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“Lincolnshire Road Maintenace
It is good to hear money is available for road maintenance to increase safety. I however am afrais that it will be short term repairs, like I see every year; re-asphalting with gravel, covering an old road with new asphalt. As we have all been able to see every year, this kind of work deteriorates very quickly, to result in a worser condition. I do not have any roadwork experience or knwoledge, but I know a hardend old layer will not unify with a new one. Whatever is done, spaces will remain between the 2 layers, which will get filled with water. And as soon as frost begins, the water will become ice and expand, breaking the roads open.
I believe it would be wiser thinking in a long term solution, by removing the old asphalt, to replace it completely. Bring down the max speed on roads like A631, parts A46, parts A15 and similar 'small' roads to 50 mph, which will endure the road less, increase safety and decrease one's fuel costs. Moreover I believe all our roads are damaged by companies cutting parts out to put cables (etc.) in the ground. Why don't do this along the roads ? Perhaps because the sand under the roads is easier to dig... Everyone damaging the road by such works should reguster for an official paid permission and repair the road professionally, not just throwing in a bit of stones and asphalt (resulting in a bump or dip). An extra way to obtain money for our roads would be, I believe, hidden speeds camera's, camouflaged (normal) cars. No, I am not a holy one either, I've had my tickets as well. An indicated speed can is useless, and ccost money & time of officers. As we know, we all slow down the moment we see a policie car checking speeds. The income of this can also be used for our roads.
Just an idea for a longer term road quality and more pleasure in using the road, without damaging the car.”

By HenriLevison Posted: February 01, 2013

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  • bulbman  |  May 21 2013, 11:13AM

    Lincolnshire road maintenance I am appalled at the current state of Lincolnshire roads and the apparent lack of concern by Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership on this issue.We see numerous signs warning of speed,mirror use and keeping the shiny side up but nothing about the random craters that can be found on virtually every "A "road in the county.One stretch on the A52 between Donington and Swaton has continually caused damage to vehicles and had Police warning signs placed near to it only to have a sub-standard repair carried out and to reappear within weeks.Before anyone thinks I am having a moan because of a recent motoring fine that is not the case,I have not had one.I am a motorcyclist who was trained to Gold Star standard and held an ACU National Competition Licence as well as covering thousands of miles in a multitude of vehicles.On a recent ride out I spent the majority of the time picking a line to avoid these death traps.Unless some major repair work is carried out I am afraid someone is going to seriously injured or worse.So come on Lincolnshire Road Safety and Lincolnshire Highways get your act together and do something about it NOW!


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