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Decision on park and ride due in February

By This is Lincolnshire  |  Posted: December 04, 2009

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The committee behind a £1.4m park and ride scheme for Lincoln should find out if its bid is successful in February next year.

As reported in the Echo in August, the Lincoln Area Strategic Partnership Joint Advisory Committee is focussing its attention on the area around the A57/A46 Carholme Roundabout.

A tidal flow bus lane would operate giving buses heading into the city via Carholme Road priority at set times.

The committee, made up of councils and businesses, had expected to hear if its bid is successful last month.

But commercial director of Stagecoach East Midlands Dave Skepper he understood that decisions by the Department for Transport have been delayed until February 2010.

"We have made plans if the bid is successful to invest in our share of the capital towards the bus purchases and we remain enthusiastic and committed to the project," he said.

"Lincoln Business Improvement Group also has a plan for the development of the park and ride in conjunction with us should the bid be successful and this is included in their prospectus for the new Business Improvement District term from 2010 to 2015.

"The groundwork for the park and ride should still be pushed on by Lincolnshire County Council and Lincoln City Council to develop the site, facilities and bus priorities.

"It is vital that this continues because if the bid for funding is successful the money will need to be spent within a given timescale."

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    Mick, Saxilby  |  December 04 2009, 1:32PM

    Mark, Branston. . A Good example of 'Blue Sky' thinking which should be encouraged. . A realistic way forward would be to operate the service with buses in the first instance and then, once user figures and revenue stream can be determined look to implement a tram/rail type system if it justifies the investment. .

  • Profile image for This is Lincolnshire
    LippyLibby, Lincoln  |  December 04 2009, 1:07PM

    I'm not sure what everyone is getting so excited about, its not as if its actually going to happen....!!!

  • Profile image for This is Lincolnshire
    P. Liever, Lincolnshire  |  December 04 2009, 10:41AM

    I understand that the proposed Park and Ride for the Carholme Road round about will not be built on common land, ie the West Common. It will be land owned by the City of Lincoln Council and perhaps using farm land near to the round about. This was the compromise when City Council tried to impose Park and Ride on the West Common in the mid 90s. When the local residents and the people found out that the West Common was going to be used, there was a public uproar. They forced the Labour group who were running City Hall to abandoned the use of the common. The other plan never materialised because, wait for it, a government body/statutory organisation said that the view of the cathedral would be compromised. However, since then, the views have changed. The issue of using the West Common ended up with councillors resigning because they were only telling half of the story, and were found out. There is a public footpath/path used by the public and cyclists going along the northern side of Saxilby Road ( West Common). A public footpath ends at the Grandstand. Behind the Grandstand and the southern part of the common is used by the Carholme Golf Club with a 18 hole course. Now, the idea of park and ride is to bring people into the city centre very quickly. That is what most people would like and is logical. However, once built, the problem would be if professional horse racing ever came back on the former Carholme Racecourse. Buses would have to be diverted taking another route. Also park and ride would have to have to be large enough to accommodate the horse racing fraternity, as well as city workers, tourists and visitors visiting the historical Roman city of Lincoln. The Lincoln Horse Racing Trust want park and ride to be built on Burton Waters due to this. Well, we will have to see what happens next!

  • Profile image for This is Lincolnshire
    Ian, Lincoln  |  December 04 2009, 10:39AM

    mark thompson, branston Interesting, but unrealistic. How much do you think that will cost compared a little road widening and where will the money come from?

  • Profile image for This is Lincolnshire
    mark thompson, branston  |  December 04 2009, 10:10AM

    Why is it that Stagecoach "assume" they will be running the bus service? Had a word on the quiet have we? Why not put in a driver less monoail system that follows the waterway and drops off in the brayford pool area then loops round the brayford and back? Plus it will be on time! Less congestion on the roads, less frustration by motorists, less cost of having to re-road the whole of the MAIN road into the city, the monorail could be build without disruption to the road infrastructure. It would be a first in engineering for the city, why copy everyone else? Involve the university in the design. Think outside of the box of "helping" out the buddies and whats best for the city and infrastructure of this already congested, traffic hating city. Oh and of course the cost to use it, if the Christmas market park and ride at £12 is anything to go by, forget it, dream on council.

  • Profile image for This is Lincolnshire
    Mick, Saxilby  |  December 04 2009, 9:19AM

    Steve raises an interesting point about Carholme Road being a two-lane Road. I suspect however, that highways engineers noticed that when they survey the area prior to drawing up their plans. I suspect they also noticed that there area wide verges on either side of the road as it passes through the West Common area. I guess they may also have noticed that the part of Carholm road within the built-up area also has scope to be widened. . This is a strategic leap forward for Lincoln which will give people real choice as to how they travel to the city centre. . Lets hope it happens sooner rather than later

  • Profile image for This is Lincolnshire
    Ian, Lincoln  |  December 04 2009, 9:19AM

    Sorry Steve you are wrong. The land does belong to the council, it is just that the people of lincoln have 'rights of common' on the land. If it was deemed 'in the public interest' by the 'appropriate national authority' they could widen the road. As much as I would defend anything that would encroach on to the common or reduce out rights to it, I think this is something the city needs and overall benefits all of us.

  • Profile image for This is Lincolnshire
    Steve, Lincoln  |  December 04 2009, 8:18AM

    How do you create a bus only lane between the A46 roundabout and the town centre on a 2 lane road? To do so would mean building a road on common land, which doesn't belong to the council anyway, or banning all other traffic. Why not use the Lincolnshire Showground, it's hardly used and would certainly be better than building on common land and then dual the A15 if needed.