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By RosieDamarell  |  Posted: December 15, 2012

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Recently I had to be taken to hospital due to an allergic reaction to medication and I just wanted to say how fantastic the NHS were during this time. It is not very often they are praised so I would like to be known how thorough and attentive they were. I was seen in the A+E department within minutes of arriving, then taken through to cubicles. Here I met a doctor and a few nurses that were all polite to myself and my mother who was with me. Later, after being moved to a ward, I once again was seen by a doctor and multiple nurses, who all introduced themselves and continued to give me brilliant treatment. I was admitted over night and want to congratulate the staff on such a well organised ward, every nurse and doctor knew the details about all the patients before they started to work. They were all caring, understanding and friendly and made my stay much more pleasant than I could have expected. All the nurses and doctors which I met were brilliant and deserve the praise they don't often get for an extremely difficult job.

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