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UFO sightings in Lincolnshire: The files

By This is Lincolnshire  |  Posted: July 12, 2012

Photo of a possible UFO released by The National Archives

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A ‘men in black’ encounter in Lincolnshire has featured in a raft of UFO documents released to the public today by The National Archives.

The 25 files, which contain more than 6,700 pages, include details of three men dressed in black who apparently visited a member of the public in Spalding who had reported a UFO encounter to police.

The incident, said to have been witnessed by a friend of the individual, was reported on September 29, 2006.

After the supposed visit, the individual who reported the UFO sighting had no recollection of doing so, or of seeing the men dressed in black.

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This is the ninth collection of UFO files to arrive at The National Archives in Kew. Released today, the files - from 1965 up to 2008 from across Britain - include realms of information about potential UFO sightings, many of which were reported by credible observers such as military pilots, air traffic controllers and police officers.

The files also include a lengthy briefing on UFO policy to Prime Minister Tony Blair’s office at the time the Government had just begun the implementation of the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act, as well as behind-the-scenes information about the MoD’s decision to open the UFO files following an FoI campaign by Dr David Clarke of Sheffield Hallam University.

They reveal for the first time how Whitehall officials investigated reports of potential UFO sightings. According to one UFO desk officer, whose thoughts are included in the files, aliens could be visiting Earth as tourists.

The officer, whose role is described as the closest thing to a ‘UFO expert’, details possible explanations for UFO ‘sightings’, including mass hallucinations, hoaxes, military reconnaissance and tourism.

“So they would be coming here as we would go to another country or a national park, they are coming across the universe to visit us,” said Dr David Clarke, explaining the officer’s comments.

The officer, in a 1995 briefing, also said that “if the sightings are not of this earth then their purpose needs to be established as a matter of priority.”

Meanwhile the technology used by these UFOs – if they exist – could be harnessed, the officer maintained. He said: “If the reports are taken at face value then devices exist that do not use conventional reaction propulsion systems; they have a very wide range of speeds and are stealthy. I suggest we could use this technology, if it exists.”

The incident in Spalding was among the potential UFO sightings detailed in the files. Other possible sightings include a “square/diamond shaped object moving across the sky and changing shape”, reportedly seen by an on-duty police officer at Chelsea FC ground in 1999.

The files also include details of a spate of UFO and alien ‘sightings’ in West Wales in 1977, which sparked tabloid headlines linking the region with the Bermuda Triangle.

A local MP was inundated with reports from concerned constituents, including one from a local hotel owner who claimed she saw a dome-shaped object land “like the moon falling down” behind the hotel.

Two tall silver-suited “faceless humanoids” emerged and began “making measurements”, she said.

The MoD asked the RAF police to make “discreet enquiries” in the area, and sent an officer from RAF Brawdy to interview the woman.

He suspected a practical joker was at work in the area and noted that a silver protective suit used in nearby oil refineries had been on display in a shop window shortly before the 'spacemen' were seen.

The files can be viewed at www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/ufos

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