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Muslim prayer hall plans approved for Lincolnshire town

By Lincolnshire Echo  |  Posted: November 21, 2013

The Sleaford Muslim Community Association has been meeting at St Denys' Church Hall

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Plans to build a Muslim prayer hall in a Lincolnshire town have been given the go-ahead by councillors this week.

The Sleaford Muslim Community Association, which has been meeting at St Denys' Church Hall for the past decade, wants to convert a disused storage shed in Station Road.

The semi-derelict building is situated between the Royal Mail depot and a storage yard operated by Turnbull's builders merchants.

The company had raised observations about the plans which were discussed by North Kesteven District Council's Planning Committee.

The proposal is to provide the building with a new brick frontage and a mezzanine floor for use as a prayer hall.

It would also incorporate a kitchen, washroom and toilets plus a small meeting room.

But concerns about the position of the windows, which would overlook the storage yard, were raised by Steve Dunn on behalf of Turnbull's.

He also wanted assurances the new occupants would have no complaints about lorries or forklifts causing noise as well as smells from an established burger van at the entrance of their premises.

Turnbull's suggested the windows facing its yard should be glazed with opaque glass to avoid any privacy issues.

Terry Hopkins, one of the firm's directors, stressed they had not objected to the plans but had made the planners aware of some concerns.

He said: "I assume people would be wishing to have some privacy and we were concerned there maybe issues about that with the windows.

"The officers have taken these issues into account."

Turnbull's employs 100 people and has operated on the site since 1971.

The shed building has been empty for some time and is in a rundown condition.

The front of the proposed hall would be of middle-eastern appearance and would also incorporate a small dome, which council officials insist will be a visual enhancement to the local street scene.

The reconstruction of the building will also provide car parking for 15 spaces.

A spokesman for the Sleaford Muslim Community Association was unavailable for comment.

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  • Pete67  |  November 22 2013, 6:06PM

    Bob_Ovett - - - You just reminded me of what I saw up the York Dungeon a about 20 years ago. It was about the Jews killing themselves and their children down wells as it was preferable to what the Christians would do to them (if I remember rightly it was set in the middle ages). It's a sad world!

  • Bob_Ovett  |  November 22 2013, 2:22PM

    Stephen Gash - you asked for an example of violence committed by Christians. How about any of the abortion clinic bombings carried out in the USA by evangelicals? I don't know if they shouted "Jesus is great" whilst doing it but they sure did it in the name of Christ. Do these abortion clinic bombers represent the entire Christian faith? If not; why do the terrorists who blow themselves up in the name of Allah have to represent the entire Islamic faith? Might the truth be that there are nutters in every religion and every community? I believe in honesty Stephen, why not just admit to being intolerant of anything alien to you. Finally Stephen, whereabouts in Sleaford are you from? I see you've stood for numerous elected offices around the north east/north west, why haven't you stood for anything in the 'birthtown' that you're so passionate about?

    |   1
  • Bob_Ovett  |  November 22 2013, 2:16PM

    Pete - I got what you're saying on this but my point is pretty much the same as yours. You can take a particularaly nutty passage in whichever holy book and hold it up as representative of a faith. Stephen Gash, the EDL, and the East Anglian Patriots cherry pick the very worst verses they can find and hold them up as a stick with which to beat all muslims. The examples above are all in the bible, but how ridiculous would it be to use these as markers for the Christian faith? It wouldn't be - so why does Stephen Gash think it's ok to do the same for Muslims?

  • Pete67  |  November 22 2013, 1:53PM

    Bob_Ovett - - - I don't know who Stephen Gash is, but I assume he must be Jewish or at least Christian. Shellfish - it is open on whether or not they can't be eaten as the sentences saying about eating varies it could though be taken as the whale which is NOT a fish either. Man Made Fibres - When the bible was written or even first translated into English there were no manmade fibres available (would you prefer real Leopard skin to wear or imitation. Adultery - That might go for Christians, but I'm not sure how it stands with the modern Jewish Religion. Muslims may have more than one wife though not officially in Britain. Wearing Gold - You had better tell that to all the other Jewish or Christians who wear it in their teeth. Homosexuality - I don't know how this stands in the Jewish Religion, but many Christians and probably Jewish people are Homosexual also some Muslims (though most have to hide it). It is these days legal, I have though met people like this since the sixties, and found them not to be the horrors that some people make them out to be - They are just like the rest of us, but prefer people of their own sex. I've never figured out though why the Government took so long to legalise it. It's a pity you didn't describe him as the Bible might 'Him that p!**eth against the wall'. I just forget whereabouts it is but I remember seeing it many years ago.

  • Bob_Ovett  |  November 22 2013, 8:46AM

    Menshy - your conclusion is the same as 99.4% of other people - judged on the last time Mr Gash stood for national election. This particular revolution will not be televised. Stephen - you can take any part of any religious text and mine it for evil. I take it your aim is to preserve the Christian way of life in Britain? If so do you abstain from the following: Shellfish Manmade fibres Adultery Wearing gold Homosexuality We can all pick and choose, what makes you so special?

    |   -2
  • Menshy  |  November 21 2013, 9:25PM

    StephenGash - I read your input with interest and concluded you are a prat.

    |   -1
  • StephenGash  |  November 21 2013, 7:51PM

    Bob Ovett & Big Tone. The Koran is the only religious (so-called) book that mandates its followers to "make war on the infidel around you" (Sura 9:123). I would say that kind of language foments division and trouble. The Old Testament is descriptive, but the Koran is is prescriptive. Let us all know when Christians proactively commit violence while shouting "Jesus is great." The Muslim hadith have a verse "Abdullah b. 'Umar reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: You and the Jews would fight against one another until a stone would say: Muslim, here is a Jew behind me; come and kill him. " This is being preached in English mosques (and Islamic prayer rooms) every week. All other religions have quelled their excesses of earlier times. However, Islam is a problem that only Muslims can solve, and because they wilfully refuse to solve their problem, it makes Muslims a problem for everybody else.

    |   2
  • Big_Tone  |  November 21 2013, 6:37PM

    Bob_Ovett I didn't see that post. Must have been pulled before I got here. StephenGash. Most Muslims only want what most people want. Religeous militants bring all faiths into disrepute, heaven knows there's enough in Christianity besides Islam.

    |   -8
  • StephenGash  |  November 21 2013, 6:16PM

    Bob Ovett. Yet Muslims are rewarded by their offensive language by having a prayer room installed in my birth-town. Why would they change as they are easily accommodated? How many prayer rooms for non-Muslims are provided by mosques, like St Denys church provided for Muslims in Sleaford?

    |   7
  • Bob_Ovett  |  November 21 2013, 2:14PM

    The first post on this story was from a guy who said "My birth town is contaminated" I guess it's been pulled as it's offensive

    |   2