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Vehicles crash in treacherous conditions caused by hydraulic fluid spill from tractor

By This is Lincolnshire  |  Posted: August 21, 2010

Police warn drivers to slow down after a tractor leaked hydraulic oil over a three-mile stretch of road from Aubourn to Harmston.

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A TRACTOR leaking hydraulic oil led to traffic slipping and sliding down a county hill – even causing a smash between a van and a car.

Lincolnshire Police said the spillage – which resulted in oil spread over a three-mile stretch of road from Aubourn to Harmston – created an ice rink effect underfoot.

Dubbed by villagers as the "unofficial southern bypass", the route incorporating Harmston Road, Blackmoor Road and Station Road between the villages is a popular thoroughfare linking the A46 with the A15 and A17.

But from 9.30am yesterday any movement was extremely tentative, particularly climbing up the hill into Harmston.

PC Mark Wood said rainfall, combined with the oil, formed a treacherous surface.

This prompted police officers to wait at the bottom of the hill to clear the way for HGV lorries wanting to ascend.

PC Wood said: "It was awful and I could not even stand up on the road at one point.

"The tractor driver was blissfully unaware that he was leaking oil until his power steering stopped working and he couldn't turn the corner into Harmston. Normally the hydraulic oil would have got soaked into the road, but because of the rain it spread about more.

"We had one accident, a collision between a car and a van, which we can say the oil contributed to."

Area highways manager for Lincolnshire County Council Alan Brown said sand and a special absorbent material was spread along the stretch of road to improve grip for vehicles.

He said: "At first, HGVs were unable to climb Harmston Hill without using the wrong lane and were being convoyed by the police, but by late morning they were again moving up the normal lane.

"The signing remains in place, as does much of the absorbent surface, which will be left for as long as possible."

Bar staff at the Royal Oak in Aubourn and at the Thorold Arms in Harmston said they expected the slippery incident to be the talk of the pub last night.

And landlady of the Thorold Arms, Alison Welch, said fellow landlady Julie Haycroft announced to the pub she was on her way to the supermarket.

"She was told very definitely 'don't go down the hill'," said Ms Welch.

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  • Profile image for This is Lincolnshire
    Vicky, Lincoln  |  September 07 2010, 10:11PM

    I was the driver of the car involved and my two children and I ended up in hospital, along with the driver of the van that hit us. If you have time to argue about who pays road tax and whether we live in the country and should put up with tractors is simply petty. The fact of the matter is, at 9.30am the spill was reported and at 11am when the accident occured the spill was still not cleared up or the road closed! Whoever is to blame or not to blame, this whole incident has occured because no-one at any point took responsibilty and dealt with the problem. All I can say is we are all alive and it could've been a lot worse, lessons must be learnt.

  • Profile image for This is Lincolnshire
    john golland, horncastle  |  August 23 2010, 9:47PM

    Thanks for the publicity on the "Southern Bypass".I shall now use it to get to Newark from Horncastle. Golly.

  • Profile image for This is Lincolnshire
    Missouri Marten, Lincoln  |  August 22 2010, 11:10PM

    "Missouri Marten, Lincoln Tractors do pay road tax FACT check it out if you don't believe it." Elaine, NO THEY DON'T. FACT. CHECK IT OUT: http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Motoring/OwningAVehicle/TaxationClasses/DG_069649

  • Profile image for This is Lincolnshire
    Missouri Marten, Lincoln  |  August 22 2010, 11:07PM

    Claire, you're either hard of reading or hard of learning, so I'll try shouting. WHO SAID THEY DON'T HAVE TAX DISCS?!

  • Profile image for This is Lincolnshire
    Steve, Hougham  |  August 22 2010, 7:11PM

    They should not pay road fund licences. They should not be allowed on the roads. They are the ultimate off road vehicle so they should confined to fields. All gates to the roads need to be sealed and gates constructed between all the fields. It always amazes me when tractors drive through the middle or town or in this case 3 miles on public roads. How big are these farms?

    |   -1
  • Profile image for This is Lincolnshire
    elaine, Lincoln  |  August 22 2010, 11:33AM

    Missouri Marten, Lincoln Tractors do pay road tax FACT check it out if you don't believe it. As for using other farmers fields why should they if they pay tax they have just as much right as anyone else!!

  • Profile image for This is Lincolnshire
    Claire, Lincoln  |  August 22 2010, 11:30AM

    Missouri Marten, Lincoln Some DO have tax disc's FACT it depends how often they use the roads check it out !! As for using other farmers fields why should they if they pay road tax its no different to people who stick at 40MPH in a 60 zone just as anoying!!

  • Profile image for This is Lincolnshire
    Missouri Marten, Lincoln  |  August 21 2010, 10:32PM

    Claire, before you start accusing people of being numpties and stupid idiots, you may want to take a look a little closer to home genius. Who said they don't have tax discs?

  • Profile image for This is Lincolnshire
    Will, The Shire  |  August 21 2010, 8:51PM

    Claire, read the articles first. "ould it not be possible for farmers to come to some agreement that they have a track around the edges of their fields that *can be used by other farmers* (and themselves of course) to get from one location to another without having to touch the roads" - negates your argument about not owning the land. It's actually not a bad idea to have a "tractor by-pass" on fields. Under the European Union's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), famers have to "set-aside" 15% of their land that they will not use for grazing or to grow crops. This was designed to prevent the "food mountains" that have been seen in times past. That 15% of land could, however, form a navigable border around the edge of the field, and alleviate some of the trouble from the roads during busy farming periods. It would also reduce issues like mud on the road (which is pretty hairy as a biker) and help reduce the risk from faulty components leaking oil. While I accept that I live in a large farming area, and thus do not cuss whenever I am stuck behind a tractor, I do also believe that there is more that can be done by farmers to offset some of the negativity of being in such a farming community.

  • Profile image for This is Lincolnshire
    claire, Lincoln  |  August 21 2010, 7:02PM

    What a bunch of numpties first of all a number of Tractors do hold TAX Disc's so get your facts right. I hate being stuck behined them just as much as anyone else, but they have to work and as long as they are considerate of other road users and don't use the tractors just for cheap transport then good on them. As for negotiating around fields wake up you stupid idiot they may not own the land and may own fields scattered across a wide area. I'm sure they were here working the land long before we were. Yes they should clean up mud but if you chose to live in the country then tough its your choice.