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The World of Work

By Armyoldsweat  |  Posted: November 19, 2012

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Many years ago when I told my father I was about to start a new business he said to me,  "Ey, don't do that lad, goo un get yer-sen a proper job."  When
you think about it the working man is his own worst enemy.   In effect Dad was saying, 'know your station in life.'   

I've a great deal of sympathy for the young people of today; especially those who dislike school.   Education they called it in my day and that was
something I could never get along with and indeed never much good at.     In fact I couldn't get away quick enough.    When I did leave school in August
of 1948 I could barely read or write and not  that much better even when joining the Army in 1954.    Now....that's when I really did start to get educated!   Germany, the Sudan and Cyprus.   You see, school teachers may know a good deal about teaching the three 'R's' but they know very little about the
planet and world of work. 

So, the moral of my tale to the youngsters of today who have not the inclination towards, education, education, education, get yourself a passport.  You could even join the French Foreign Legion.   If you can turn your hand to most things and not particularly bothered what you do, you will always earn a living providing you have the right attitude, aptitude, determination and fire in the belly.    Best of all. you will always make far more money working for yourself than working for sombody else!

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