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VIDEO: Is this a UFO above Birchwood in Lincoln?

By Lincolnshire Echo  |  Posted: June 06, 2014

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A Lincolnshire Echo reader has sent in a video of a strange light travelling across the sky in Lincoln.

Gail Phillips and her husband were looking for the International Space Centre in the sky above Birchwood at around 10pm last night.

They thought they had spotted it when a small light appeared in the sky.

"I was looking for the international space with my husband and thought the light was it but then it started moving in different directions," she said.

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"We saw it (the space station) going across the sky, then I spotted this other light hovering.

"We watched it for about 30 seconds before we thought we would record it.

"We thought it was too dark to be a remote helicopter and then it started to move backwards which was a little strange."

What do you think this was? Could it have been a UFO?

Let us know in the comments below.

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  • GilCarlson  |  June 08 2014, 12:10PM

    Why is this UFO being worked on at Area 51? Oops, maybe I wasn't supposed to take this photo! http://tinyurl.com/ocn86jm

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  • Red_imps  |  June 07 2014, 9:52AM

    If it's over birchwood it will most likely be a police helicopter!

    |   6
  • Laserfireball  |  June 07 2014, 12:08AM

    A UFO over birchwood! ...very brave.

    |   3
  • ARDKAndy  |  June 07 2014, 12:00AM

    I sore a light and thought it was a plane but I could only make out a white light, even if the other lights are not clear you can normally see a flickering effect. In was travelling south to north over Butterwick and 23:50 and flow in a straight line and I'd say flow over Skegness at about midnight. I got my camera out but the one picture it's in shot I had the wrong setting so it's not clear. I've seen planes at night, shooting start ... planets, I don't believe in ET so I'd say it was a plane flying very high.

  • iancalvert1  |  June 06 2014, 7:10PM

    They certainly wouldn't visit the uk if they saw our fuel prices

    |   14
  • Darrendoldrum  |  June 06 2014, 5:52PM

    dave291290 - Congratulations on outing yourself as an idiot. The term UFO is an abbreviated form of 'Unidentified Flying Object'. It refers to ANY flying object which cannot immediately be identified. It might be an aeroplane viewed at an oblique angle, a bird seen in the distance and not recognised as such, a balloon, a Chinese lantern or just about anything that is not recognised. Do you have anything to say to support the idea that Unidentified Flying Objects really don't exist, or are you simply "STUPID!!!"?

    |   5
  • bluetac  |  June 06 2014, 4:50PM

    Well considering someone was asking for their drone to be returned for a reward after loosing it in flight, I would say its a better guess than a UFO, besides, if we were to be visited by E.T do you really think they would visit Birchwood? Yet alone the UK

    |   3
  • mphillips16  |  June 06 2014, 12:35PM

    It is a UFO dave as we don't know what it is

    |   7
  • dave291290  |  June 06 2014, 11:59AM


    |   -16