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Public consultation over plans for 1,400 new homes in Sleaford

By AlexColman  |  Posted: November 20, 2012

The plans for a 148 acre site will also incorporate local amenities.

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Members of the public are invited to view plans for 1,400 new homes south of London Road in Sleaford.

The consultation event will take place at the New Life Conference Centre on Mareham Lane in Sleaford on Thursday 29th November from 1pm until 7.30pm.

Landowners, Sleaford Property Developments Ltd are preparing an outline planning application for the development on land to be known as Handley Chase.

A smaller development for the site was originally proposed but following discussions with North Kesteven District Council a larger proposal is expected to be submitted for planning consent in the New Year.

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As well as residential dwellings the plans also include a community centre, a residential care home for the elderly, a primary school, sports fields, allotments and appropriate retail space.

David Hindmarch, a Director of Sleaford Property Developments Ltd said: “The Sleaford Masterplan developed by North Kesteven District Council and its partners identifies the need for around 4,000 new homes over the next 25 years, and this proposal is a response to that need.

“We have spent a long time getting this proposal right and we’ve had many meetings with interested parties, including members of Sleaford Town Council.

“It’s very important that we take on board the views of local residents, which is why we’re staging this consultation event.”

The 148 acre site will be located to the south and east of Stumpcross Hill and to the west of the Southfields housing estate.

Handley Chase is named after Sleaford-born Henry Handley MP (1797 – 1846), who represented South Lincolnshire in the House of Commons and to whom a monument was erected in the town.

People who are unable to make the consultation next week will be able to submit comments online and email opinions to handleychase@gmail.com.

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  • Andyclaxn  |  December 02 2012, 2:58PM

    Whether or not we need these new homes at Handley Chase is a moot point and opinions will differ. If the plans go ahead, will any new housing have enough infrastructure vis-a-vis shops, pubs, restaurants, surgeries and schools? If the Greylees development near the Golf Club is anything to go by, then probably not. Of more interest to me is that when designing this housing estate it seems no thought was given to the happiness and contentment of any future residents. Everyone knows that a South to West facing rear garden is a real bonus and adds cachet and value to any property, and to have a view of open fields from one's garden is even better and adds to the contentment and enjoyment of any home owner. The placing of the road around the perimeter of Handley Chase precludes all houses from having this view over open fields, (there may be one house that gets a clear view, but it is hard to tell from the plan). We all know that this view may be temporary and may last only until the next development gets the go ahead, but why not let some residents benefit from a view for as long as possible? As to rear gardens facing South or West, every effort seems to have been made to avoid this, just look at the plans with this in mind and you will see what I mean. The people who designed this proposed estate were probably paid good money for their plan, but failed to take into account the happiness and well being of future residents. In my opinion these amateur planners should be sacked and a real professional hired to replace them. My eleven year old Grandaughter could do a better job on the orientation front. Looking at the plan, I would not buy any house on this development. If this present plan is allowed, I will feel very sorry that the opportunity to build a resident friendly development has been so completely missed.

  • Kaytee  |  November 29 2012, 4:52PM

    Not Happy, What can the residents do ?? Really not thought through the traffic problems this will cause, and potential 1000 extra children needing to go to secondary school, or will they only allow children under 5 to move there to fit into the nice plan of a primary school! This does effect me as I back on to fields at present and yes personally dread thought of a large building site, however oppose the idea for many other reasons as stated. In addition to all this Quarrington is already now just an extension of Sleaford this new plan will have the same effect on the adjoining village. The pictures show a fantastic image of a couple sitting in peace and quiet?? with having School, Doctors, Pub, Parks,, Umm really?? In addition we have enough pubs in Sleaford thank you I am rather upset to read that Sleaford Council has been involved with the plans, when was this discussed with residents!! Regenerate the town first! Spend your money else where there are really not many people who will thank you for building on our green land and adding to our already big road traffic problem. Regenerate Maltings, Regenerate the flats above the shops in town, I am aware that there is a uk housing shortage but Sleaford can NOT take this amount. If every town found areas for 1-200 houses rather than large scale developments this would be a better option. The one and ONLY bonus is that maybe London road will reduce to a 30 Zone as 60 is far to fast!

  • Pete67  |  November 21 2012, 1:48PM

    Will this be another case of spending money asking the people what they want whilst carrying on with what they had decided to start with as seems to be with most public consultations?