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Traffic chaos after combine harvester and cement lorry collision in Lincoln

By SMorris_LE  |  Posted: June 15, 2012

  • Traffic chaos after combine harvester and cement lorry collision in Lincoln.

Comments (0) Update 13:30: Lindum Road is now re-open and clear for traffic.Update 12:00: Lindum Road is still dangerous due to diesel on the road.Further grit is needed and there will be a further delay in reopening the road.Update 9:32: Officials have now confirmed the clear up could now take longer than initially thought as there is between 200 and 300 litres of diesel on the road.

Police spokesman James Newall said: "We are waiting for a unit from Market Rasen to come and spread some sand on it.

"We could be looking at a couple of hours before it is cleared."

9:00: Commuters are experiencing delays after a collision involving a combine harvester and a cement lorry in Lindum Road, Lincoln.

Police were called to the crash half way up the hill at 7.27 this morning.

Lincolnshire Police spokesman James Newall said: "There were no injuries and the vehicles are awaiting recovery and it is causing some tailbacks."

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  • mrpdoff  |  June 17 2012, 1:47PM

    adamcayhall i presume you knew which direction the combine was travelling into the city from,so bearing in mind his size which detailed route should he have taken?

    |   3
  • adamcayhall  |  June 17 2012, 1:34PM

    If it was going to the showground why didn't it use the bypass up to the A15, doh

    |   -1
  • Gnome_Chomsky  |  June 16 2012, 1:24PM

    I've looked through all the photographs and read the text several times, but can find no evidence of the 'chaos' referred to in the headline. 'Experiencing delays' and 'some tailbacks' don't really conjure up images of a total breakdown of order. While I'm sure there was considerable disruption, SMorris seems to prefer pictures of a man sweeping a traffic-free road.

    |   -7
  • wasonlysaying  |  June 16 2012, 11:12AM

    Cement mixer????? I suppose if you ignore the shape of the truck and look at the Cemex Aggregate logo through closed eyes you could get it wrong! Reporter SMorris_LE - should've gone to specsavers

    |   18
  • lincman41  |  June 16 2012, 9:03AM

    Its a terribly awkward bend at the top of the hill and a learner drivers nightmare,its a shame we can't demolish the 'adam and eve' pub and straighten the road out a bit,lol !!!!

    |   -12
  • eatmygoal  |  June 15 2012, 4:26PM

    "and running on highly illegal duty free red diesel at the tax payers expense" Was it?

    |   15
  • 917199  |  June 15 2012, 4:04PM

    I got a brand new combine harvester.........

    |   15
  • Roadscource  |  June 15 2012, 3:55PM

    "The only damage on the combine was the bent wheel and flat tyre." Hmmm, so not only was it not on a low loader and running on highly illegal duty free red diesel at the tax payers expense but to top it all he wasnt even carrying a spare !!!!

    |   -28
  • vendetta2011  |  June 15 2012, 3:36PM

    God this is a one horse town :(

    |   -10
  • mrpdoff  |  June 15 2012, 12:14PM

    I guess so!

    |   -23