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Plans for mosque in Lincoln win backing of opponents

By Lincolnshire Echo  |  Posted: October 25, 2012

  • An artist's impression of how the new mosque will look

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A group which opposed the building of a £500,000 mosque in Lincoln has now promised to work alongside the Islamic association.

The proposed, two-storey place of worship at the Old Boultham Dairy, could win full planning permission on November 7.

If approved, the mosque could be up and running in about two years.

Boultham Residents' Association started a petition against the plans last year.

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Members were concerned about the level of traffic the building would bring to the area.

A joint statement has now been issued by Jean Flannery, chairman of the residents' association and Dr Tanweer Ahmed, trustee of the islanmic association which says they are happy to work together.

It said: "We hope that we can co-exist peacefully, as one community in all its diversity.

"It falls to each one of us to accept our responsibility to recognise and respect the rights of the other, to be good neighbours."

Mrs Flannery, of Church Drive, off Boultham Park Road, added: "Plans for the mosque are taking a step forward with the planning committee meeting on November 7 to consider an application for full planning permission.

"With no foreseeable obstacle to full planning consent being granted, we are looking to lay the foundations for a good and mutually beneficial relationship, one including all the members of our diverse community.

"Engaging local residents with the mosque, giving them an interest in it, will hopefully help it to become just another strand in our community life.

"It will also hopefully help members of the mosque who live in the wider area to feel more part of the local neighbourhood.

"Any big new development inevitably brings its worries. Traffic and congestion issues will always be with us.

"We are urging highways to make the best possible provision, given what is possible, as we trust they will."

Planners approved the scheme in principle this time last year.

At the same time, a new supermarket on the site was agreed and a housing scheme won outline permission.

The mosque will also be available for use by the wider community.

Irene Blank, 81, who lives in Marjorie Avenue, off Boultham Park Road, said: "They have to have a mosque somewhere but I fear there will be traffic issues.

"I think this site could have been used more for recreation purposes for children and residents. We could do with a swimming pool in this area."

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  • Vexxed  |  October 29 2012, 9:26AM

    If other members of the community can use it, Then there shouldn't be a problem.

  • nigelsparky  |  October 28 2012, 1:29PM

    Not at all misguided eatmygoal just what I have witnessed and seen with my own eyes and my own experiences. I happen to think that you are very idealistic and naive with your viewpoints on matters such as this. I here what you are saying about areas such as Bermondsey and the New Den (Millwall's ground) which are a hotbed of right wing extremists, and whose viewpoints I also find totally unacceptable. However, I could also take you to other boroughs of London, where you would feel very uncomfortable walking down the streets at night. So in my view, until people accept the fact that racism works both ways, then we will never have any progress in integrating various races and cultures.

    |   6
  • eatmygoal  |  October 26 2012, 6:50PM

    It's not a freedom of speach issue, but I do agree you have the right to say how you find things

    |   -2
  • nigelsparky  |  October 26 2012, 6:24PM

    Eatmygoal I cannot respond to your last post as my previous comments , although were not racist in any way, have been censored by the powers that be on this site . I merely expressed in my posts what I had experienced living in an area with a very large Muslim populous. So my focus has now turned to the powers that be on this site to explain to me why they have deleted my posts thus depriving my human right of freedom of speech and expression! I only stated what I experienced and seen with my own eyes. This is an example of why there will always be a problem, because people like to bury their heads in the sand hoping the problems will go away instead of addressing the issues head on. I eagerly await their response .

    |   7
  • Roadscource  |  October 26 2012, 12:39PM

    "One can always rely upon Roadrash to try and pick fault" Blimey, how rich is that? Not picking fault, just the observation that you were implying that bottling milk at 3 am is exactly the same as increasing traffic volumes at a specific location........or were you implying that people against the Mosque are racist? If i lived near a dairy, i would be very concerned about a change in its use from one thing to another because "i bought the house that was near a dairy" and not a mosque, skatepark, wooded area or anything else. How much influence existing home owners have on planning decisions in their area is usually none at all. However ,it goes to show, judging by the amount and nature of comments this story has generated in the past, how much stress and anxiety is caused to existing home owners by planning decisions which can result in a fundamental change of charactor on established residential areas.

    |   2
  • eatmygoal  |  October 26 2012, 9:47AM

    "However unfortunately by and large, Muslim/ Asian communities do not want to integrate" By and large you are incorrect and Muslim communities do want to intergrate and make big efforts to do so. However some "whites" (for there are no white Muslims it seems) would rather they kept out and built their mosques on the outside of town due to traffic, and that they kept out of the centre lest they change the look of the area. It is not a fact of life, it is your misguided perception of things. Mile End is mostly Asian with various religions, in fact quite a large part of Tower Hamlets is where I go for a run. I am as yet to have a single cross word said or to find any area no go. The only place in London I have found no go was The New Den and Bermondsey, but that is another story. I have not been to Wycombe, perhaps it is a seething cauldron of hate and race wars. But it is not the story across the country.

    |   2
  • eatmygoal  |  October 25 2012, 11:39PM

    I work with 2 Muslims in a team of 10, both with English as a second language, not that you would know. They come to the pub for drinks, cokes of course. I often have cause to be in Mile end with a large Muslim population and have a good chin wag of a sheesh pipe and eat various foods from Asia. They, and I, make the effort and realise we are pretty much the same. Boring story, but just where I come from on things like these and haven't really seen the world that others talk about with dangerous segregation

  • Gnome_Chomsky  |  October 25 2012, 10:52PM

    newsreaderjoy - How hard did you try? Please tell, because I've often found even pathetic attempts at using foreign language a massive help. Learning a few words in a foreign language often helps free up a heap of vocabulary in English. Living in Scunthorpe, you are ideally qualified to speak about Lincoln.

    |   -1
  • Linc0lnTriker  |  October 25 2012, 2:50PM

    Lincoln_Biker name me one time you've been stuck behind a procession of milk floats whilst they complete there daily rounds. Oh, but hold on, i suppose being a self appointed 'Biker' traffic queues won't affect you the way they do us mere mortals. This point you're trying to make is not holding any weight with me i'm afraid.

    |   -7
  • Lincoln_Biker  |  October 25 2012, 2:09PM

    "Ah yes 3am that infamous traffic rush hour period" One can always rely upon Roadrash to try and pick fault... So when the dairy was operational and they did doorstep deliveries, how did the milk get to our doorstep by 7am? Magic milk fairies maybe, or perhaps they sent it via broadband? Ahh, yes, that was it, I remember the advert now: "Plus Net. Good, honest broadband from Yorkshire. And milk"

    |   5