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“Recently the Echo has had several stories of new specialist facilities being set up for alcoholics and drug users in several areas of Lincolnshire. At the same time services are being severely cut and closed down for the elderly and disabled. I feel this is so wrong. I am not saying that drug users and alcoholics should not be treated, but I feel that the priorities are wrong and that the money should be spent on the elderly and disabled first.
I have a friend who was gang raped. She now has severe PTSD and cannot get any specialist treatment at all. She is left to rot in her house and there is no help for her or her family from people specialising in PTSD. Likewise ex service men suffering from PTSD cannot get specialist dedicated care from the NHS here either. They too are left with out proper treatment.
I feel very strongly that this is wrong.”

By tototired Posted: April 13, 2012

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