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North Kesteven District Council announces planned 10 pence per week Council Tax rise

By SMorris_LE  |  Posted: February 16, 2013

North Kesteven District Council

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North Kesteven District Council has announced plans to increase Council Tax for the delivery of local services by less than ten pence per week for most households from April.

If agreed by the Council on February 28, this will be the first increase to be made on the District Council element of the bill in three years.

As North Kesteven District Council maintains one of the lowest local charges of all councils in the country, the Government has allowed it to increase its charge by up to £5 at Band D.

By suggesting this option, the Council's Executive Board has chosen to build up the Council's resilience to future funding cuts and limit the extent of service cuts in the years ahead.

It was the preferred option of respondents to the Council's resident consultation.

For the past two years NKDC has frozen its charge at the 2010 level. 

This was another option available for this year, in exchange for a Government grant of £52,000, but council leader Cllr Marion Brighton OBE said this would have merely delayed an inevitable 'cliff edge ' in the Council's finances when the three successive grants come to an end.

"By choosing to make a modest increase in our element of the Council Tax charge we will be able to build an extra £167,000 into the budget going forward, building up our future resilience and strengthening our position to invest in the communities, economy and homes of North Kesteven," she said.

"In the three years since Council Tax last went up, we've been able to ensure that residents have not lost essential services despite having to find savings of almost £3m in that time. 

"We remain ever-mindful of our residents' situation but given their expressed satisfaction with the services we offer and the charges we make, it is clear that they appreciate our efforts to maintaining and developing services, which requires this modest increase for the first time since 2010."

This maintains the NKDC charge for a band D property at £140.04 for the year, reduced to £93.36 and £108.92 for the smaller band A and B homes most people occupy. 

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  • Bob_Major  |  February 25 2013, 6:32PM

    I'd love to do that, darlin'. Just add your name, address with postcode and your bank details and the cash is yours!

  • wilamina1  |  February 19 2013, 9:25PM

    typical they can afford a five page letter to all residents about the garden waste charge, and now they want an extra rise in tax and if bob major has so much cash pay mine gobsh..te.

  • camelherder  |  February 16 2013, 11:44PM

    NKDC residents received a letter recently detailing the cost of garden waste removal but it did not explain how to pay. They are going to send another letter to inform residents how to pay. Perhaps the council could look closer to home for cost cutting measures.

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  • InsideStory  |  February 16 2013, 6:30PM

    Maybe just maybe the council could save money by turning their heating down a few degrees in their offices,take a cut in attendance allowances,cut down on money wasted on pointless self praising propoganda magazines posted through everyone's letterbox for starters that might save the tax payers a few Bob.Most meetings could be held in their local masonic lodge to save heating council offices ;)

    |   7
  • Bob_Major  |  February 16 2013, 4:41PM

    OH! I can't afford the extra 10p a week on my council rates! OH! I can't afford to have my garden waste bin emptied for 50p! Why don't you sell your computers on ebay and switch off your lights, you tight ar-ed g-ts?

    |   -4
  • gamish  |  February 16 2013, 3:01PM

    so not only are they asking £25 a year to collect garden waste, they now want extra on the tax bill!!

  • Ian_Heighton  |  February 16 2013, 2:04PM

    Then there is the extra £25 for having the Garden bin emptied and I'll bet there is an entire department dedicated to finding other charges they can apply.

    |   5