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Positive side to immigration

By This is Lincolnshire  |  Posted: December 30, 2008

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IN response to Coun David Owens and Stephen Wyatt's letters in the Target on December 10, the point of my previous letter was to demonstrate there is an important positive side to immigration – the argument not being entirely one-sided as they might imply.

The fact of the matter is that over the next 10 to 15 years the over 65s will represent one in four of the population (not working population) and without immigrants settling in the UK future basic state pension could be put in danger or at least consigning would be pensioners to continue to work until 68 and beyond as many are already doing.

Immigrant numbers are already dwindling as a number are now returning home and with the value of sterling falling 30 per cent for instance against the Polish currency, the exodus may well accelerate. Some economists don't think this helps the UK recovery.

However, as Coun David Owens will discover, the council does have an excellent leaflet on this subject entitled Migrant Workers: Myth Busting which should be read before jumping to conclusions.

Finally, just picking up on one point Mr Wyatt made relating to wages, the wages paid to immigrants by responsible employers are exactly the same as would be paid to anyone else and perhaps the main reason why wages have been kept low in Boston is because of the aggressive purchasing policies of the supermarkets. And we all patronise supermarkets, don't we?

Coun Richard Lenton

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    Adle, Nottingham  |  November 29 2009, 11:36AM

    In reply to Cllr David Owens Britain has been a magnet for migrants since Roman times. A history of immigration to UK from Protestant refugees of around to gypsies, Irish, Jews, Italians. Therefore, Britain has always been multi culture society. However, after the second world war there were significant increased in number of immigrant from various cities and countries around the world. The life in the contemporary UK is therefore significantly different. New generations in the UK are from diverse families, also younger people are better reflection of the modern society in terms of integration and accepting each others culture and personal values, The majority of new generation feel they are culturally more British than any thing else. Therefore, any expectation of anti diversity will be the dream of camel.

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    Cllr David Owens, Boston  |  January 02 2009, 11:36PM

    More smoke and mirrors! In reply to Cllr Lenton¿s letter (30th Dec) As much as the good councillor may wish to continue saying that immigration has a positive side to it, unfortunately the reality is somewhat different. A House of Lords select committee examined this claim and ¿Busted that Myth¿ last year! When will the old gang politicians understand that repeating the same story over and over, will not make it true! The British electorate are a lot wiser than Cllr Lenton gives them credit for, and the use of smoke and mirrors just will not wash any more. However, thanks for the advice regarding the Migrant worker leaflet, it happened to be a most interesting read when it was published, sadly it did not reference its claims and would appear to be another waste of tax payers money as those concerns are still in the forefront of many people¿s minds. I am presently enquiring as to the cost of its production. Cllr David Owens British National Party Fenside Ward.