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“Too Many Bank Holidays says an employers organisation. The CEBR says that the number of Bank Holidays in the UK is costing the country over £2billion in lost work opportunities and production. At the very least they say that the holidays need to be more evenly spread over the year.

What planet are they on? We already work more hours in the UK than a lot of Europe and the reason that the BH are all close together this year is because of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee....should we tell HRH that she should have thought about this at the time and planned her Coronation for November or something....”

By lazy_laydee Posted: April 30, 2012


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  • mickeymouse99  |  May 02 2012, 2:08PM

    Im fed up with the flannel and BS being fed to us by the water companies about a 'water shortage' that in reality doesn't exist. We use less than 1% of the rain that falls on this land, the vast majority runs off the ever expanding carpet of concrete and tarmac, into drains, then into rivers, and then into the sea. There is no water shortage, merely a deliberate reluctance to attempt to capture it as it falls from the sky. If we had a country wide method of diverting rainfall into reservoirs by a central control centre, in the same way we can divert electricity round the country, there would be no problem. We would still have so much spare rain we could still let most of it pour into the sea and still have enough. No he problem is that the water companies are privately owned and so shareholders come first and customers second, and national interest last. It is in the interests of the shareholders to create a water shortage, in order to maximise charges and profits, hence why water companies have been closing and selling off reservoirs (of which they have control and responsibility for) and relying on the aquifers (for which they can claim they have no control or responsibility for), not to mention the aquifer has no maintenance costs involved. They can argue no matter how much water falls from the sky, it wont replenish the aquifers, and thats not there fault, so prices will have to go up. And the shareholders of, for example, Thames Water, ie the Australian investment bank Macquarie Group Limited, and the chinese government, all rejoice as their bank accounts fill up at our expense. I am no socialists, but I have pointed out to anyone who will listen for 30 years of the folly of allowing foreigners and foreign governments to own and control the essential infrastructures of this country - gas, water, trains, electricity, motorways, roads, ports, docks, airports, telecomms, etc, and even the Channel Tunnel. These people can hold us to ransom, wreck our economy, and bleed this nation dry to enrich another country or foreign company at whim. Time to seize our assets back and run them as the essential non-profit making national services that they are.

  • PS001  |  May 03 2012, 11:01AM

    Already most under stressed workers in Europe, overtime very rarely paid and now the CEBR want more !!! Check out google and you will see that GB loses out on Public Hoildays - we should demand MORE...!!


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