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Police service funding is in a total mess

By Lincolnshire Echo  |  Posted: August 14, 2014

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I am not at all surprised that both the chief constable and the police commissioner need to have serious talks with ‘whoever is in Government’ in 2015/2016.

For far too long the police service in this county is, and has been, under-funded.

And if one seeks to have a copy of the ‘funding formula’ under the Freedom of Information Act then the recipient only gets a meaningless (Treasury) paper filled with equally meaningless jargon, so that the average taxpayer is none the wiser.

Sitting in their ivory towers in Whitehall, neither the cabinet members, their political advisers and the Civil Service seem to know anything about the country beyond the M25.

The collectively seem to believe that in cutting back on local financial resources year after year that local government, police services and the NHS can go on and on making what politicians call ‘efficiency savings’ even when those services are pared to the bone.

They can’t at the same time we learn that councils, instead of telling the Government forcibly that they cannot make more savings, because more cuts are only going to lead to inefficiency and appear to cut services, not salaries; and top executives not get 162 times the average salary (£26,500), whilst many ‘hard working’ people are on zero hours contracts and less than the average wage.

Top bosses also seem to require over the top bonuses and large pension pots whilst other workers struggle to survive.

This country is clearly out of kilter, yet that old expression ‘money is the root of all evil’ has a certain moral charm in this day and age and rightly so.

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