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Staffordshire bull terrier used as a weapon by a couple who robbed a woman in a Lincoln home

By Lincolnshire Echo  |  Posted: May 14, 2014

Kylee Orton and Craig Wallard

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A Staffordshire bull terrier bit a woman while she was being robbed of hundreds of pounds of cash by a local couple, Lincoln Crown Court was told.

Victoria Dempster was attacked moments after calling at a property in Newland Street West in the city.

Chris Geeson, prosecuting, said Ms Dempster arrived to find the house in darkness and when the door was opened she was pushed inside by Kylee Orton.

Orton then attacked Ms Dempster pushing her onto a sofa and pinning her down.

While that was happening Craig Wallard went through Ms Dempster's bag but could not find any money because it was hidden.

Wallard went outside to search the victim's car but was still unsuccessful in finding the cash.

Mr Geeson said "When Craig Wallard returned he was abusive saying he hadn't found the money. He then joined in the attack as did the dog."

The Staffordshire was told by Orton to attack Ms Dempster and bit her a number of times on the leg and arm. Wallard then struck the victim four blows over the head with a television remote control.

When Orton eventually found the £900 cash she fled from the scene along with Wallard. Police arrived at the house to find Ms Dempster covered in blood. Orton and Wallard were later traced to an address on the Ermine West Estate where they were arrested.

Mr Geeson said Miss Dempster originally went to the house to take drugs with Orton only to be attacked when she arrived.

Orton ,35, of Newland Street West, Lincoln, and Wallard ,24, of Station Road, Bardney, each admitted robbery on 29 November 2013. Wallard also admitted theft of a mobile phone from a 17 year old boy on the same day. They were each jailed for four and a half years.

Judge Michael Heath told them "This was a nasty robbery. There were two of you and a weapon was used.

"The Staffordshire bull terrier joined in when it was told to do so. You didn't make any attempt to call the dog off and it bit the unfortunate Miss Dempster."

Joanne Staples for Orton said she committed offences to fund her drug habit but since being remanded in custody following her arrest she has been working hard to rid herself of her addiction.

David Eager, for Wallard, said there was nothing in his past criminal record to show he is a violent man.

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  • sweep111  |  May 16 2014, 9:00AM

    I am more concerned about the poor dog, this is animal cruelty! I doubt it has had a good life

    |   1
  • smhinto  |  May 15 2014, 11:54AM

    You only have to look at the thick gormlous expressions on their faces. Undoubtedly, in their case, the light is on but there is nobody in. They are about as bright as a five watt light bulb. A pair of dysfunctional lunatics with no sense of responsibilty and who absolutely nothing to society whatsoever.

    |   8
  • Ascerbia  |  May 14 2014, 9:23PM

    Since the attack she's been working hard to rid herself of her addiction..... We should help- sit in this cell on your own with nothing to do for 30 years and then we'll have a look see if you're cured!

    |   6
  • sadimp  |  May 14 2014, 8:35PM

    I'm confused. Is Victoria Dempster a drugy too? The report says she went "to take drugs". Did she know these abductors? The Echo has left me wondering.

    |   7