiting a long time."

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  • desmosedici  |  October 17 2012, 12:26AM

    I oppose the mosque absolutely. I am not insecure, a racist, an islamaphobe or anything else you may wish to lable me. Islam will not integrate like all the other religions. Its avowed intent is to make this country an islamic state. This country is a democracy with freedom of movement and speech as its cornerstones. Islam is totally counter to democracy so on those grounds alone I don't want a mosque in Lincoln and all the friction that will follow. To all muslims I say this; If you want to live an islamic life then exercise your right to leave and take up residence in an established islamic country.

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  • ukexpat44  |  April 25 2012, 9:51AM

    @ukexpat123 ahh, nice to see a good measured educated thought out response in answer to my comment on your ignorance, you make the point beautifully. a new cathedral (its called a cathedral but its not much bigger than a normal church) opened in Morocco 9 months ago, there is also a synagogue in casablanca as well. Turkey has numerous churchs and synagogues dotted around. maybe your arguement actually has nothing to do with the landscape in lincoln nor abroad but more to do with your own insecurities? why shouldnt the muslims of lincoln have there own mosque when all the other religions in lincoln (including those who believe they can speak to the dead in the spiritual church) have there own place?

  • UKexpat123  |  April 18 2012, 2:27PM

    Ukexpat44, That as you know is a load of carp. Turkey is not building any new Synagogues or Churches what complete bull. And as someone who grew up in Lincoln, went to school there and worked there before moving to another country I do no want to see Lincoln turned into another Birmingham !!! I quite frankly do not want to see some eyesore blot on the landscape ... so **** off !!!

    |   2
  • ukexpat44  |  April 18 2012, 12:15PM

    @ukexpat123 your ignorance is outstanding.! Turkey the largest nearest Muslim majority country has both churches and synagogues as does Morocco, tunisia, egypt etc etc. even now new ones are still being built. but maybe thats a reality that you dont wish to see.?

    |   -2
  • UKexpat123  |  February 11 2012, 7:29AM

    I do not believe a mosque should be build in lincoln at all. what's is going to look like? something with minarets ? You will find a few very churches ( never any synagogues) in muslim countries... and those where there have been churches are burnt to the ground. Once they start allowing both church and synagogue being built then we can think about a Mosque in Lincoln.Until then one should not have been allowed.

    |   1
  • ukexpat44  |  October 31 2011, 8:40AM

    Drew thanks youve really brightened up a dreary monday morning with your last comments posted. LOL they have really tickled me, have you thought about doing standup? although i would have thought having some medium to be able to perform sketches would be better.!! thanks.

    |   1
  • ukexpat44  |  October 29 2011, 1:58PM

    the number of islamphobes on here is certainly worrying and just goes to show the level of narorw mindness in some people. a better person than me has said "nothing is closed to an open mind". how right he was. @GRH315 not allowing other people in during friday prayers is not the same as not allowing people in, there is a time and place for everything, it wouldnt be as equally appropriate for a hindu for example to try and pray during sunday in the middle of the cathedral either. @suzyjayne so by your logic, allowing a mosque in Lincoln is the same as creating a sharia state? how would this happen? for sharia law to be implemented (presuming that it was wanted) in the uk, the majority would have to vote for it, if they did (i.e. a majority) then it would be wanted, if they didnt it would never happen? so whats the point of your argument? other than that all muslims must be bad evil people in your mind? @12thhs Boultham pk is on the outskirts of the city? but even if it wasnt i dont see your point? why shouldnt they have somewhere of there own to pray, wherever that may be located within lincoln? In lincoln we already have a synagogue, the cathedral, multiple other churchs including methodist, protestant, presbyterian, catholic Baptist, othodox, C of E & a spiritual church amongst many other places of worship. yet some posters here wish to refuse muslims the same rights already given to others yet claim not to be islamphobic.!! yeah right, pull the other one. i for one welcome the opportunity to offer the chance to welcome muslims into our community. i do not know if i am in a majority or a minority. for me it does not matter. regarding selling of alcohol on the supermarket site, i doubt it will matter one way or another but even if it was stopped, would that neccasarily be a bad thing? i think theres more than enough places for our degenerate youngsters of today to buy alcohol already.

    |   2
  • Gnome_Chomsky  |  October 27 2011, 8:26PM

    GPH315 - Why exactly would Gavin Boby want to work, free of charge, to prove that all mosques are illegal? Presumably this includes those built on out-of-town sites, those in predominantly Moslem areas, those that are long-established and play an important part in their local areas, ... Has he offered to prove that Christian churches are also discriminatory and illegal? His website advertises help in getting planning permission against the odds. Would he have acted for Lincoln's Moslems, if asked?

    |   -2
  • ickywicky  |  October 27 2011, 10:25AM

    "Anyone want a ten pound bet that the war memorial will be defaced within one year of the completion of the proposed development?" It's already been defaced once and you owe me £10, however you can give it to Cancer Research instead. Next!

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  • GPH315  |  October 27 2011, 10:04AM

    The planning application was for a place of worship- not a 'Mosque'. A place of worship should be for anyone to use. Anyone can prayer in a church or Sikh temple. But non Muslims and women would not be allowed into to Friday prayers in a mosque. That would go against a planning application as it is discrimination. British barrister Gavin Boby, who specializes in planning law, has launched a new program called "Mosque Busters," for which he will work pro bono to help ordinary citizens demonstrate to their local councils that the building of a mosque or an Islamic canter is actually in violation of British law.

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