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Squabble over 20-metre pipe held back £20m new Lincoln link road

By Lincolnshire Echo  |  Posted: March 14, 2014

Pictured is the proposed route of the East-West road link through Lincoln.

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A squabble over a 20-metre underground gas pipe was all that was standing in the way of Lincoln's £20 million queue-busting East West Link Road.

The issue about accessing and protecting the pipe is now resolved after four frustrating months of negotiation involving Lincolnshire County Council and National Grid.

But there was insufficient time to halt a public planning inquiry on March 11.

The hearing would have been unnecessary had there been no objections to the 630-metre route from St Marks to Canwick Road.

Before the inquiry there were a total of nine, eight of which had been resolved through design changes and compensation.

National Grid feared buildings could be built over its gas mains beneath Old Canwick Road, east of Pelham Bridge, which would cease to be a road once the project was complete. The council had guaranteed them access rights.

National Grid spokeswoman Sara Wilcox said: "As our pipe would be close to the proposed road development, we have agreed a new easement with Lincolnshire County Council that will guarantee our pipe is protected and guarantees our rights of access.

"We are expecting to receive the necessary, signed document from the county council's solicitors very shortly and as soon as we do we will lift our objection."

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  • cycott_99  |  March 17 2014, 9:06AM

    big t -no its 8 now --u 4got to count your own

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  • Big_Tone  |  March 16 2014, 9:10PM

    Not bad, this article is a magnet for spammers. 7 and counting already

    |   1
  • Big_Tone  |  March 16 2014, 12:39PM

    "Lincoln's £20 million queue-busting East West Link Road." Say it often enough, someone MIGHT believe it! Someone care to explain how an East/West road can sort out a North/South problem? Try extending Great Northern Terrace onto the old trackbed towards Bardney to connect with the forthcoming Eastern Bypass and continue beyond Washingborough? Agree with "captainred", get the bypass sorted first. Flyover Carholme Road roundabout. Flyover Pennell's Roundabout.

  • cartyIMP  |  March 15 2014, 8:01PM

    another failed enterprise, another area ruined, another perfectly usable building destroyed in the name of traffic management. Reminds me of the high street improvements around scorer street now no-one can cross the road without taking their life in their hands as a result of improved traffic flow. The new surface seems to lack any camber and fails to drain even the romans 2000 years ago knew how to profile a road. Check out the new crossing at the uni bridge opposite the old echo office one constant sheet of water. Need Trams get the B*****rs out of their Cars

  • Ian_Heighton  |  March 15 2014, 3:24PM

    For this road to be any use it would need to go behind Tesco/Jacksons and join Canwick Rd at a new Roundabout at the South Park Ave junction

    |   1
  • captainred  |  March 15 2014, 8:11AM

    don't waste money on this road. sort the bypass first. have you noticed how the traffic backs up from carholme rouandabout back to teal park roundabout now they have added those black boards obscuring your view going into carholme roundabout?

    |   1
  • Oldernwiser  |  March 15 2014, 7:52AM

    Come, come chaps - at least the queues will be in a different place ....... On a more sensible approach - seems to me that be able to avoid the rail crossing will make some difference .... won't it?

    |   1
  • InsideStory  |  March 14 2014, 6:21PM

    queue forming link road' Money that could have been spent on the bypass .I would laugh if it wasn't such a waste of money .Councillors enforcing their power over the people who stupidly gave them the power .

    |   6
  • scaryguy  |  March 14 2014, 5:30PM

    Haven't been able to read the full article, got as far as 'queue busting link road' and not stopped laughing.......

    |   6
  • camelherder  |  March 14 2014, 1:33PM

    £20 million queue-busting East West Link Road. More like a £20 million watse of money

    |   3