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The Journal

By Helenc57 | Friday, March 15 2013

Brilliant magazine

“Love the new look journal, interesting to read and looks fantastic”

  • Unique Glossy magazine
  • Editorial by talented writers
  • Fabulous Front Covers
  • A4 - Handbag sized!
  • 8,000 bi monthly copies
  • Great response for advertisers

Lincoln's new glossy magazine available (for free!) on a bi monthly basis!

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  • Profile image for ElTesmo
    ElTesmo  |  Monday, December 16 2013, 4:29PM  |  Report

    Not sure who wrote this article but couldn't help but smile to myself reading about Iwona Lebiedowicz, recently named Young Business Person of the Year. Having come over to the UK and worked for an employment agency, before returning home to Poland she was told by the agency that a job was waiting for her if she decided to move back. As she says, "it was an opportunity that I wasn't going to miss." So she comes back, takes up the job offer and then proceeds to approach the agency's largest client in order to start up her own business. Not quite sure how that squares with the "working with integrity, loyalty and building trust" that she bangs on about a few lines further into the article - bet her ex-boss(es) didn't see it quite the same way when they found out either!! I wonder if one of her staff will be as 'holy' as her - and do the same

  • Profile image for Mel_West
    Mel_West  |  Monday, March 11 2013, 5:13PM  |  Report
    Great read.....

    I'm a huge fashion mag junkie and this is as good as any national publication that's out there. Well done team Journal!

    Lincolnshire Media Digital Advertising Services  |  Monday, March 11 2013, 5:24PM  |  Report

    Thanks Mel, glad you've enjoyed The Journal. Look out for your next free issue early April!

  • Profile image for therealDR
    therealDR  |  Monday, March 11 2013, 11:53AM  |  Report
    Looking forward to the next issue!

    Great little local magazine, packed with loads of info and love the society pages. looking forward to picking up my next issue for the best price of all, Free!

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