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“Councils in England which fail to restore weekly bin collections could see their funding from central government cut, Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles has warned. At least half the homes in Britain - 10 million households covered by 180 local authorities - have lost their weekly collections and now have general rubbish taken away only once every two weeks. Mr Pickles said there was “no plausible reason” why councils should not collect bins every week. How important to you is the return of weekly black bin collections?”

By Barnaby_B Posted: November 22, 2012

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  • wilwright  |  November 22 2012, 7:43PM

    We live under east lindsay area for refuses collection. My points would be: 1..Give us a bigger general waste bin and empty it once every two weeks or keep the existing bin and empty it weekly. 2..Keep the recycle bin as it is but increase what can be recycled, including glass. 3...Empty the green waste for longer into the year, It is the last collection soon of this bin but the leaves are still falling and much still needs doing in the garden. We could easily fill our green waste bin until January. Also get the recycling center open in Louth more, Several times now I have stripped down broken items and sorted them to take to the recycling site and when I get there it's always shut. With the price of fuel I can't make special trips there so I can only go when in Louth. I just end up bringing the stuff home and putting it in general waste when it could be recycled. I make the effort but constantly get let down by the council. Another point about this recycling site, so much good stuff goes in there that could be re-used by people as it is. Why can't it be sold to the public for a cheap price and the money raised added to the council funds. It would give people the chance to have something they might not otherwise have. It would save pollution from actually having the itemed recycled and it would add to funds. Reusing is far more greener than recycling.


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