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UFO sightings above Lincolnshire town

By CWilson_TG  |  Posted: August 05, 2013

Strange lights have reportedly been seen in the sky from Heckington and Sleaford.

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REPORTS have been made of possible UFO sightings in the Sleaford area within the last few nights.

Hovering, flashing lights, have reportedly been seen from Heckington and from Sleaford.

Pete Willerton, from Heckington, said he has seen the lights from his home at around 10pm the last couple of nights.

He said: “It looks a bit like a chinese lantern but it flashes and changes colour from orange to red to white. It moves around slightly then just disappears.

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“It was in the direction of Asgarby.”

Pete said he moved to Heckington from Sleaford last year but used to see the same lights hovering around the Bass Maltings area when he lived there.

A Twitter user called @lincssimon tweeted yesterday: “Did anyone grab a video of the strange dancing lights over Sleaford last night? #ufo #lincs”.

Then last night he tweeted: “Has anyone got a camera handy. There’s strange lights in the sky over Sleaford right now. #lincs #ufo” followed by: “They disappeared then instantly reappeared halfway across the sky. It looks like they can also come to an instant stop #sleaford #lincs #ufo”.

Have you seen the lights? Get in touch sleafordnews@targetseries.co.uk.

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  • Pete67  |  August 07 2013, 1:59PM

    I remember some years ago looking out of my kitchen window, and seeing lights moving along just over the house opposite. I was obviously not a plane or planes as it was completely stationary. It was a rainy night, but my vision of the object was pretty clear which I found pretty exciting. I ran to get my binoculars, and got them focused on the object. When I got them fully focused I was totally disappointed, as the moving along lights were nothing more than raindrops moving on their TV aerial that were reflecting a road lamp in a very consistent fashion. Still there's no fool like an old fool.

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  • SwissxFrank  |  August 07 2013, 10:31AM

    You never believed that an object could fly in the air but you'd be unable to recognise it?

  • soulshoes  |  August 06 2013, 5:25PM

    Firstly, I have 20/20 vision. Secondly, I know the difference between a shooting star and randomly moving lights that make a formation. If anyone else saw this please post here. It happened around 2:45am in the morning on Saturday Night/Sunday Morning. I was going to the toilet on the camp-site. Before you ask, I don't take drugs. Also I live in Leeds and I am now back in Leeds. I don't have any motivation to amuse the people of Lincolnshire with gibberish. I posted here simply to affirm with anyone else that saw it. I also never believed in UFOs until this happened.

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  • SwissxFrank  |  August 06 2013, 3:52PM

    It's strange that this happened in the month that the Perseid metor shower starts to peak...

  • soulshoes  |  August 05 2013, 10:07PM

    Well I have just spent the weekend at Laurel Park camp site in Lincolnshire near Long Sutton and I saw a similar thing. There were lights that danced about directly above the camp-site forming triangle shapes. They moved very fast. Too fast to be a quad-copter. At one point there were at least two dozen lights. I came on-line to find out if anyone else saw them and came across this story. I'm so glad I wasn't the only one that saw them.

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  • digitalted  |  August 05 2013, 7:20PM

    Any one can purchase a radio controlled quadcopterwith flashing lights that flies in the dark, Phils Models in Sleaford have many choices

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  • Bill_Door  |  August 05 2013, 6:50PM

    Another alien spaceship fails to find intelligent life on Earth.

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  • rascall271  |  August 05 2013, 6:27PM

    do not be silly it was nothing!! well that's the official version.. Really it was the Americans flying terror suspects to Boston for interrigation, they were going to land at Coningsby, then shipped to Boston where they will have to endure our taxation systems, hardship and understanding of our way of live, then be retaken back to America and made to confess or do it all over again, only this time they will be shown vintage films of Maggie Thatcher and Camilla Parker Bowles' on their hlidays

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