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Police office to lose Life On Mars look

By This is Lincolnshire  |  Posted: June 11, 2009

  • Inquiries officer Bob Price working behind the inquiry desk at West Parade Police Station.

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Police chiefs are preparing to say goodbye to Lincoln's rundown office which they say is like a TV set from Life on Mars.

Officers in Lincoln openly admit that the drab inquiry office at the West Parade Police Station is like a set from the TV show starring notorious old-school copper DCI Gene Hunt.

Now a £124,000 refurbishment aims to bring this to an end – updating an office that was built almost 35 years ago.

Anyone who has visited the reception recently may have felt like they were stepping back in time.

The office still has some of the original fixtures from when it was first opened in the mid-1970s.

Chief inspector Mark Housley said it was finally time to update the office.

"This refurbishment is long overdue and is vital for Lincoln," he said.

"Not only is the inquiry office no longer fit for purpose, it is drab and dark with an unwelcoming feel.

"When people visit a police station they may be under a great deal of stress already, especially if they are a victim of crime.

"The inquiry office at Lincoln does not have a calming or welcoming effect and I can't imagine anyone would disagree that it looks very dated.

"It is important that we have an inquiry office that staff and visitors can be proud of."

For more on the facelift, see Thursday's Echo.

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  • Profile image for This is Lincolnshire
    lynn, lincoln  |  June 15 2009, 10:28AM

    Ironically the nicest place in Ryvita house is the Custody Suite, which is newly refurbished and air conditioned. The rest of the building is scruffy to say the least!

  • Profile image for This is Lincolnshire
    Tony, Canada  |  June 11 2009, 4:17PM

    Judging by the appalling spelling in some of the responses to this item, I think the cash should be diverted to the city's education department.

  • Profile image for This is Lincolnshire
    Grace, Lincoln Central  |  June 11 2009, 10:12AM

    "Not only is the inquiry office no longer fit for purpose, it is drab and dark with an unwelcoming feel" - your having a giraffe! Its not suppossed to be welcoming - its a police station, not a hotel!!!

  • Profile image for This is Lincolnshire
    Barry, West-Lindsey  |  June 11 2009, 9:37AM

    Lincolnshire Police never fails to amaze with there priorities. Rest assured they will get what they want as they act like politicians. I would have thought as they are near to the bottom of the last police performance tables they would have upped there game. £90.4 Million is what they have to spend, so maybe they need to get rid of some for tax reasons? Meanwhile the vulnerable suffer in silence.

  • Profile image for This is Lincolnshire
    Phil J, Lincoln  |  June 11 2009, 8:01AM

    If it was left as it is and the workers inside do not like it - surely that would encourage them to get out of the building and show a presence on the streets, where we would like to see some police

  • Profile image for This is Lincolnshire
    Stephen, Lincoln  |  June 11 2009, 8:00AM

    Pity that the police still adopt the Gene Hunt school of policing though. You can revamp the front desk all you like but we still have an ugly building, a main city police centre station that is not open 24 hours, police officers acting carte blance and a force with a complaints system that may as well be based in the masonic hall on Bailgate for all the good it does. I would also be interested to see how much of the budget is spent on the gay and lesbian police association, the black police association, the christian police association and the muslim police association, fancy cars for high ranking officers and fancy cars for high ranking civilians. I have always maintained that every police force including Lincolnshire police should undergoe an independent audit with where the monies goes specifically being free to the public. After all, we pay them, let's see exactly what we are getting for our money....

  • Profile image for This is Lincolnshire
    Joe, Lincoln  |  June 11 2009, 7:59AM

    Too right, Phil. Does this look like a Police Authority with severe cashflow problems? Who do they think they're kidding?

  • Profile image for This is Lincolnshire
    Phil J, Lincoln  |  June 11 2009, 7:46AM

    And where will the money for this come from, is it the same pot that the Police wanted us to top up because they were so short of cash ? If we are paying for it out of our council tax, I'd prefer to spend the £124,000 on a few more beat coppers, and let them have the freedom to sort out criminals that they had in the 1970's - at least the criminal fraternity were kept in check during those times and the 'PC' brigade let them get on with it.