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Residents vow to fight bid to build wind turbines at former RAF Binbrook in Lincolnshire

By Lincolnshire Echo  |  Posted: November 30, 2012

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New plans have been unveiled for two wind turbines on the site of an iconic Lincolnshire airbase.

The controversial scheme is proposed for the former RAF Binbrook in the heart of the picturesque Wolds.

The application comes weeks after Energy Minister John Hayes spoke out about the growing number of onshore wind farms which are being "imposed on communities".

But he was last week contradicted by coalition colleagues led by Prime Minister David Cameron, who insisted each application would be considered on its own merits.

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Scottish-based Caledonia Wind Power Ltd wants to put up two 25m structures on the former RAF Binbrook – which is now an industrial estate close to Brookenby village.

A consultation exercise has been launched by West Lindsey District Council and residents said they would fight the scheme.

Roger Beecroft of agents Aska Energy confirmed that the turbines – which would generate enough power for at least 646 houses – would be located "as far from other houses as possible" if the scheme goes ahead.

"These turbines are relatively quiet and noise levels experienced at nearby residences will be below 35 decibels, the background noise effectively masking that produced by the turbines," Aska said in its application document.

"The nearest house is 400m from the turbines which is at the end of Cambridge Crescent."

Natural England confirmed that the application fell within the Lincolnshire Wolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – but did not think it would impact on the landscape.

But local residents disagree.

"If there isn't already a petition up against this then I'll make sure there will be," said Chichester Road resident Jude Brown, administration co-ordinator at CK Polymers on the Binbrook Technical Park.

"This would be just around the back of my house and I just can't believe anyone would want to put wind turbines there.

"We moved here 19 years ago, not long after the houses were sold off by the RAF.

"Many people like me think it's a beautiful place – but it won't be if this is allowed."

Former Brookenby parish councillor Andrew Robinson is a senior education manager who lives in Cumberland Terrace.

"There will be major opposition to this because it's in the Lincolnshire Wolds and many people will definitely object," Mr Robinson said.

"They would cause a lot less disruption than 50 or 60 jets used to when it was an airbase, but this will not be welcomed."

Developers of a scheme for 10 massive 400ft turbines proposed for Hemswell Cliff – between Gainsborough and Market Rasen – were given a three-months' extension on their preparations last month.

And an even larger wind farm of 17 turbines of a similar size put forward for Yawthorpe near Gainsborough last year has not reached submission to the district council stage as wind measurements are taken from a temporary mast.

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  • OldLincolnia  |  December 05 2012, 9:47AM

    NIMBY time again for the sad parochials who have nothing better to do with their little lives than love huge Power Stations and Electricity Pylons. In 'iconic' Binbrook! Wonder what they'll do when the lights go out? They'll moan...of course, silly me.

    |   5
  • Roadscource  |  December 04 2012, 6:24PM

    "If there isn't enough wind (like now) they don't work and if it's too windy they aren't allowed to work, so that means 60% of the time they don't work. How is that efficient?" But Steve it hasnt lost its efficiency just because its not operating. What about combining it with some solar energy, imagine all those kettles rattling away on a very windy but very sunny day. Its all about what goes in to what comes out. Either input thousands of kilowatts in the form of heat and get electricity out or just sit back and see what nature brings.

    |   -10
  • nigelsparky  |  December 04 2012, 5:07PM

    Cloth-Ears if you choose to not read/ignore them then that is fine by me. Just pointing out the actual facts about these turbines, which is not widely publicised for obvious reasons. I for one am not happy about ploughing so much tax payers money into the renewable energy companies coffers, for something that is just not viable financially or from a practical perspective. Drax Power has just pulled the plug on the construction of a "Bio Fuel" power station due to the cut in government subsidies, which just highlights that without such subsidies, these devlopments would not happen.

    |   -13
  • AndyJ2011  |  December 04 2012, 4:29PM

    I'll be honest I quite like wind turbines, I don't see them as a blot on the landscape but I also see the other side of the arguement that they are not the most effecient machines, so I ask those that are against wind turbines, what do we use to create the energy that we need when people are against Nuclear, Fossill & Gas. At some point the fossill fuels and oil is going to run out and we are going to need energy from somewhere. On another point how many people have been upto the old RAF Binbrook recently, as I have and it's a derelict vandalised dumping ground.

    |   -3
  • Cloth_Ears  |  December 04 2012, 1:50PM

    Go on nigel-sparky, yet another of your comments pasting line after line of 'facts & figures' that nobody can be bothered to read. Its just another case of pure NIMBYism, quite freely admitted here; "This would be just around the back of my house and I just can't believe anyone would want to put wind turbines there."

    |   10
  • nigelsparky  |  December 04 2012, 11:36AM

    Hi Bill I live in close proximity of a 20 x turbine development and quite often see the blades rotating when there isn't a breathe of wind. As I say, all the information is in the specification/data sheets. Just on another point, which is making me laugh, how sad of the person who is manipulating the red and green arrow thing lol. Why does this happen so often on here? lol

    |   -6
  • Mabel1  |  December 03 2012, 1:51PM

    I think they look very nice. Not everybody's cup of tea granted.

    |   -7
  • Bill_Door  |  December 02 2012, 7:33PM

    Yes, I concede that Nigel. On that, you are correct. Although I would still contend that I've never seen a wind turbine rotating when there's no wind. We can at least agree we stand on opposite sides on the wind turbine debate. That's fair enough. But let's just stick with wind turbines, eh? Don't start on climate change as well.

    |   -12
  • nigelsparky  |  December 02 2012, 6:54PM

    hi Bill Just one other point in your post, I didn't actually say that they need to be turning all the time, what I said was they cannot stand idle for any long periods of time, that is why you see them often rotating when there isn't a breathe of wind.

    |   -13
  • nigelsparky  |  December 02 2012, 11:58AM

    Hi Bill, The facts that I have quoted are based on the very latest generation of turbines. The information is in the extremely small print on the renewable energy companies very glossy literature, and Siemens own specification/data sheets on their complete range of turbines. The renewable energy companies way of putting across how much power that is generated, in terms of how many homes, is also extremely misleading, as they give the impression that "X" number of houses being powered at the same time, which is not a realistic figure, as, by their own admission, can only realistically be achieved during the night time hours when everyone is asleep, thus only using power for clocks and electrical goods in standby mode. The minute people start putting on their 2 to 3 Kw kettles 3 kw washing machines, 2.5kw dishwashers and take a shower in their 10kw showers, the amount of homes they can power simultaneously decreases dramatically. Then turn on their 6 to 7kw hobs and you can see how their figures are misleading. The other argument linked with all this, of course is the "climate change" issue and the human race's "alleged" influence, which is only a consensus of theories by some scientists, and not based on any hard facts. There is a growing opinion amongst other scientists,that these theories are not founded, as we all know, climates have never stood still and never will stand still.

    |   -13