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Tax caravans to fund Lincolnshire's flood defences says councillor

By East Lindsey Target  |  Posted: December 18, 2013

Tax caravans to fund Lincolnshire's flood defences says councillor
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PEOPLE living in caravans should contri- bute towards helping improve sea defences along Lincolnshire’s east coast, according to a county councillor.

Cllr Colin Davie believes a hidden population of holiday-goers in the county’s tourist hot spots are using local services while staying for a number of months, but not contributing towards them or the upkeep of the east coast.

He wants those in caravans to be registered as part of the population while they stay, so Lincolnshire qualifies for larger amounts of central government funding.

“We need, in my view, about £1 billion in the next 100 years to fund sea defences on the East Lincolnshire coast,” he said.

“Quite clearly the view is that there is going to be a requirement for local contribution towards it.

“We don’t get all the funding we are entitled to as we have a population that don’t declare themselves, if they are living in caravans.

“It is not right for residents to have to foot the bill for people not wanting to contribute.

“If there is more money in the pot we may not have to cast the net so wide in terms of finding solutions.”

It comes after comments surrounding tourism tax shortly after Friday’s full meeting of Lincolnshire County Council, which it was suggested could be used to fund sea defences by collecting monies from holiday-goers and caravanners.

Skegness town councillor Robin Hunter-Clarke was quick to oppose the idea of any tax on tourists.

He said: “My division relies on tourism in the summer months and a tax would kill the industry.”

Fellow town and district councillor Mark Anderson, added: “I think it’s ill-conceived at this moment in time because obviously the economy is just starting to recover and the last thing we need for the largest industry we have in Skegness is a tax on the tourists.

“When it comes to funding of our sea defences, it should be funded nationally and not locally by businesses and residents.”

However Cllr Davie said: “All American states have tourism sales tax.

“I was not advocating that kind of tax in Lincolnshire as you can’t bring it in without it coming in nationally, or penalising the county.

“It is not feasible, unless the Government decided that they wanted to bring in a flat rate across the country, but I am not advocating it as it is not in my remit.

“The question for me is what do communities want in future? What are they prepared to pay for and who do they think should pay? That’s bearing in mind the Government and council do not have any money and it is all from taxpayers.”

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  • Pete67  |  December 19 2013, 5:38PM

    Asking people to pay is like asking people not to bother coming even though they may spend a fortune while they're here.

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  • Listener  |  December 18 2013, 9:56PM

    "comments surrounding tourism tax shortly after Friday's full meeting of Lincolnshire County Council, which it was suggested could be used to fund sea defences by collecting monies from holiday-goers and caravanners. What a ridiculously dumb idea. Folks who own caravans already pay 20% VAT on their site rent/rates, (which disappears down to the VAT collector's coffers.) Whilst contributing to the local economy, by subletting their vans to others who also contribute to the local tourist traders. I remember once playing a computer game where you had to build a Roman settlement and create a thriving economy, by building public works ETC. The funds were a bit slow coming in, so I put up local taxes. Almost immediately the residents up sticks and moved out, causing the economy to fail. I lost! As I said it is a very dumb idea. D.P.

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  • bill2b  |  December 18 2013, 8:47PM

    You sound jealous to me mr old sweat

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  • Armyoldsweat  |  December 18 2013, 8:18PM

    Don't think we should have too much concern about motorhomes not visiting the area they're all parked in the lay-byes.

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  • InsideStory  |  December 18 2013, 7:37PM

    If the Councillor wants to lose trade because of the tax then fine but be it on his own head . I can see some very cheap holiday homes coming up for sale .

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  • bill2b  |  December 18 2013, 2:39PM

    This is the idiot who had height barriers put up to stop people with Motorhomes visiting the area, I do hope his vast farm is part of the flood zone

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  • Roadscource  |  December 18 2013, 2:25PM

    "i quite agree people who own caravans at the seaside should pay towards the sea defences as there just as likely to complain as anyone else if there caravan gets flooded" People who own caravans and a permanent residence have already paid their taxes, are you suggesting that if you travel somewhere for a holiday then you should pay a couple of weeks of taxes at their rates? On the other hand we could use caravans as sea defences by filling them full of sand and positioning them end to end.

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  • Armyoldsweat  |  December 18 2013, 12:34PM

    I agree all caravans should contribute to coastal defences. StephenGash must be a politician. Goodness knows the purpose of his ramblings.

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  • Englishman66  |  December 18 2013, 12:07PM

    I used to own a holiday Chalet at Sutton on Sea and always had to pay council tax

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  • StephenGash  |  December 18 2013, 11:58AM

    England needs an English parliament to focus on England. The British parliament keeps siphoning English cash to Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland, including £700 million of EU cash for England diverted this year to the Celtic Fringe "for the sake of the Union". 1953-style North Sea floods would devastate the lives of 16.5 million people in the east of England , more than the populations of Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland combined. It would also make Sizewell nuclear power station England's Fukushima. Not that the bone-headed British establishment cares a jot.

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